I’ll Quit Being a God

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Chapter 9 Spiral Cloud (1)
Chapter 11 Gongshu Jie

Chapter 10 Spiral Cloud (2)

Chapter 10: Spiral Cloud (Part 2)

By now, Lu Heng’s cultivation method had essential differences from the original wolf demon.

The cultivation method of the wolf demon was to use the power of the Mountain God to continuously absorb earth’s spiritual energy and refine it into its own demon power, supplemented by wish power offered by the villagers.

This way of cultivation was very slow, and it was easy to enter a bottleneck period. Whenever the demon power held by the demon body reached its limit, it had to stop and wait for the slow growth of the demon body.

The effect of wish power was to accelerate the growth process of this demon body, which would allow the wolf demon to enter the next stage of cultivation more quickly.

However, Lu Heng did not like this wish power, so he always left it alone. He also did not want to be bound to this Cold Feather Mountain, so he did not want to be a Mountain God anymore. When his cultivation was successful, he would break free from this Cold Feather Mountain and go to see the outside world.

As for the earth vein aura, he hadn’t absorbed it in a long time.

Recently, he had been indulging in the practice of thunder power, because he found that the absorption of thunder power seemed to have no bottleneck.

Each time he absorbed thunder power into his body, the power would be integrated into his limbs and bones, constantly transforming his demon body and expanding the limits of its capacity.

By the time he had absorbed all the thunder power, the capacity of his demon body had also grown, and then he could go on to absorb new thunder power.

Such a nearly infinite cycle of cultivation mode was so different from the wolf demon’s slow cultivation method.

After Lu Heng opened up this cultivation mode, he completely abandoned the traditional cultivation method of the wolf demon, and the demon power in his body never grew again. Instead, thunder power slowly increased.

Maybe one day, the thunder power in his body would completely surpass the demon power and take the absolutely dominant position.

But at that time, would he still be considered a demon?

“Forget it, don't think so much, just continue to practice.” He thought.

Lu Heng, who emerged from the ground, he did not go to the river to eat fishes this time, but looked up at the huge spiral cloud in the sky. 

Unknowingly, the amount of this thundercloud had become so frightening.


Unknowingly, the amount of this thundercloud had become so frightening.

Unknowingly, the size of this thundercloud had become so frightening.BlacklistRemoveConfirm

At the very beginning, Lu Heng just tried to call up thunder power on a clear day to see if there would be thunder coming down. He succeeded.

It was a sunny and clear sky, and as he used thunder power within him to call up clouds, a small thunder cloud slowly gathered in the sky. Although that thunder cloud was small in size, it did strike down thunder and was successfully absorbed by Lu Heng.

Having had a successful experience, Lu Heng did not pick the weather for his cultivation thereafter. Whether it was windy, rainy, or sunny, he directly connected heaven and earth, attracting lightning to strike mountains.

In this way, as Lu Heng cultivated, the thunderclouds gathered above Mountain God Temple became thicker and heavier and more massive. By now, it had turned into a huge spiral thunder cloud, suspended forever in the sky above the Mountain God Temple.

Even if the sun was shining and the sky was cloudless outside, the sky here at Mountain God Temple was still flickering with thunder. The atmosphere was horrible, and people felt that heavenly thunder may strike at any time.

And because of the appearance of this thundercloud, the beasts of the mountain no longer dared to approach the Mountain God Temple.

In the past, although the beasts in the mountain were afraid of the white wolf, they would occasionally pass near Mountain God Temple. But now, unless Lu Heng summoned them, the beasts in the mountain would avoid this spiral cloud and were not even willing to come close.

With the Mountain God Temple as the center, a five-mile radius of the mountain was so quiet that it even had no birds, no matter day and night. Only the spiral clouds in the sky occasionally resounded the low sound of thunder.

And as the one who caused all this, Lu Heng’s heart did not have the slightest uneasiness.

Anyway, now he was not afraid of lightning, the spiral clouds in the sky could not scare him. He looked up at the sky, the clouds were constantly roaring. Lu Heng took a deep breath, once again calling up to the sky thunder.



Deafening thunder blasts spread far and wide in Cold Feather Mountain.

The terrifying sight of the huge thunderbolt cut through heaven and earth and struck the mountain. Even in the Shui Sheng Village, which was far away from Cold Feather Mountain, people could clearly see it.

In Shuisheng village, the working villagers after hearing the terrifying thunder blast all subconsciously raised their heads and looked in the direction of Mountain God Temple.

