Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 10. To the Dungeon
Chapter 12. Roused Registration (2)

Chapter 11. Roused Registration

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Woojin got off the bus, then he took out his phone to launch the map app. While it was loading, he saw a round bar rotating forever. He wondered how he should get rid of that damn phone salesman.

After 30 seconds had passed, the map finally showed up. Woojin used the navigation function to head toward his destination. After searching for the destination, he had to wait a long minute before it started to give him directions.

[Roused General Affairs Bureau]

Woojin came to the General Affairs Bureau to register himself as a Roused. At the reception desk, Woojin wrote down his basic biological data and his ability. He took a receipt number, and after a brief time, he headed towards the examination room.

The examination room had cameras everywhere, and two Roused from the Bureau was stationed there in case of any unforeseen event. Also, there was a public official sitting there to process the test results.

Oh-joonhwan, who had returned to the General Affairs Bureau, looked over Kang-woojin’s file.

“You have a summoning ability? Could you show it to me?”

Woojin answered his very businesslike questions.

“Right here?”

Woojin stood there blankly, so Joonhwan moved his gaze towards his monitor.

‘Uh? Have I met him before?’

It had been only four days since he had since his face, but Woojin’s outfit differed too much from his current outfit. Oh-joonhwan couldn’t recognize him.

“I need a vector.”

“Ah, you have a mass summoning ability. What kind of vector do you need?”

“Give me one corpse.”


Of course, Joonhwan and the two Roused from the Bureau was taken aback. Woojin smirked as he added more words afterwards.

“I’m not talking about a human corpse. It could be a monster or even a dead animal. It needs to have bones. Ah, of course, human corpses are fine too.”

“I..I understand.”

Even though Joonhwan was taken aback, he called the Support Division. Soon, the Support Division brought a corpse of a bunny, which had been killed during an experiment.

He spread his hand towards the corpse placed in the middle of the examination room.

“Wake up.”


The bunny’s corpse exploded, and a Skeleton Soldier suddenly surged up.


Joonhwan gulped as the Skeleton Soldier’s producing a bizarre sound. He had seen all types of weird Roused abilities, but this scene was a new one.

However, Joonhwan was only a rank 9, so it was his first time seeing this. However, it wasn’t as if there weren’t any Roused with such abilities.

“You…you are a Necromancer.”

The Roused were given various titles based on their abilities like Magician, Warrior or Priest. Of course, there were Necromancers, who controlled the Undead. There were even some famous people amongst the Necromancers.

“As you can see.”

“Summoner’s ability is given a Roused rank based on their summoned being’s battle ability. Why don’t you try attacking that?”

In the middle of the examination room, a hologram appeared, so Woojin looked around the examination room anew. There were numerous equipment installed around the domed examination room, and it was projecting the hologram.

“Think of it as a simulated battle. I just want to see your summoned being’s movement.”

The hologram was kobold, and it had a small body. It was a monster as common as the Drabbit, but they were harder to hunt since they like to group together. Moreover, they behaved like a swarm.


The Skeleton Soldier moved according to his will, and it started to fight the Kobold. It didn’t have a real body, so his bone knife passed right through it. However, the machines installed around the surrounding picked up all the movements as it took measurements.

After five minutes had passed, Joohwan told him to stop.

“Do you have any other abilities?”

“Well, I don’t have any other notable abilities.”


“Hmmm, Wait a moment. Could you follow me?”

Joonhwan directed him to a break room. He said he’ll only take a moment, but Joonhwan took an hour before he came back with a black card. It looked like a high quality credit card, but it had his picture imprinted on it like his ID.

“This is your Roused registration card. It can be used as an ID and a debit card.”

The card simply had his personal profile, and there was a rank F written on it.

“Is Rank F really that low?”

“Mmm. It can’t be considered high. No, it it is the lowest. Summoner’s battle abilities are weaker than expected…”

Of course. He hadn’t put his points into the lvl 1 Skeleton Soldiers. They could only exert half the strength of an adult.

“Mmm. Well, if one’s rank is too low, is there a restriction on which Dungeons you can enter?”

“There is no such thing. However, the party is distributed based on your rank when you are forming a party. ”

That wasn’t a problem. He didn’t want to form a party. He planned on using the Dungeon by himself. Woojin could sever a steel bar with his bare hands, and he could simultaneously move 14 of his summoned beings. Therefore, he didn’t make a fuss out of it.

“Excuse me. Have I seen you somewhere?”

At Oh-joonhwan’s question, Woojin tilted his head in confusion. He didn’t try hard to comb over his old memories. No, he thought it wasn’t worth it.

“This is the first time. Have a nice day.”

Woojin immediately left the Bureau, and Joonhwan scratched the back of his head.

“Ah, I know I’ve seen him somewhere…….”

Still, he kept having an uncomfortable feeling. He was able to find the source of the discomfort only when Joohwan returned to his seat.

“Ah! He was that guy from before. Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.”

On the first day he returned from his temp job, Joonhwan had been berated by his superior. The reason being he hadn’t been vigilant in controlling the access to the Dungeon. Joonhwan searched through his drawer, and he took out the access record to the Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.

[Name : Kang-woojin, Affiliation : Planet Earth, Roused Number : 12345]

When he saw the cheeky answer on the record again, his fists shook again.

“He’s a rank F and not a high rank? Moreover, he is a noob, who just registered today. Jeez.”

Joonhwan was berated by his superior, because of this bastard, and he had been in a huff for a while.

“Uh? He is only Rank F yet how did he clear it by himself?”

The Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit had Drabbits. They didn’t drop any Bloodstones, but it wasn’t a dungeon where a F rank could clear it on his own.


Joonhwan tilted his head, then he threw the file on the desk. He won’t see him again, so why should he care?


After leaving the Bureau, Woojin took out his smart phone then he opened the Dungeon Forum. He almost exploded from frustration when the loading screen took a while before the app started running.

As he had learned from Jaemin, he set the search option to the entrance fee of 10,000 won. Then he selected a monster rank that was 2 ranks below his summoned monsters.

“This is the closest one.”

Woojin checked for a bus line that goes to the [Shinrim Station’s 7th Exit Dungeon], then he waited at the bus station.

“Man, this app is quite convenient..”

In the past 5 years, the Dungeons born from the train stations weren’t the only thing new. In the past, only few people had smart phones, but everyone had one now.

Moreover, there were a lot of convenient apps that were helpful in real life.

As he got closer to the Shinrim Station, the buildings’ height became lower, and the surrounding became desolate. The area around the station wasn’t thriving with buildings. There were occasional vacant lots at the intersections, and he saw a really big parking lot.

“It looks like the Dungeon Break happened here at least once.”

If not, he had no explanation as to why the perfectly fine buildings were shuttered. There wouldn’t be any empty lots present.

When he previously headed toward the 1st Exit, there were army troops already deployed there. His current destination, the 7th exit, had a crowd of people in front of it.

Woojin had come here after reading a famous blog. It seemed many netizens had rushed over here. He shook his head when he saw the long line.

“I hadn’t thought about this.”

The low entrance fee, and the 2 rank below monsters meant the risk was small, but the competition to make money at the Mine was fierce.

Woojin had no choice, but to get in line. Everyone was gathered in small groups, so it seemed like they were working together.

This was when a man with sharp features spoke to him from further in front of the line.

Chapter 10. To the Dungeon
Chapter 12. Roused Registration (2)