I’ll Quit Being a God

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Chapter 13 Mountain Fixing Talisman
Chapter 15 Xiao Ai’s Determination

Chapter 14 Fear

The white wolf's refusal did not surprise Gong-Shu Jie.

He understood that the Ancient Divine Beast in front of him did not care about the Mountain God position.

In this world, there were indeed some demon cultivators who were willing to be a Mountain God or a Water God. They received some incense, and relied on the spiritual energy of the earth's veins to cultivate. But the Ancient Divine Beasts were not like them.

The heavenly thunder that demon cultivators feared was only the basis of Ancient Divine Beast’s cultivation. It was just a passing cloud for these divine beasts that existed for a long time.

Gong-Shu Jie did not offer this piece of jade pendant for a potential reward, but simply because the only thing he could use to get close to the Ancient Divine Beast was this Mountain Fixing Talisman. Since the divine beast did not accept it, he had no other treasures.

After taking back the jade pendant, Gong-Shu Jie had no better words to say for a while.

He wanted to ask the beast why he wanted to take incense here, but he was afraid that he would break some taboo because of rashly asking.

So Gong-Shu Jie just stood in the same place, didn't say anything. The atmosphere suddenly fell into a strange deadlock.

It was a good thing that someone helped him out at that moment.

In the forest, there was a young girl panting sharply and running towards the Mountain God Temple.

Although the distance was still far away, both Lu Heng and Gong-Shu Jie sensed it.

A man and a wolf looked in that direction at the same time. Gong-Shu Jie was a little surprised - this Qi seemed to be somewhat familiar.

As the Mountain God, Lu Heng knew better who was coming. The Mountain God's sign, which carried some of his power, was still on the girl.

Lu Heng slightly sensed it, and the Mountain God's power was directly activated. The little girl who was running in the forest suddenly felt a huge change in the surrounding scenery - all the trees on both sides were falling backwards so fast that they even turned into a blur of shadows. Everything in her field of vision was spinning rapidly, and the colorful scenery completely messed up her eyes.

Xiao Ai stared at this magical scene with wide eyes, and before she could react, she found that all those blurry shadows had disappeared. She was standing in front of a huge white wolf, and behind the white wolf, it was the familiar Mountain God Temple.

She stared in shock, almost suspecting she was hallucinating, "Lord Mountain God?"

She was clearly a long way from the Mountain God Temple, how could she suddenly arrive at the place in an instant? Could it be the Lord Mountain God brought her here?

The giant wolf nodded calmly and said, "It's me."

He lowered his head, gazed at the little girl and asked, "You rushed into the forest, did some urgent matter happened in the village?"

Lu Heng's inquiry made the girl come back to her senses and remember the purpose of her trip.

Her expression was a little anxious, "Lord Mountain God, there is a Wuzhu outside the mountain, he said he came here to pursue demons!"

The girl's anxious expression showed that she was actually concerned about Lu Heng's safety. She was not even caring that her words would offend the Mountain God as a demon.

The girl’s words did not make Lu Heng react, but Gong-Shu Jie on the side was so scared that his whole body was dripping sweat.

"There must be a misunderstanding in this matter!" Gong-Shu Jie was so anxious that he hurriedly opened his mouth and interrupted the girl's words, fearing that the girl would say something again.

"Lord Mountain God, I really came here in pursuit of a devil seed that escaped from the city, and I definitely did not come for you."

When he gave that talisman for the Mountain God, he thought he had managed to get closer to this Cold Feather Mountain God and make the atmosphere a little more cordial. If he did not explain clearly, he may have a conflict with this Mountain God and suffer an unwarranted disaster because of a misunderstanding.

And Gong-Shu Jie's defense caused the girl in front of the giant wolf to freeze for a moment.

Xiao Ai turned around, only to find Master Wuzhu not far behind her.

The girl was so scared as to scream on the spot. “I actually said those words in front of Master Wuzhu? Master Wuzhu had heard what I said! Master Wuzhu had actually found Lord Mountain God!”

The girl's face was pale and she backed up repeatedly. She was so dumbfounded that she didn't even hear what Gong-Shu Jie was saying.

Probably only Lu Heng was the most calm one among them.

He stretched out his huge paw and gently pulled the little girl to his side and said, "Don't be afraid, this Wuzhu doesn't mean any harm. He is not here to trouble me either, you don't have to worry."

Seeing that the little girl had calmed down a bit because of his reassurance, Lu Heng then looked at the Wuzhu not far away and said, "Sorry for the little girl’s impoliteness."

Lu Heng's words made Gong-Shu Jie feel relief. He waved his hand and said, "Never mind. This girl's brave heart is praiseworthy. And it is indeed a good deed for sir Mountain God to have this believer."

After seeing Lu Heng's attitude toward the little girl, Gong-Shu Jie finally let go of the worry in his heart.

Although this divine beast was mysterious and powerful, it was so caring to an ordinary human child. Therefore, it was not the vicious and malicious type of divine beast.

This powerful divine beast, they must be close to nature and have good temper because they were willing to descend to this Cold Feather Mountain to take incense and shelter the villagers.

After all, among the divine beasts, the kind that was vicious was the mainstream.

Now that Gong-Shu Jie’s speculation had been verified, the fear in Gong-Shu Jie's heart was put down.

The Divine Beast in front of him was so easy-going, so he shouldn't worry about it coming down into the world and bringing disaster.

But even so, it did not mean that Gong-Shu Jie dared to neglect the Ancient Divine Beast. He decided that after coming down from the mountain, he would immediately inform the Wuzhus of several large cities near the Cold Feather Mountain. They could share their experiences.

In any case, the Fire Pass Country can not offend the Ancient Divine Beast in the mountain and must treat it carefully.

What's more, this Ancient Divine Beast had the power of ruling the heavenly thunder. This divine power was so rare, even among the powerful Ancient Divine Beasts, this Lu Heng was the strongest one.

The expression on Gong-Shu Jie's face became more serious as he thought this, and he didn't dare to be the least bit disrespectful in his behavior. He was determined to leave a good impression in the mind of Lu Heng.

Chapter 13 Mountain Fixing Talisman
Chapter 15 Xiao Ai’s Determination