I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 131 Magnus
Chapter 133 Two Battle Maniacs...

Chapter 132 Kleppton

"My lord, what are we going to do about that woman?" A masked man asks a muscular man who is currently seated on a chair, and has a desk before him.

"You don't have to worry about her, she can easily be dealt with if we do things the right way."

"What do you mean my lord?"

"You know that woman is the Neko queen, a small beastkin race. She and her daughter are almost invincible whenever they work together which is why they are called the formidable pairs. However, everything has a weakness, we just have to find a way to make those two come to a disagreement...hahaha!" Magnus laughs maniacally and pours himself a drink.

However, the masked man has a complicated expression underneath his mask.

"My lord, I think you are missing out on a lot of details. According to the research and investigation of our men, there are also three powerful female vampires living in this castle. A vampire lord and two other royal vampires." The masked man says.

"Mmm, a vampire lord and two other vampires. Now that's going to be troublesome. Myra's husband brought them here huh? So they should be his family members." Magnus mutters while slowly stroking his non-existent beard.

"You're wrong my lord, those three are his wives including that cat woman and her daughter." The masked figure says with a concerned voice.

"W-What?" Magnus exclaims and almost spits his drink out. This time around it is his turn to be shocked and bewildered.

"Not only that, but I also learned that Myra's husband is the crown prince of the vampire race." The masked figure adds.

Magnus simply nods his head as his guard continues to tell him many things about Jake. He doesn't look surprised again or fazed by the sudden reality. Rather, a small nasty grin starts to form on his face.

"Hehehe, let's see what the vampires' crown prince is capable of doing. After all, he is married to important figures." Magnus grins again while the masked figure shakes his head.




A large blade cleanly cuts through the head of a beast that looks like a wild massive boar.

The head of the beast falls to the floor, spraying black blood all over the floor as it rolls around.


A small figure also descends to the ground, causing a lot of debris to rise. Furthermore, a large two-bladed sword, dripping with black blood can be seen in the hands of this figure, while black tendrils can also be seen dancing around the figure's body violently, as if wanting to consume everything in its path.

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

"Well done, Blair, you have exceeded my expectations. You can now effortlessly kill a king-rank beast with low intelligence." Says a tall vampire who is wearing a black pair of loose pants, and a red shirt while clapping his hands, the smoke from his cigarette is also emanating from his mouth. This man is none other than Alphonso.

A month ago, Jill had instructed Alphonso to be Blair's guide and tutor since her ability was becoming too overwhelming, after she mistakenly killed a delivery man. Although Jake was against it at first, he had no other choice since Alphonso was the only person who could help Blair out.

"Thank you, teacher, ~" Blair turns around and bows her head slightly. She's fully donned in beast gears from top to bottom. The beast gears consist of thick black pants made from a beast hide and embedded with crystal, as well as a full set of intermediate beast armor with shoulder pads. Her hair is also tied into two large side buns, giving her a cute yet dangerous appearance as she's covered in black blood from top to bottom.

Right now, they are on a faraway planet called Kleppton. A planet that's filled with tons of beasts ranging from basic rank beasts to king tier beasts. The highest rank of the beasts on this planet are emperor-ranked beasts, however, there's a low chance of meeting one.<sub> </sub>

This planet is very hot as the sun is shining brightly from above. Furthermore, there are many craters and numerous active volcanoes on this planet. However, the low level of gravity makes movement a lot easier on this plant and makes attacks much more explosive.

"How are you feeling now Blair?" Alphonso asks Blair as he feels sympathetic towards her, because of her hard work and dedication, since her ability is a very complicated one.

Blair simply raises her head and gives Alphonso a short glance before speaking up.

"The more I try to keep this power under control, the more I can feel the Mana cells becoming stronger inside me. I just feel like killing something to relieve myself of this pain." Blair says with her head facing down dejectedly. "Also, I am doing it for Jake. I want to prove to him that I am worthy of being his woman. Because of how strong this abilty is, h-he couldn't even have sex with me, plus, the plans for our wedding changed because of this damned abilty!" Blair grits her teeth and tightens her grip on her sword as the image of Jake flashes in her mind. She has missed him a lot and wants to get back with him so badly.

"You now have about 60,000 Mc cells Blair. It might sound like a lot, but you haven't been able to exert 1 percent of the shadow ability power. That's why it's running wild in your body, free it...." Alphonso tells Blair.

"Free it, huh? I feel like my body will rip and shred to pieces if I release all the power inside me. If I die… please tell Jake that I love him." Blair says as she closes her eyes, while her large sword is tightly gripped in her right hand as she tries to concentrate on the source of her shadow power.

"Very well Blair, I'll tell Jake your last words if something happens to you. Hopefully, nothing will happen." Alphonso says with a forced smile. For the past month, Alphonso has taken a liking to Blair due to her hard work and determination. However, if something were to happen to her here, he'd feel bad and wouldn't even know how to face Jake.

'Sigh, I won't allow anything to happen to this girl if things were to go wrong. However, butting in to save her would likely force me to go into deep slumber afterward. I wish Jake could have as much determination as this girl, his talent will be unprecedented. The former Jake I knew was very determined, but he changed all of a sudden and started chasing after skirts.' Alphonso thinks inwardly and shakes his head. Sadly, despite Jake's rudeness and childishness, he's still his favorite student even over Roth and Blair. However, the person in question doesn't give a fuck about him.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Suddenly, the black tablet in Alphonso's hands begins to beep vigorously. From the display on the screen, Alphonso can see a large red dot moving towards their location at a very fast speed, and according to the information shown on this device, Alphonso can also see that the beast heading towards them right now is the highest rank this planet has to offer. Plus, the one coming right now is a humanoid beast with high intelligence.

"Blair, an emperor rank beast is approaching. Let out your aggression on it." Alphonso shouts, informing Blair of the incoming threat.

Blair simply nods her head slightly while large black tendrils that seem to be alive start dancing around her body violently. The tendrils start getting larger and larger, while black shadows also begin to cover the whole area.

Alphonso simply encases himself in a red aura shield to avoid making contact with the shadow since he is within close proximity. At the same time, he watches the grey beast running towards Blair at full speed.


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Chapter 131 Magnus
Chapter 133 Two Battle Maniacs...