Avatar Online

Oct. 17, 2022, 2:25 p.m.

Novel details:

  • Status in COO: Dropped
  • Total written: 132 chapters
  • Available: 123 chapters
  • Year of publishing: 2021
  • Language: English
  • Authors: Piokilek
  • Publishers: Webnovel

Novel description:

Skilled, disciplined and merciless.

Liu Ye was a perfect killing machine for the underworld when he finally decided to step down and live a normal life. All of that for his lovely little sister who was his only family left.

Unfortunately, fate wasn’t on his side.

A forgotten debt forces Liu Ye to return to his past life but this time, in a new role. His Ex-lover, the heiress of the local triad, recruits him for something unusual— a VR Game called Avatar Online.

Elements? Abilities? Avatar?

Follow Liu Ye’s adventure as the world he knew changes upside down!
Avatar Online

Novel Chapters

Chapter 1 Liu Ye’s Past
Chapter 2 Avatar Online
Chapter 3 Adult Wolf
Chapter 4 Black Rose
Chapter 5 First Ability
Chapter 6 Elite Monster
Chapter 7 Stolen Treasure
Chapter 8 Masked Bandits
Chapter 9 Luring Threat
Chapter 10 Developer's Headache
Chapter 11 Red Zone
Chapter 12 First Drop
Chapter 13 Viceleader Marco
Chapter 14 Deadend
Chapter 15 Queen of Chess