Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 62. Shout from Pyongyang (2)
Chapter 64. Shout from Pyongyang (4)

Chapter 63. Shout from Pyongyang (3)

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It is a miraculous fragment making up the material world.

It is an ingredient used to make the Dimensional Domain.


Woojin stroked his chin. He held up the bright purple gem, and he looked it over. However, no more information popped up.

“Bibi. Do you know anything about the Dimensional Domain?”

“Oing? I have no idea.”

This was the first time Bibi had heard about it, so Woojin didn’t ask any further questions. He wouldn’t get any answer from worrying over it, so he decided it would be better to ignore it.

He put the Dimensional Fragment into his inventory. Then he walked away with the Return Stone in his hand. It was time for him to exit the Dungeon.


The barrier was disappearing.

The eyes of the two North Korean soldiers guarding the entrance to the Gwangmyung Station widened.

“Hey, look at that. What is that?”

“Uh-hook. The barrier is disappearing.”

“That son of a bitch from South Korea really succeeded. Hurry up and report it to our superior.”

While the North Korean soldiers moved busily, foreign reporters were hiding nearby. They took pictures of Woojin walking up the stairs. They raised their telephoto lens.

“Shit. This doesn’t make any sense.”

“This is crazy. He soloed a 6 star Dungeon. This will be a huge topic.”

“An amazing Roused has appeared in Korea.”

“This right here… Won’t this Roused be hot as Melody, who showed up in America?”

“Hurry up and contact the headquarters.”

While the reporters busied themselves, Woojin looked at the personcoming towards him after he left the Dungeon. The soldiers were still manning the line of defense, but Woojin could see reporters scattered amongst them.

Unlike South Korea, the reporters didn’t run forward to ask aggressively for an interview. They just watched him.

After receiving the urgent message, Lieutenant Che-haesol had come running over to the Dungeon. She didn’t hide her elation.

“I knew you would succeed. Good work.”

“Well, didn’t we come here knowing I will succeed?”

“Ha ha ha. Of course. However, I am still surprised you were able to pull this off.”

There had been no volunteers who wanted to go into this Dungeon yet Woojin cleared the Dungeon in triumph. Moreover, the access to this Dungeon had been restricted, so no one was able to gather information on it. It took a brave person to attempt this Dungeon, and it was more surprising that someone had succeeded in clearing it.

“Did the negotiation group arrive?”

“Yes. Both the North and South delegations are waiting for the news as to whether the Dungeon was cleared or not.”

She didn’t tell him they were getting ready to start the negotiations assuming there was a 70% chance he would fail.

“Then you guys take care of the negotiations. I’m going into the Dungeon again. Since there won’t be a Dungeon Break any more, tell the army to back off.”

“What? You are going to re-attempt it without taking a break?”

Che-haesol was very surprised. Three days had passed. He would have spent 4 times the amount of time inside the Dungeon. He spent an incredible amount of time in a tense battlefield, yet he wasn’t going to take a break? He would instead re-enter the Dungeon?

“Well, this isn’t difficult work, so why would I need to rest?”


He spoke of going into the 6 star Dungeon as if he was going to a playground. What was Woojin’s true ability? What ability would allow him to clear a Dungeon so easily?

“Do your best then.”

Woojin immediately turned around, and he went back into the Dungeon. If he wanted to reach his target level of 60 than he would need to run a tight schedule for the next 15 days. He had to use the least amount of time, so it would be possible for him to run an extra Dungeon run.

He would be able to sleep inside the Dungeon. Whether it was rest or filling his stomach, it was all possible within the Dungeon. He also had a very useful means of getting supply called the Point Store.

Soon after Woojin left, an out of breath North Korean Soldier came running to the Dungeon. Just from looking at the bars on his shoulders, one could tell he was a high ranking officer.

When he saw the barrier blocking the Dungeon entrance, he looked around his surrounding.

“What the hell? Didn’t you say the barrier came down?”

“Yes. He just went in again not too long ago.”

