Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 21. 3 Star Dungeon
Chapter 23. Hammer Guild

Chapter 22. Dual Class

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“Huk, huk. Do you think we can rest a little bit, hyung-nim?”

For the most part, Woojin didn’t directly participate in battle. The Rakwis were considered to be a 3 star monster, because there were a frighteningly a lot of them.

It was so bad that a fight with the Rakwis wasn’t considered to be a fight against a monster. It was a fight against oneself . Everything ended the moment one became tired.

The Skeleton Soldiers never got tired, and he just had to summon a new one when one was destroyed.

Moreover, the Skeleton Soldiers’ appearance had gone through a change. The Skeleton Soldier’s Skill Level had risen from 1 to 10 and they had evolved.

The Skeleton Soldier were made out out bones, so its emaciated body looked quite brittle. However, they now wore shoulder and chest armor. They also carried a small shield on one hand.

The knives still looked very dull, but it had become larger and more pointy. They also wore a helmet on their heads.

As one uses more of one’s skill, the Skill level increases. It can also be raised using the help of an item or one could invest one’s bonus point into it. These were the only methods.

His hunting speed was becoming faster, and he was having an easier time. The problem was Sunggoo’s stamina.

He was on the bloodstone duty for 3 hours, and he hadn’t been able to take a single break. Woojin’s hunting speed was so fast that Sunggoo didn’t have time to take a break. Woojin had run out of spray paint, but it seemed he had learned a Marking magic. He used it to mark the monsters containing the bloodstones.

He kept showing his admiration as he watched Woojin’s endless versatility.

Eventually, Sunggoo couldn’t help it as his stamina flagged.

“All right. Let’s rest for a moment.”

Sunggoo let out a groan, and Woojin plopped himself on the floor. Sunggoo sat next to him, and he took out a bottled water from his bag. He gave it to Woojin first.

Sunggoo was drenched in sweat and he had a tired expression on his face. However, he still gave Woojin the water first. Woojin grinned.

“Dude. You are going to live a long life.”


“I like the cut of your jib.”

Woojin drank a gulp of water then he handed it to Sunggoo. Sunggoo kept gulping down the water like a man who had come across an oasis in the desert.


It felt like the water was being absorbed into his bones. Sunggoo’s body shook then he relaxed.

“How much time do we have left?”

“We have 1 hour and 12 minutes..”

As time passed, their pace had increased. They had already completed the Dungeon 6 times before 3 hours had passed.

“The adjust amount is… I think it’s over $300,000? We should almost have $400,000?”

The Bloodstones Exchange store took a fixed amount from the final figure to give a fee to the first Roused, who defeated the Dungeon. The association also took a portion, but the rest was automatically deposited into Roused Registration account.

As Woojin looked at the knocked-down Sunggoo, he pondered over an idea.

He would be able to purchase a decent house for Sooah and his mother with $300,000. Money was basically the means to an end. It was a tool to get what he want, but the money itself wasn’t his goal.

‘I’ll give up on the bloodstones.’

Woojin stood up from his seat.

Sunggoo followed his example, and he also got up.


“Hey, Sunggoo.”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“The bloodstone we excavate from now on is all yours.”


“I’ll mark it for you, so do your best in excavating it.”


“Keep up the good work.”

Woojin almost ran as he led the Skeletons downstair.

“Well, should I record my lap time?”


Sunggoo blankly glanced down towards the stairway where Woojin had disappeared to.


If he excavated all the bloodstones before Woojin could end his hunt, he would be able to make around $50,000. He didn’t care about the price of his life right now. The amount of money he was able to make was contingent on how much he moved. He was tired for only a moment.


Before the Marking magic could disappear, he hurriedly swung his short sword.

After Sunggoo entered the Dungeon, he started moving like a madman. He tried to close the distance between Woojin, and he excavated the bloodstones from the marked Rakwi’s corpses. He had repeated this action for several hours, so he had already become an expert in cracking open the Rakwi’s head.

However, Woojin’s hunting speed was too fast. Sunggoo was able to clear only one floor before Woojin was coming back up with the Return Stone.

‘Ah ah, my money!’

When he thought about the marked Rakwi corpses below, he wanted to pound against the floor. However, he couldn’t do anything about it. He followed Woojin out of the Dungeon to enter it again.

There was 20 minutes left before his 4 hour of using the Dungeon came to an end. Before Woojin could step on to the last floor, he stopped walking.

Woojin was taken aback. He tilted his head in confusion.


Originally, one would have to choose one’s class at level 10. He had chosen to become a Necromancer on Planet Alphen. When he was transferred here, he had already chosen the Necromancer class….

He thought hard as he looked at the window that popped up in front of his eyes.


Woojin frowned when an endless banquet of classes popped up. He had already experienced this when he reached level 10 on the Alphen Planet. The problem was he already had a class.

“Does this mean I can have a Dual Class?”

He thought hard on it, but that was only answer that came to him.

< For class designation reward, you will be given a Warrior’s weapon.>

Woojin let out a sigh.

“Doesn’t this put me in a tough spot?”

His skills and stats were not connected to each other. He had some skills where he needed magic, and some skills required vitality.

Necromancer was a class that specialized in magic and control.

If he had become a Magician then there were a certain amount of overlap in skills. However, when one reaches level 10, one’s class is determined by one’s movement pattern.

If he knew there was a Dual Class, then he would have only used magic from level 1. He wouldn’t have swung his clawed hammer.

“Well, I can’t do anything about it.”

He’ll probably run out of stat points, but he had planned on using the bonus points to focus on his Necromancy. The Warrior class was just a throw-in.

