Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 18. Their Circumstances (2)
Chapter 20. Justified Misunderstanding (2)

Chapter 19. Justifiable Misunderstanding

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“Hyung. Didn’t you meet your mother?”

“Shit. My house is too small. I’ll inconvenience you until I buy a house..”

Even though the price of land in Seoul had dropped, it was still an unthinkable amount of money for a normal person like Jaemin. He is asking to live here, and mooch off of him until he could by a house?

Jaemin had a complicated expression. Woojin cackled as he looked at Jaemin.

“It won’t take long for me to leave, so don’t worry about it. Hyung made 1300 today. Moreover, I’ll get an additional 400 soon.”

“That..that isn’t it. My noonah comes here on the weekends.” (TLN: male->older sister = noonah female->older sister = unni)

“Ah, is that so?”

“I’ll call her tomorrow. Oh yea. Does hyung know my noonah? My noonah recognized hyung’s name.”

“Uh? What’s your noonah’s name?”

“Her name is Do-jiwon.”

Woojin thought about the name, Do-jiwon, and his eyes became wide when it came to him.

“Do-jiwon? The third class’ Jun-jihyun?” (TLN: google ??? if you want to know who she resembles)

“Mmmm. She’s my sister, so it’s a little bit weird to talk about her like this. However, she used to be call that.”

“Huh huh. You are Jiwon’s little brother?”

Woojin looked over Do-jaemin, and he nodded his head. He thought this guy looked handsome, and now he found out Do-jiwon was his noonah.

They must have been born with superior genes as both siblings had good looks. It had been twenty years, but Woojin still remembered Do-jiwon.

She used to be famous for being the prettiest in the entire school. Woojin had also had a crush on Jiwon, but he had been too shy….

If he met her right now, he would have…

“Where does your noonah live for her only visit on the weekends?”

“She’s at a factory.”

“What? A factory? Do-jiwon is? If she needed money then she should have become a celebrity instead.”

Woojin couldn’t imagine Jiwon in a factory setting, so he turned his head in confusion. Jaemin replied with a slightly dark face.

“There…there was an incident. Anyways, hyung switched your handphone?”

“Uh. I swapped it on the way back.”

“Wow. This is a really expensive one. Can I touch it once?”

“Is that so? Is it a good one?”

“Hul. This is a Crazy Red.”

“Crazy Red?”

“It uses Blood stone technology, so it is really expensive. Hyung must have made a lot of money?”

Blood stones was a new material with an enormous amount of energy within it. After the end of a 5 year research, the technology was adopted for use, and it was slowly being used in actual objects now.

The battery technology using the Blood stones were a hot issue in the IT market.

“He exchanged it for free.”

“What? This was free?”

“Well, it was an event. An event.”

It was a once in a life time even where the salesman’s life was on the line.

“Hul. You are lucky. This is really expensive.”

It seemed the phone salesman had a conscience. Woojin let go of the little ball of grudge he held against him.

Jaemin was more excited than the owner of the phone. He spent a while explaining to him about the new functions when a message came.


Jaemin looked at the line on top of the screen, and his eyes widened when he read the content.

9. 13. 21:13

Deposit 40,000

Total 51,230

xxBank Hong Sunggoo

“Huh. How many 0s are there?”

Jaemin looked at the figure then he looked at Woojin. It said he was a Rank F on his Roused card yet he was able to earn $13,000 in one day and now he earned an additional $40,000.

Jaemin couldn’t help but look at Woojin in a different light.

“Hy…hyung. You are very capable.”

Woojin snatched his handphone back, and he frowned.

“That bastard. I told his to send 4 bills.”

Woojin immediately gave him a call.

[The amount is getting on my nerve. It is getting on my nerve.]

Before the single ring could pass, Sunggo picked up his phone.

[He…hello? Hyung. Did you check the deposit?]

“Hey, ass-hole. Do you think I’m a beggar? Didn’t I tell you to send just 4 bills? What is this?”

[Of course. When you said 4 bills, you meant that 4 bills.]

As if he had put his hand over the receiver, the sound was muffled. However, Woojin had a sensitive hearing, so he frowned when he heard it.

“What are you saying?”

[Hy…hyung-nim. I want to talk to you face to face. Please tell me your address.]

“What? Why do you want to find me?”

[I’ll explain it once I get there. Where are you, hyung-nim?]

Sunggoo’s voice sounded desperate, so Woojin gave him the address in confusion.

[There is a large cafe called Angle Angel near there. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.]

Sunggoo hurriedly ended the call. At Sunggoo’s reaction, Woojin stared at his handphone.

“That bastard. What’s up with him?”

If Sunggoo had just told him his account number, he would have returned the $36,000, so why does he want to meet up?

“Since we are out of alcohol, I’ll briefly head out to buy some. Meanwhile, you eat the chicken.”

“Yes, hyung.”

“Change the front door’s password to the original one.”


Woojin decided he would buy more of the depleted soju, then he would meet Sunggoo and give him back his money. Jaemin was left alone, and he took another sip of the soju. He frowned.

“Kkkkk. Why do people drink this?”

He popped open a cola then he washed the flavor out of his mouth. Then he started playing with his hand phone out of boredom.

“This should be expensive.”

Jaemin checked the cologne’s brand, and his mouth dropped open when he searched for the model.

‘Two..two hundred dollars?’

The price was too high for a high school student to use it without feeling a sense of burden. Moreover, he rarely used cologne. Maybe, if he smoked then he would have.

“I guess h..hyung spends based on his emotions? He is spending recklessly since he making money.”

His mood became restless when he saw the $500 given to him by Woojin. His noonah was probably working hard at the factory right now, but her annual income was less than the $53,000 Woojin made in a single day.

Jaemin was bored waiting for Woojin to return, so he accessed an online community he frequented. Then he wrote a post.

[Brothers. I got a perfume for a present. About 3 days ago, I met an uncle by coincidence, and I let him sleep in my rented room for a day. He bought me a cologne and he also gave me $500. Isn’t it a real windfall? Currently, I’m eating chicken and alcohol. Hyung went out to buy more alcohol since we are out. He has a lot of money. ???(TLN: Just google it if you don’t know) Let me boast about my present ???]

Jaemin uploaded a picture of the cologne as proof then he waited for the reaction from other people.

Ddring, ddring.

The replies were explosive.

(TLN: they are speaking in message board style. Sometimes they aren’t even talking in full sentences.)

[???. Nim. Be careful of your backside.] (TLN: XXX-nim. It is an honorific, but shortened to Nim here.)

[Perfume, rented room, success.]

? [Today real shared room ???]

? [???? This hyung will move to your next door neighborhood.]

[He isn’t getting alcohol. He probably went to get condoms.]

?[Stupid. He won’t get pregnant so why buy condoms.]

?[What, stupid. Then enema.]

?[????? He said enema.]

[Nim, It isn’t too late. Throw away your rented room, and guard your behind.]

[So who will be the bottom?]

[?? The person who paid will be the top.]

[Congratulation on your anal’s grand opening!]

?[What is anal?]

?[Your asshole, you stupid Mofo.]

[Request butt. Monitor ready in front.]

Jaemin frowned.

“Tsk tsk. If they are jealous then they should just say so. Why do a gay ad lib?”

Jaemin continued to read the posts being posted, and he glanced at the front door. Mmm, he wouldn’t do that.

He won’t.

The delicious chicken suddenly tasted like he was chewing on rubber. Is he deluding himself….

Ah, he probably won’t.

Chapter 18. Their Circumstances (2)
Chapter 20. Justified Misunderstanding (2)