Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 13. Shinrim Station's 7th Exit
Chapter 15. What Goes Around Comes Around

Chapter 14. Dungeon's Necromancer

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“Ok. Let’s go, my minions.”

Pah-pahk, pahk!

At Woojin’s call, the 4 corpses of the goblin exploded, and the Skeleton Soldiers was summoned.



The goblins yelled like surprised monkeys, and the Skeleton Soldier’s unique playful sound was also heard. In the middle, Woojin threw away his light club then he took out the claw hammer from his inventory.

The hammer had enough weight and destructive ability for his purpose. Until he could acquire a proper weapon, he had no choice, but to store it in his inventory for later use.

“Well, let’s do this.”

Woojin started running, and the Skeleton Soldiers ran forward to open a path for their general. The Skeleton Soldiers pressed into the goblins. The hobgoblin was taken aback, and it started to give out a hurried command. The goblins tried to cut off Woojin, but their heads exploded from the claw hammer.


As soon goblins became dead corpses, Skeleton Soldiers exploded forth from them. Woojin had used a decent amount of Skill Points, so the Skeleton Soldiers could exhibit physical strength comparable to a low ranked Roused.

Moreover, they weren’t easily killed. In a flash, he had 14 creatures, which was the limit of his control. Woojin held up the claw hammer, which was soaked in goblin’s blood, towards the shocked hobgoblin.

The bastard’s cane was letting out a crackling sound, and one could see electricity coalesce at the end. His electric attack’s cool time had probably ended.

Woojin used the sharp end of the claw hammer to ram it into hobgoblin’s head.

Kwa-jahk. Pshhhh.

It pierced through the hobgoblin’s skull, and the electricity charged at the end of the cane dissipated before it could be shot.

“Whew. This is great for gathering points. It’s best to hunt a group of monsters.”

Each goblin gave him 2 Achievement points. The hobgoblin gave an astounding 5 points. This was only a 2 star Dungeon, so he could only guess how many points he could get at a high tiered Dungeon.

He thought about the Magic Scrolls being sold in his Point Store. It seemed it was only a matter of time before he was restored to the heights he had reached at the Alphen Planet.

The Exp was also pretty good, so he leveled up once.

“Party play doesn’t suit my style.”

He had Skeleton Soldiers, who could tank in front of him, so he just needed an attack he could deal damage from the back. He’ll be able to learn the Skills once he leveled up a little bit more.

He had passively participated in the party play, so the number of monsters Woojin attacked was low. It slowed him down from earning Exp and Achievement Points.

Woojin activated his Search Magic as he looked at the fallen goblins. He didn’t have go through the hassle of searching all the goblin corpses to find the Blood stones.

The Seach Magic illuminated any items that possessed Mana. Woojin saw a light leaking out of the fallen hobgoblin’s possession, so he searched through it.

“Uh? It’s a Magic Scroll.”

Woojin looked at the Magic Scroll, but he had no way of knowing what kind of magic it was.

“I have to learn Identification Magic anyways. I’ll just use this as an opportunity to buy it.”

Woojin pulled up his Point Store, then he used 20 Achievement Points to learn the ‘Identification’ magic. He could use 1 star disposable item called Identification Scroll, but he decided to learn how to use this magic. There was no downside since he would be using this magic often.


The hidden information of the item will be known to you.

The failure rate decreases as your Intelligence increases.

Magic Consumption : 1


As soon as Woojin learned the magic, he casted Identification on the Magic Scroll.


An electric attack can be sent towards a target.

Magic Consumption : 1 Latency Time : 20


“Ho oh. This is what the bastard was using.”

Woojin searched through his Point Store, and he found the price of the Electric Shock scroll. It was priced at 100 Achievement Points.

With 30 points, he could buy low ranked elemental magic where he could create a flame or produce water.

The electric attack was more useful as an attack magic, so he understood why it was 3 times more expensive than the others.

“It’s still a middling price.”

He could earn the points if he defeat 50 goblins. If he thought about how fast he dispatched the goblins, it didn’t look to be that expensive. However, if he was to buy it, he thought it wasn’t cheap either.

It wasn’t something he needed right now, so he put the Magic Scroll away. Then he excavated the blood stones from the goblin’s heads as it continued to emit a light.

“Ooh ooh ooh.”


Woojin, who was excavating the blood stones, looked around his surrounding when he heard the moan. His face had stiffened, but no monster had appeared. Woojin was alert as he looked around, and his eyes met Sunggoo’s pain filled eyes.

His eyes were moving up and down in agony. It seemed he had regained consciousness. His face was grimacing as if he was still in pain.

Woojin approached him, and he squatted down next to him. It seemed effects of the Electric Shock’s hadn’t disappeared yet. Sunggoo forced words out with his stiff tongue.

“H, help m….”

“How much did you see?”

Woojin cut off Sunggoo as he asked a question. Sunggoo looked up with a pleading expression, but Woojin’s face was indifferent.

Woojin had seen countless number of people die. This included comrades, and enemies he had met. Moreover, he had also seen innocent fallen souls being stolen.

“Ah, I don’t care.”

This wasn’t Alphen Planet. He didn’t really need to kill Sunggoo. He wasn’t a spy from a hostile country, so silencing him wasn’t a necessity.

“P..please save me.”

He was slowly gaining control of his tonue, so Sunggoo’s words became clearer. Sunggoo was someone who had the ability to make fireballs. He was someone who dealt in magic, so he was somewhat resistant to magic.

If he was a civilian and not a Roused, he would already be dead. However, if he was left here, then he’ll surely be kill by the monsters downstairs .

“What will you do for me if I save you?”

“I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“About what?”

“The fact that big brother is a Rank D Roused.”

Woojin smirked at Sunggoo’s words. It seemed one had to be a Rank D Roused to easily defeat a hobgoblin and a couple dozen goblins.

Still, he didn’t really care if his story was spread. Woojin wasn’t interested in such things.

“How much are you willing to give me?”


Is this how one felt when one couldn’t say anything from being too flustered? Hong-songgoo didn’t know how he should answer the question, so he hesitated.

“If I leave you here, then you’ll probably become like him?”

Woojin pointed towards the bloody corpse of Jongchul. He had been beaten by the goblin’s club in numerous locations, so he was a gruesome sight to behold.

“I…I’ll give it to you.”

If he could live, then how could the money be a problem? He’ll take out his entire savings if he was able to live. Money was something he could earn more as he increased in the Roused ranks.

“How…how much do you want?”

At Sunggoo’s word, Woojin unfurled two fingers. Sunggoo was surprised, and he gritted his teeth.

‘If it’s 2 thousand then it is well worth my life.’ (TLN:2??? around $18,000)

He’ll be spending all the money he had saved, but it didn’t matter. He had just started his life as a Roused, so he’ll make much more in the future.

“I understand.”

Woojin smiled in satisfaction at Sunggoo’s reply.

‘If its 2 hundred then I’ll have enough entrance fee for Solo Play.’ (TLN: ~$1,800)

This was his 3rd day back.

Roused Kang-woojin was still naive.

Chapter 13. Shinrim Station's 7th Exit
Chapter 15. What Goes Around Comes Around