He decided to think of it like that.

He’ll just think of his main weapon as back up weapon.

He’ll have to do his best to raise his stat using liquid drugs or magic drugs. As he organized his thoughts, he quickly threw away any regret.

“The reward.”

Woojin immediately opened his inventory.

He was curious as to what he received as bonus reward when his class was chosen.

The Warrior’s bonus reward was a weapon. He also received a Summoning Demon for when he was a Necromancer, and it was capable of growth.

“Huh? There are two of them?”

Woojin grinned.

“Dual class… I guess it isn’t so bad?”

Woojin took out the Warrior’s bonus reward.


A blue box appeared. As the light dispersed, a rod was pushed towards him. It was curved like a cane. It looked to be a magician’s staff, but the composition was very different from a normal staff.

“’s a steel pipe?”

The staff was made out of steel, and it looked like the steel claw hammer. The battles up until now must have influenced its appearance.

A warrior’s weapon was basically one’s best friend, and they are akin to one’s life. The Warrior’s weapon grew alongside the user. It is always with you, and it is always ready to come out at your beck and call.

Effect : Strength +5, Durability Recovery(Dispelled State)

Skill : Summon, Dispel

Woojin held the Steel Staff in one hand, and he thought about dispelling it. As soon as he thought about it, it disappeared.



It suddenly appeared in mid-air. Woojin grabbed it in his hand, and he had a satisfied smile on his face.

“This isn’t so bad?”

He obtained a weapon he could pull out at any moment, so it was a good thing. Moreover, the weapon was able to evolve. The was an infinite possibility in how it would advance. It also didn’t take up any space in his inventory, so it was great.

Woojin’s heart fluttered a little bit as he took out the Sealed Demon Stone.

“I wonder which bastard is in here?”

He didn’t know if he had bee lucky or unlucky on the Planet Alphen. He netted a succubus and she was of no help in battle. Still, he hadn’t been bored since she like to talk a lot.


The summoning stone disappeared, and a thick smoke rose up. The smoke coalesced into the shape of a small child.

She was a cute girl with a black one piece dress and she wore a hat with lace hanging off of it.


“Uh uh?”

A small female child suddenly hugged him…. He lifted the small demon off of him.

“You… Bibi?”

“Yes, master. Where have you been?” (TLN: She’s speaking in a very cutesy way. It’ll be lost in translation)

Woojin could only dumbly stare down at his low ranked succubus, Bibi. He crouched to look Bibi in her eyes.

“What? Why did you show up?”

“Heeng. Master unsealed me right now.”

“Huh huh.

Woojin’s head hurt from his troublesome thoughts. He clutched his head, and he pressed firmly on his temple. Then he asked Bibi a question.

“Did the dimensional travel bring you with me… No, you said you were sealed…”

“I’m so happy I was able to meet master again. Anyways, what is this smell? It smells like Trahnet’s minions….”

Bibi pointed towards the Rakwis at the last floor.

“What? Trahnet’s minion?”

Trahnet was the name of the demon, who had invaded the Planet Alphen. Demon wasn’t the right description. He was a calamity.

“They are letting out a similar smell…….”

Bibi’s words made his press hands against his temple again.

‘Trahnet’s invasion reached earth? This might be why the Dungeons formed here…….’

He had know way of knowing if it was true. He felt a strange sense of danger, and it got on his nerves. He had escaped hell, but the hell was trying come here.

“If it is Jaenis-nim, then he would know. Heh heh.”


Sage Jaenis.

He was considered to be one of the top mages on the Alphen Planet. After Trahnet invasion, he had turned himself into a Lich.

He had become a Lich, and he existed for 200 years as he lived alongside Alphen’s history.

Amongst the family he commanded, the best was of course the undead magician. Lich.

He never thought he would hear that name again.

“Yes. He was in the Sealed room with me. There was RyongRyong, ShingShing and even Kiba-nim. Also….”

“Hey. Wait a moment. What is this Sealed room?”

“I’m not sure. It was like the Summoning room except master’s voice didn’t reach there.”

The Summoning room was where Woojin’s family gathered before they were summoned. It was like his inventory. It was a type of pocket dimension, and it was his family’s paradise.

“Are you saying everyone is sealed?”

“Yes. I was the very first one to hear master’s voice.”

Woojin finally understood the situation. His necromancer class had transferred with him.

His entire familiar beings had been sealed until he was able to call on them. He had to be lvl80 to do the Lich Summoning. It seemed the level restriction was the cause of his family being sealed.

‘If Earth has been invaded by Trahnet…’

He understood why the Dungeons had formed here. At the same time, he felt a sense of crisis. It wasn’t the time to leisurely kill the monsters to excavate the bloodstones.

Woojin felt the need to level up faster.


He heard a voice from upstairs. He turned to look at Bibi.

“You should go back in.”

“Hiing. I want to stay by master’s side.”

“I’ll call you again, so go back in.”

“I understand. I’ll be able to hear master’s voice inside the Summoning room.”


Bibi turned into a single strand of smoke as she disappeared. At the same time, Sunggoo came running down the stairs.

“Uh? Did you hear a girl’s voice right now, hyung-nim?”

“Uh. I didn’t hear it.,”

“Uh? Why are you still here?”

“Let’s conclude our hunt today after we take care of the monsters down there.”

They would barely be able to do one more Dungeon run, but Sunggoo was as exhausted as he could be. So he readily nodded his head

“I understand.”

Woojin had a complicated expression on his face as he dragged his Skeleton troop down the stairs.

Chapter 21. 3 Star Dungeon
Chapter 23. Hammer Guild