Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 4. Level Up (2)
Chapter 6. Closed Dungeon (2)

Chapter 5. Closed Dungeon

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The monster’s corpses was used to summon the Skeleton Soldier with [Strength 5 Agility 8 Health 5].

Consumed Magic Point: 1, Required Control : 1

Woojin had defeated an additional 27 Drabbits, and he had leveled up twice. He was currently at level 3. Every time he leveled up, he received 5 Stat Points and he distributed the 10 Stat Points into Magic and Control.

Magic : 15 Control :14

If he summoned 15 Skeleton Soldiers, he’ll only be able to keep 14 of them. Once the Summons exceeds the range of his Control, they would turn into monsters beyond his control.

“Wake up, my minions.”

Woojin had reached the pinnacle as a Necromancer. After being transported, he had to restart from a low level, but it was a path he had already walked. He didn’t have to worry about Spells or Activation Words.

It was possible to manifest his familiars and mastered magics using just his will.


From nearby, the three corpses of the Drabbit exploded, and three Skeleton Soldiers was summoned. They were very weak, so he rarely used them in his latter-days. Still, he felt extremely happy to see them again.

“Let’s go.”

He still didn’t have rear any support magic, but it would not be a problem with the Drabbits. Woojin and the three Skeleton Soldiers descended the stairs. It caused the Drabbits to run towards them in response.



The Skeleton Soldiers let out a horrible shriek, then they ran forward swinging their bone knives threateningly.



One Skeleton Soldier fell into a heap from one blow as a Drabbit used a menacing head-butt. The others were lucky. They were only bitten on their arms and legs.

Since the Skeleton Soldiers were composed of bones, attacks using teeth weren’t a threat. The Skeleton Soldiers were very weak, and their attack capabilities were insignificant. They swung their blunt bone knives, but it wasn’t very effective against the Drabbits.

However, they had blocked the Drabbit’s dangerous first charge, so they had done their job.

Puh-uk, puk!

Woojin swung his clawed hammer, and the Drabbit’s heads continued to explode. In a flash, he had killed three Drabbits, and he used them as fodder to summon an additional three Skeleton Soldiers.


One had been demolished, but the number of Skeleton Soldiers had increased. The five Skeleton Soldier’s reliably blocked in front of Woojin. Woojin used his will to control them as he advanced.


From between the broken windows of the subway train, Drabbits ran out en masse. There were so many of them that Woojin halted in his track for a moment.

“Block them!”

The 5 Skeleton Soldiers stood parallel to each other as if they were setting up a barricade.


The Drabbits jumped at the Skeleton Soldiers like moths to a flame, and they started head-butting the Skeleton Soldiers’ limbs.


The middle Skeleton Soldier fell. One Drabbit broke through the line, and it flew accurately towards Woojin’s head.

Woojin swung the clawed hammer like a clean-up hitter as it split the air.

“One more added!”

The corpse of the Drabbit was flung away, and the corpse exploded to form another Skeleton Soldier.

Woojin headed towards the Drabbits tangled between the Skeleton Soldiers, and he brought down his clawed hammer as if he was threshing.

“Die. Die!”


As he ended the Drabbit’s lives, he intermittently summoned more Skeleton Soldiers.

Woojin had 15 Magical Points.

His Magical Points would become empty if he summoned 15 times. The Magical Points recovered naturally, but one could use items or Skills to recover it.

If he increased the [Recovery] stat, then his natural recovery of Magical Points quickened. For a Magician, the most important stats were Wisdom, Magic, and Recovery.

The stat [Healing] dealt with the natural recovery of his body. It increased the recovery speed of [Vitality], which was consumed when one used Healing Skills or Combat Skills.

This was the most important Stat for Warriors.

Woojin possessed 10 Stat Points on both Recovery and Healing. After a certain amount of time, the Recovery would restore 10 Magic Points, but the more important one was the 10 points in Healing.

After one day, a shallow wound would disappear without any scarring as it healed.

“All of you die!”

He trusted his healing power, so Woojin charged as he hefted his clawed hammer.

Boo-oong, puk! Boo-oong, Pul!

His movements already exceeded the limits of a human. Every time he swung his clawed hammer, a Drabbit died.

The couple dozen of Drabbits filling the subway station was defeated in a matter of moments.

