I’ll Quit Being a God

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Chapter 11 Gongshu Jie
Chapter 13 Mountain Fixing Talisman

Chapter 12 Ancient Divine Beast

With uneasiness in his heart, Gong-Shu Jie's footsteps slow down a lot.

Although it was clear that the demon in the forest must have sensed his presence, he still cautiously observed the forest in front of him.

However, the further he go, the more strange Gong-Shu Jie felt, because the forest did not have the slightest devil aura belonging to the demon. There seemed to be no demon at all. The air was only filled with the purest and most terrifying thunderbolt power.

Could it be that the demon had been struck dead by heavenly thunderbolt?

But even if the demon was killed, it was impossible for the devil aura to dissipate so quickly.

Gong-Shu Jie's heart was filled with confusion. At that moment, a white light flashed in his vision. Immediately after, a deafening rumble sounded, and a frighteningly thick thunderbolt descended from the sky and viciously struck down in the forest.


The ground beneath Gong-Shu Jie's feet seemed to shake violently.

Having witnessed the terrifying power of this thunderbolt up close, Gong-Shu Jie's breathing almost stopped.

There was more heavenly thunderbolt striking down! The demon was not dead!

Gong-Shu Jie instantly disappeared from the original place, moving towards the direction of the heavenly thunderbolt. When he could not sense the presence of devil aura, he could not find the demon in the forest.

But now, this sudden heavenly thunderbolt guided the way to the demon for him.

In the forest, a dry and hot gale was raised. Gong-Shu Jie rose up in the wind and flew rapidly over the forest. In a few seconds, he arrived at the direction where the thunderbolt struck down and he saw the Mountain God Temple surrounded by trees.

The Mountain God Temple was ordinary, and there was nothing unusual. However, in front of the Mountain God Temple, there was a huge white wolf standing.

Under the gloomy sky, the white wolf was so big and frightening that its size was almost equal to the height of the Mountain God Temple behind it, and it was a completely vicious beast. But now the most terrifying thing was not the size of the white wolf, but the white wolf's thunderbolt power surrounding his body.

The one hit by thunder was clearly the giant wolf in front of him!

But the power of the thunderbolt could even make a thousand-year-old demon get traumatized. Why was the white wolf unharmed?

And it was not only unharmed, but its body surface was surprisingly thunderous. Electric thunder flashed across the silver-white wolf fur. As the white wolf inhaled, all the thunderbolt power overflowing in the air was actually inhaled by it.

Its huge body shape was like a bottomless abyss crazily swallowing the surrounding thunder.

In just a few seconds, the thunderbolt power in front of the Mountain God Temple was almost completely absorbed into the white wolf's body.

At this point, the white wolf slowly opened his eyes and looked in Gong-Shu Jie's direction.

When a man and a wolf looked at each other, Gong-Shu Jie's mind was shaken to see a pair of pale eyes flashing with lightning.

Although the next second, the lightning light dispersed and the white wolf's eyes returned to be normal, the wolf brought a huge pressure to Gong-Shu Jie. His breath was slightly stagnant, and seemed to face a heavenly thunder tribulation.

This white wolf was definitely not ordinary mountain demon!

It was not struck by heavenly thunderbolt, instead, it was borrowing the heavenly thunderbolt to cultivate!


It was not struck by heavenly thunderbolt, instead, it was borrowing the heavenly thunderbolt to cultivate!

It was not struck by heavenly thunder, instead, it was borrowing the heavenly thunder to cultivate!BlacklistRemoveConfirm

Realizing of this, Gong-Shu Jie was astonished. Regardless of human beings and demons, they were afraid of heavenly thunderbolt and kept far away from it. Now the beast in front of him could borrow heavenly thunderbolt to cultivate.

Dispelling the hot wind around him, Gong-Shu Jue was falling from the air, respectfully and politely saluted to the giant wolf.

"My name is Gong-Shu Jie, a Wuzhu from Thousand Needles City. It is an honor to meet you, Mountain God."

In the Mountain God Temple, the clay statue of the white wolf on the divine altar stood out. How could Gong-Shu Jie not know that the white wolf was the Mountain God of Cold Feather Mountain?

Although he guessed it right, there was still confusion in his heart that could not be solved.

Most of the Mountain Gods were actually demons and monsters. When their cultivation had become successful, some mortals built temples and shrines dedicated to them. Day after day, the demon or monster had been turning into a Mountain God. But whether it was good or bad, these Mountain Gods could not get rid of their essence as a demon. The more profound the practice, the more dense devil aura it had.

But this Cold Feather Mountain God had not even the slightest devil aura. When Gong-Shu Jie opened his magic eyes to watch, he could only see a blindingly bright thunderbolt power, as if the white wolf was composed entirely of thunderbolts.

This weird phenomenon had overturned Gong-Shu Jie's previous perception. There were such living creatures in this world! The white wolf’s body only had the thunderbolt power, no demon power.

Could it be a legendary Ancient Divine Beast?

Gong-Shu Jie was a little nervous. Those divine beasts were not human nor  demons or monsters. They were born with divine powers, powerful beyond the perception of common sense. They were hidden deep in mountains and swamps, and they usually had eccentric temperament.

But if it was an Ancient Divine Beast, why was it willing to be a small Mountain God in this remote Cold Feather Mountain?

He did not understand.

What Gong-Shu Jie saw today had broken his past decades of perception.

Now he could only bow and salute, said, "I came here to pursue a devil seed. I was attracted by the movement of the heavenly thunderbolt, and I did not mean to disturb your practice. Please forgive me."

Gong-Shu Jie first illustrated the cause and effect, wanting to resolve possible misunderstandings. Demons and beasts felt offended when they were disturbed by outsiders during their practice.

In fact, with Gong-Shu Jie’s identity as a Wuzhu, even in the face of those famous Mountain Gods, there was no need to be overly concerned.

But the white wolf in front of him was not an ordinary Mountain God, because the heavenly thunderbolt could not hurt him.

However, after hearing Gong-Shu Jie's respectful words, the huge white wolf only glanced at him coldly and nodded his head.

"I know."

After saying that, the white wolf jumped into the ground and disappeared from Gong-Shu Jie's view.

This ambiguous answer made Gong-Shu Jie feel dumbfounded.

Did the Mountain God forgive him?

After hesitating for half a second, Gong-Shu Jie finally remained in the place, not daring to leave without permission. He wanted to wait for the Ancient Divine Beast to return before apologizing.

This Ancient Divine Beast was so fierce, if it was evil, he was afraid that the whole Fire Pass Country was going to suffer. Gong-Shu Jie did not dare to take the risk.

However, Lu Heng, who had disappeared into the ground, had no time to pay attention to the uneasiness in Gong-Shu Jie's heart.

Now his body was filled with a huge amount of thunderbolt power that was ready to burst. He only wanted to quickly digest the thunderbolt power in his body to avoid exploding.

Last month when he absorbed the heavenly thunderbolt power, he did not control the amount, so he was overwhelmed by the surge of thunderbolt power to the point it cracked his skin and flesh. He took a long time to recover.

This time he didn't expect to absorb even more thunderbolt power.

This method of absorbing thunderbolt power cultivation was good, but it was so difficult to control its amount!

Chapter 11 Gongshu Jie
Chapter 13 Mountain Fixing Talisman