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Chapter 64. Shout from Pyongyang (4)
Chapter 66. Unexpected Loot (2)

Chapter 65. Unexpected Loot

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The atmosphere was grave. When Woojin took a step out of the entrance, the soldiers took a hesitant step backwards.

“Tell that pig bastard to come out.”


At Woojin’s words, the North Korean officials, the members of the South Korean delegation, and the foreign reporters all thought of a single person in their head.

Moreover, they felt shocked by the conviction behind his words.

Woojin’s words were basically a declaration of war. Moreover, he said it in the heart of North Korea.

“If he doesn’t come out, then I’ll go to him.”

When Woojin took another step forward, the soldiers reflexively got in his way. Their eyes were filled with terror, and Woojin’s indifferent eyes swallowed their terror.

Woojin was about to raise his hand when a cat jumped out from behind him.

“Uh-whew. Master uses too much brute force-ahong.”

Bibi stood ahead of Woojin, and she wave her cute pink paw. Bibi’s body shuddered, and black flower petals scattered like snow towards the people gathered around the site.


All the soldiers and the reporters slowly closed their eyes, and they slid to the floor.

“That wasn’t necessary.”

“Nyahng. This is more effective. What if you get sued after you killed them without any cause-ahong? This is earth-ahong. Earth. Stop creating complicated situations-nyahng.”

Well, if he killed everyone here then being sued wasn’t the only thing that would happen… Is it because she watched a lot of tv? Bibi was more sensitive to how society worked on earth.

If he could avoid annoying situations, then he wouldn’t object to it. Woojin didn’t want to kill indiscriminately. He just had to kill the one who dared to order a terrorist act of bombing on him.

He’ll cool his anger by chewing on the person’s soul.

He planned on walking past all the sleeping people, but it seemed not everyone had fallen asleep from Bibi’s ability. These existences had magical resistance. They were Roused.

“Hey, ass hole. Do you think our Republic is a pushover?”

“I knew it would eventually turn out like this. We shouldn’t have let a South Korean brat into Pyongyang.”

These were the North Korea’s Roused in the Supernatural Force.

At commander Ri-pyunggahn’s orders, they had blended into the groups of soldiers.


There were one Rank A and nine Rank B.

This was probably the team who would have tried to clear the Dungeon after Woojin came out. They had been placed here on standby.

They blocked Woojin’s path.

Woojin looked at them one by one.

“What? Asshole.”


Who cares if he stared at them? At Woojin’s words, the Roused started activating their abilities.

When Woojin saw this, he grinned.

“Yes. This is how it should be.”

He wanted to cut off the head of the snake. It would be more absurd if the underlings ignored such an act. Before they could ready themselves, Woojin summoned Bone Spears.


As expected of high rank Roused, they easily avoided his attack, but Woojin was aiming for something else.


Woojin took couple spirits out of his Spirit Armor, and he shot out several Spirit Spears. The Spirit Spears chased in pursuit until they hit their targets.

“Hut! What is that?”

Some used barrier magic to block the attack. Some used attack magic to break the Spirit Spear instead.

While they were distracted for a moment, Woojin had already let fly his bone arrows.



Woojin continuously shot out his arrows. The Warrior Class’ Archery skill allowed Woojin to be very proficient in shooting the bow. It let him shoot the bow like an expert.

However, several Roused immediately counter-attacked after blocking the arrows.

This Roused had a very fast and sharp attack.

His quick sword was on par with Lee-yunhwee. He remember being stunned when she had injured his face.

However, his current level wasn’t comparable to before.

This was only a Rank A Roused’s attack.


The bow in Woojin’s hand immediately morphed into an axe. With the change, he whirled the axe head around towards the lower body of the charging foe.


The whirling blow made the opponent stagger from the impact, and Woojin immediately sent a Bone Spear towards him


Hoo-ooooohng, toohk!

Woojin took another step forward. The blade of the axe took off the opponent’s head from his body, and the head flew into the air. Woojin grinned and he attempted a Resurrection.

The battle knight with a severed head.

Dullahan has superior in ability compared to the normally resurrected corpse. The condition is fulfilled if the opponent is a 6th Circle Rank A, and the Resurrection is used when the Roused’s head has been cut off in battle.

It is a cumbersome requirement, but the result is surprising.

It isn’t a clumsy corpse.


His movement was similar to how he moved before death, but his strength and destructive ability increased substantially.

Dullahan, who was still wearing the North Korean army uniform, grabbed its own head. Then it charged towards the North Korean Roused, who had been comrades only few seconds ago.