When Woojin’s reached level 4, his low Magical Points instantly recovered.

“Ha, I’m so thirsty.”

Woojin looked around the station, which had turned into a field of Drabbit’s corpses, and he headed towards the vending machine. He pried open the door of the already broken vending machine.


He used his superhuman strength to create a gap between the vending machine’s door, and couple cans came into sight. Woojin picked up a cola can, and he blew on top of it.

The accumulated dust flew into the air. It looked to be relatively intact, so it seemed like he could drink it.

Ddak. Cheeeeeek. (TLN: tab opening sfx, fizzing sfx)

When he opened the can, he gulped down the warm coke.

“Kooahhh. Ggguhoooo.” (TLN: sfx)

The fizzing gas made him belt out a satisfying burp. Woojin grinned.

He had defeated the monsters inside the subway station, which had turned into a dungeon. It almost made him think this was still Planet Alphen. However, the refreshing carbonated drink he hadn’t had in 20 years made his return to earth very real to him.

“I really have to go back home.”

Woojin’s Magical Point had been restored, so he used the Search Skill.


Around the broken subway train’s front car, he could see a sparkling soft light. When he approached it, he saw a finger-sized gem.

When Woojin grabbed the gem emitting a soft green light, the light dimmed.

Woojin carried the item back to where he came from. When he was close to the barrier, the Return Stone let out a light, and it scattered as it touched the barrier.


After seeing the barrier disappear, Woojin went up the stairs of the Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.


“Ooh ooh. I thought I was going to shit my pants.”

Oh-joonhwan was a rank 9 public servant. After completing the assault, he had been assigned to the closed [Gwachun Station 1st Exit] dungeon as an Access Control Personnel. It had been one month since he was dispatched here.

He fulfilled the temporary reassignemnt period without any accidents happening.

He’ll be going back to the headquarters tomorrow. After he hurriedly returned after using the restroom, it felt like the sky was about to fall.

“What, what is this?”

The locked Dungeon entrance door was open.

He felt dizzy, and the sky turned yellow.

“D..did a civilian go in? Ha, I’m fucked.”

It was unlikely to think that a Roused had entered a closed Dungeon. The [Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit] wasn’t a Spot where particular ingredient items dropped. It was a just a dungeon infested by the low-ranked monster, Drabbit.

Unless it was a beginner Roused looking to train here, he couldn’t think of a reason why someone would look for a dungeon that didn’t drop anything of significance. It was hard to think a Roused would go into a location with no benefits.

Moreover, a Roused could just apply to enter the Dungeon in the first place. This was why he was assigned to this place.

He looked across the open entrance, and he was able to see that the barrier had already formed. It was a signal indicating someone was inside the dungeon.

“Ha, fuck. I’ll have to quickly request for help.”

For the Roused, the Drabbits were classified as a low level monster, but it was a monster to civilians. Oh-joonhwan was about to quickly make a call, but the barrier became clouded and a man walked out.

“Uh uh?”

Before he could press the send button, Joonhwan’s body froze. Woojin slowly walked out, and he was surprised when he met the gaze of Joonhwan.

“Ah, I opened the door and entered out of curiosit….”

“Are..are you a Roused?”

At Joonwan’s question, Woojin puzzled over his words. Before he could speak, Joonhwan spoke quickly.

“Whew. You almost took 10 years off my life. Please leave a record of your entrance. Whew. It’s quite fortunate. Why did you go into a dungeon with nothing to gain? You cleared it as a Solo Player, so you must be quite strong.”

He passed over the Dungeon Entrance Record Log to Woojin. He half-assedly wrote down his name, and position. Then he kept his words scarce.

‘Why do you think I went in? I wanted to ride the subway home.’

He didn’t have an explanation, so he thought it was best to stay silent. The other man was making up an excuse for him. After signing everything, Woojin confidently asked a question.

“May I go now?”

“Ah, you can go now.”

Woojin turned around to ask a question after taking a couple steps. The 5 years wasn’t a short of an amount of time as he initially thought since it seemed Dungeons and the Roused had come to be in that time period.

“How much is the bus fee these days?”


What the heck? He had heard almost all Roused were rich.

Chapter 4. Level Up (2)
Chapter 6. Closed Dungeon (2)