“What? That crazy bastard went back in without taking a breather?”


He looked around his surrounding, and all the soldiers on standby backed up what was said. The Dungeon raid had been successful. However, the hero Kahng-woojin went back in to the Dungeon.

He couldn’t help, but be taken aback at this unexpected situation.

“This is no simple matter.”

The chairman told him to bring comrade Kahng-woojin at any cost yet he didn’t have any way to contact him…

He had no choice, but to give his report. He quickly walked away.


In a room inside the Memorial Palace, Kim-jungun was stroking his plump chin with a serious expression on his face.

“It’s tilted to the left.”

“Yes, comrade.”

The soldier hurriedly fixed the tilted framed picture. Kim-jungun smiled in satisfaction.

The large framed picture on the wall was the printed photo of the picture he took with Kahng-woojin.

“What should I do with this framed picture?”

Kim-jungun looked at the framed picture that was originally hung there.

It was a photo of him shaking Dennis Rodman’s hand affectionately.

It was a picture of a basketball player he had once liked. However, Kim-jungun wasn’t interested in him any more.

“Throw it away..”

At Kim-jungun’s cold words, the female servant carefully stepped out of the room with the framed picture in her possession.

He possessed a NBA regulation ball used in a game during the season. This room used to be decorated with basketball equipments like basketball shoes, and headbands. Now the items that came out of the Dungeons lined the room instead.

At the end of the wall with the framed photo, there was something akin to a small Dungeon museum. The room was filled with Artifacts, and stuffed low ranked monsters.

Kim-jungun looked at Woojin inside the framed photo, and his face was filled with envy.

Ddok ddok.

“Come in.”

Kim-jungun looked towards the open door with a large smile on his face yet the person he was expecting wasn’t there.

“What is it? Where is comrade Kahng-Woojin?”

“That is… He entered the Dungeon again.”

“What did you say?”

The North Korean army officer tried to explain the situation, but it was a waste of time.

“Why didn’t you stop him?”

“He had already entered when I got there.”

“Do you think my words are a joke?”

He desperately begged, but not a single lash moved on Kim-jungun’s face. Cold sweat started running down the officer.

“Comrade. I think you will need to self criticize your actions.”

“P…please spare me.”

At Kim-jungun’s words, the officer immediately got on his knees.

“I have no business with you. Get out.”

“C…chairman. Please….”

He begged, but it was a waste of time. No, the ruckus he caused was driving the nail into his coffin.

“I guess you won’t even need to reflect on your own action.”

The guard from the Security department, who was standing behind Kim-jongun, took out his pistol. Then he immediately shot the man in front of them.


The North Korean army officer died for such an absurd and groundless reason. However, the guard didn’t show any surprise. He merely noted such an event had happened again.

“Now listen to me. Go wait for Kahng-woojin with both your eyes open, and bring him when he comes out.”


The unlucky guard, who was chosen for this task, couldn’t show any signs of complaint. His heart was being charred black inside.

“Ha-ah. I should be the one to treat the hero, who saved Pyongyang.”

Kim-jungun touched the Skill Books on display on top of his desk. He wasn’t a Roused, so the Skill Book didn’t respond to him at all.

Kim-jungun looked at the framed picture on the wall and his eyes was filled with envy and admiration.



At the same time as his level up, his low magic and energy was recovered. It sent a charge up his spine, and he felt a refreshing sensation. The pleasure given by drugs couldn’t even compare to this sensation.

“I’m level 60 now.”

He had started off with the Baejiks. Then he killed the six legged spider-like monster called Launcher, who shot tentacle spears. He even took down Rantos, which had stronger magical resistance than the Ogre. It was a horned monster equipped with tough leather. Then there were the Tudons. They were earth moles, who dug tunnels through the ground, to approach a prey in stealth. They attacked by suddenly popping out of the ground.

These were the basic underlings that composed Trahnet’s army. Woojin indiscriminately hunted them down, and he destroyed the hatcheries in various locations. The colony headquarters that had existed in the first run wasn’t present in the second run. He guessed the colony headquarters was the Dungeon boss.