It was clear that the sky above the villagers’ heads was blazing hot with the sun, and not even a single cloud could be seen. But in the deep of Cold Feather Mountain, there was a huge vortex cloud shrouded in constant rotation, with thunder flashes in the cloud, and now a heavenly thunder was striking down.

Wang Laoliu wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “Is Lord Mountain God angry again? He gets angry a lot in the last six months.”

Not far away, Cripple Ai glared at him and said, “Wang Laoliu, you’re talking nonsense again! The village chief has already said it is not the Lord Mountain God being angry, do not panic! If Lord Mountain God heard what you said, there will be no good consequences for you.”

Barefoot standing in the field, Wang Laoliu smiled because he was not afraid, “even if Lord Mountain God will be angry, the first one who will get punishment is certainly not me, but you, Cripple Ai. Six months ago when we entered the mountain, Lord Mountain God was very fond of Xiao Ai. And who in this village doesn’t know how you treat her?”

Wang Laoliu laughed, and Cripple Ai was a little embarrassed.

He glared at Wang Laoliu and cursed, "What’s wrong with me? In Shuisheng village, everyone knows that it’s me who kindly kept her, so that she did not starve to death...... A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe!”

The crippled man shouted in a stern voice, but Wang Laoliu laughed more loudly.

“Cripple Ai, you are really shameless. Are you kind? You are coveting the legacy left by Xiao Ai’s father and mother! Now that your little niece is here, do you want to talk to her about where is her family land and property?” Wang Laoliu laughed and squeezed his eyebrows.

Hearing this, Cripple Ai was startled and turned back in a hurry, and indeed saw his niece Xiao Ai appearing far away in the field. Seeing his niece’s appearance, the expression on Cripple Ai’s face instantly changed and became somewhat frightened.

Sternly glaring at Wang Laoliu, Cripple Ai cursed in a low voice, “ Enough nonsense! I will not spare you!”

After scolding Wang Laoliu, Cripple Ai hurriedly rubbed his face, trying hard to squeeze out a soft expression, and waited until the young girl carrying the kettle and bowl came closer. He said with a smile, “Xiao Ai, here you are.”

“Yes”, the girl nodded in response. After placing the kettle and rice bowl on the ridge, she said “Uncle, aunt asked me to bring you some rice. She also said that little brother felt a little unwell, so she asked you to go back early to look after him.”

“Okay, okay,” Cripple Ai smiled, “you can go back, the sun is so strong outside, don’t get sunburn.”

“Well, then I'm going back,” the girl greeted both Cripple Ai and Wang Laoliu in the field, “Uncle Ai, Uncle Wang, I'm leaving.”

“Yes, Xiao Ai, go back quickly, your uncle is afraid of you......”

Wang Laoliu’s laughter spread far and wide. The girl who had already left paused in her steps, but did not speak, as if she had not heard anything. She continued to walk forward.

Half a year has passed since she was first chosen to be dedicated to Lord Mountain God.

In these six months, everyone in the village had a huge change in their attitude towards her.

First of all, her uncle’s family, who had always treated her badly before, now was careful with her. And she was treated like her cousins at home.

The attitude of others in the village was more complicated.


The attitude of others in the village was more complicated.

The attitude of the others in the village was more complicated.BlacklistRemoveConfirm

Faintly, the girl felt that the villagers were afraid of her, and the village adults even forbade their children to play with her.


Faintly, the girl felt that the villagers were afraid of her, and the village adults even forbade their children to play with her.

Faintly, the girl felt that the villagers were afraid of her, and the village adults even forbade their children from playing with her.BlacklistRemoveConfirm

Although no one dared to blatantly show this alienation and fear in front of her, the girl was still sensitive enough to perceive it.

She didn’t overreact.

Although being isolated by everyone could be a little bit lonely, she was not the same as she was before. Even if no one her age wanted to play with her, she was not very sad.

The experience six months ago had changed her a lot and she was not very interested in playing around anymore.

When she was alone, she would not think of going to play with her peers. Now, she preferred to sit quietly alone on the threshold, staring blankly at the Cold Feather Mountain.

She wasn’t quite sure what was wrong with her, but she found that she now didn’t care much about many of the things she used to care about, and didn’t seem to care about anything anymore.

And in this case, the only thing she cared about was that every morning when she woke up, she must offer a stick of incense to Lord Mountain God in the shrine at home.

It was something she had to do every day for these six months, and not a day had she dared to forget it.

Chapter 9 Spiral Cloud (1)
Chapter 11 Gongshu Jie