The Female Soldier Has Been Told to Infiltrate the Imperial Magic Academy

Aug. 23, 2022, 2:23 a.m.

Novel details:

  • Status in COO: Completed
  • Translation: Completed
  • In original: 90 chapters
  • Translated: 93 chapters
  • Year of publishing: 2020
  • Language: Japanese
  • Authors: Fuyuse
  • Translator: Fans Translations
  • Publishers: Syosetu

Novel description:

Razé was a cheat soldier at the age of 15, thanks to the memories of her previous life. One day, she was summoned by her superior – the devil Prime Minister and was ordered to go on a long-term solo mission. She was expecting a harsh mission, but…

“I knew you are the right person for this, Lieutenant Colonel Razé Orphan. I want you to attend the Centrior Imperial Magic Academy starting from this spring.”


Well, it seems that she has been appointed as the “bodyguard” for the prince and other noble’s kids. And so, she was enrolled to the school where the aristocratic-sama gathered.

Although she was puzzled by the glittering school life, she was trying to live a life so as not to be bullied in the future. But it seems there was a secret that she didn’t know hidden in this world.

“Hey!!!!!! No one told me that this is an otome game!!!!!”

As a bodyguard, her life would be over if any of the noble kids got hurt. But then a young lady who claimed to be the ill-fated villainess came by. If the girl died, won’t she be dead too?

Today, Razé will continue to watch over her school life (with her own life on the line).
The Female Soldier Has Been Told to Infiltrate the Imperial Magic Academy

Novel Chapters

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 The Charming His Excellency the Grim Reaper
Chapter 3 Preparation to start school
Chapter 4 Start School
Chapter 5 The Entrance Ceremony
Chapter 6 Self Introduction
Chapter 7 Campus guide
Chapter 8 Her duty
Chapter 9 Student dormitories
Chapter 10 Welcome Party
Chapter 11 Dance Time
Chapter 12 End of Day 1
Chapter 13 Breakfast with the seniors
Chapter 14 Lesson
Chapter 15 The Melancholy of Lady Carna