He repeatedly hunted down the monsters in this endlessly large Dungeon, and the Return Stone appeared randomly if one destroyed the hatcheries. When Woojin found the Return Stone, he would take care of the monsters that were visible to him, then he would go out to re-enter the Dungeon again.

Instead of hunting down all the monsters, it was better to re-enter the Dungeon to hunt large groups of monsters again. This method was advantageous in earning more EXP.

He repeated this method. This was the 7th time he had re-entered the Dungeon.

He had finally reached level 60.

First, Woojin learned all the Warrior Class Skills.

Warrior’s Patience was a passive skill, and it would allow one to endure pain. All the other skills were related to the bow. Woojin immediately took out his Warrior’s Weapons, the Steel Staff, to change its form.

The staff started to curve, and a light made out of magic started to elongate to make the string for the bow. Woojin searched through his Necromancer Class skills, and he learned .

It was something he hadn’t learned since it was weaker than the Bone Spear. However, he thought this skill would work synergistically with the bow.

After summoning a Bone Arrow, he fit it on the string. He pulled back then he tried firing it.


It flew much faster than throwing a Bone Spear, and the arrow also flew a longer distance. Woojin smiled in satisfaction.

If he had enough magic, he could summon an unlimited supply of Bone Spear and Bone Arrows. This wouldn’t be of any use in summoning more Skeletons, but it could be used as a medium for summoning Bone Walls. It would give him a great tactical advantage.

Woojin learned the level 60 restricted Necromancer Skills he had bought.

Through one’s shadow, a parasite ghost of the host will be summoned.

It will read the emotions and gather information about the host. If the host is a corpse, then the ghost will be able to control it. If the corpse is revived with Resurrection, then the ghost can bring out a little bit more of the corpse’s original ability.

Depending on the Summoner’s Loyalty and Trust, the Required Control is decreased. The summoned being needing control by the Summoner may be reformed into a true companion.

Number of Shadow : 1

Corpse Amplification : +10%

Needed Control 1(-99 Loyalty, -99 Trust)

If he had Ggaebi, then he could amplify the power of the zombies revived using Resurrection. Since they were just corpses, they didn’t have the agility or intelligence they possessed when they were alive. It was a different story if Ggaebi was controlling them.

“Come out, Ggaebi.”

Woojin immediately called out his familiar, Ggaebi. Woojin’s shadow suddenly stood up, and a being with the appearance of Woojin showed up in front of him.

If he didn’t have a transparent body like the Phantom Steed ShingShing, Ggaebi would looke exactly like Woojin.

[Kee keek. I can finally hear master’s voice.]

“I still feel creeped out by you.”

[Kee kee keek. Isn’t it about time you got used to it?]

It was as Ggaebi said. He should have been used to it by now, but Woojin was still not used to him. Ggaebi was like another cloned version of himself.

They were fundamentally different existences, but they shared the same thoughts, sights and feelings. Even though they were different beings, he felt a sense of repulsion.

[If you don’t like this form, then why don’t you give me a new body?]

Woojin looked around his surrounding. It was in ruins from the battle. There were a lot of corpses that could host Ggaebi. However, he had already finished clearing the Dungeon, so it was unnecessary.

“I’ll call you when I need you. Return back into my shadow.”

[Keekeek. This place called earth has a lot of fun stuff.]

It seemed he had read Woojin’s mind without permission. Woojin frowned, and he glared at Ggabi, who had returned into his shadow.


He felt creeped out by him, but Ggaebi wasn’t a bad being. He had save Woojin’s life several times. He was a loyal familiar.

“Do I have around a day left?”

In real time, only a little less than 14 days had passed. He still had a day and couple hours left. If he was quick about it, then Woojin could probably run the Dungeon one more time.

Woojin took the Return Stone, and he headed back out of the Dungeon.

Chapter 62. Shout from Pyongyang (2)
Chapter 64. Shout from Pyongyang (4)