When had they ever had the chance to fight with a dead corpse? No, this person used to be their comrade, but now they had to fight against his corpse. The battle was resolved pretty fast, and Woojin absorbed the Roused souls into this Spirit Armor for storage.


Several corpses exploded. Several Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Magicians appeared.


Dolsae was summoned in his light form, and he circled around Bibi’s head. If given the command, Dolsae could pull the rubbles to himself to form a body.

“Let’s go.”

Woojin moved his feet towards the Memorial palace. He didn’t care where Kim-jungun was hiding. If he moved towards Ggaebi’s energy, he’ll be able to find Kim-jungun.

He dared to attack an opponent from the back. Woojin would praise his boldness as he gave Kim-jungun a miserable death.

This time Che-haesol blocked Woojin’s path.

“Please stop.”

At the unexpected situation, Woojin eyes was filled with curiosity.

“You were a Roused?” (TLN: hehe)

She didn’t have much of a presence, so he hadn’t checked before. When he activated his Warrior’s sense to observe Chae-haesol, she was a level 11. She had barely reached the 1st Circle. She was a Rank F Roused.

Normal people were between lvl 1 to lvl 9.

She had a trifling amount of magic resistance, yet she was able to resist Bibi’s sleep curse. Her mental toughness was commendable.

“Please stop. We can still salvage this situation..”

Woojin grinned.

“You always speak as if I made some accident.”

She is going to salvage situation? Well, Woojin could only be dumbfounded at her words.

“But the accident will start now.”


Ten high ranked Roused of North Korea’s Supernatural Force had died. In the middle of the Memorial Palace’s square, 300 soldiers were put to sleep alongside the reporters.

‘An accident that is bigger than this….’

Che-haesol’s head suddenly throbbed. She knew he wasn’t kidding from the look in his eyes. Moreover, she had witnessed him kill 10 high rank Roused, who had been helpless against Woojin.


The corpse held its head by its side, and the eyeballs rolled around the socket. The sight was more than grotesque. Even the Skeleton Soldiers, who had shown up after the corpses exploded, felt unreal to her.

Haesol swallowed her saliva.

She had never seen someone who was this stubborn.

“Please stop. I beg of you.”


“It’ll be war. This might erupt into a war.”

This was an armed conflict inside Pyongyang.

It was an unprecedented event.

This was going to cause a huge ripple effect.

The problem was it wasn’t necessarily a good ripple effect.

“What war? I just have to teach that pig a lesson.”


Does this mean he can’t punish the pig?

At Woojin’s indifferent answer, Haesol stared blankly as she lost the ability to speak.

“I hate bastards who stab me in the back. I can’t forgive him.”

Stabbed in the back? Then the mysterious man, who entered the Dungeon, was a North Korean agent sent to attack Woojin?

Still, he had to hold himself back.

“Please think about your homeland. You can’t start a war.”

“Jeez. Stop babbling. You talk too much. I won’t start a war.”

Woojin walked deliberately towards Haesol, who was blocking his path. Every time Woojin took a step closer Haesol’s heart thudded in rhythm with his footsteps.

When Woojin was right in front of her, her heart was beating so fast that she wondered if her heart had escaped her body.

“If you don’t want to die then get out of my way.”


She felt a chill run up her spine at Woojin’s words. Che-haesol bit her lower lip.

“Then please kill me instead. You have to restrain yourself. I don’t know what happened in the dungeon, but please curb your anger. This isn’t the way to do this.”

At Haesol’s words, Woojin quietly looked at her.

Yes. He could hold himself back. However, didn’t he need a reason to do so? He had no reason to hold himself back. The pig sent a suicide bomber to him, so why should Woojin spare him?


Woojin’s fist planted itself into Haesol’s stomach. Haesol’s body folded into itself like a shrimp from the single blow, and she slumped to the floor. It would be painful, but the blow wouldn’t kill her.

Woojin looked around his surrounding. No one was awake to block Woojin’s path. He saw voyeurs watching from a distance. They moved busily, but he didn’t really care about them.


*The tunnel leading to an underground bunker beneath the Memorial Palace.*



A gun emplacement placed in the wall fired, but the Spirit Armor blocked everything. It couldn’t hit Woojin.


Woojin’s hammer hit the wall, and the gun emplacement twisted, and it collapsed with the wall.


When the thick wall protecting them disappeared, the two soldiers, who weren’t Roused, was filled with terror.


Bibi immediately casted her sleep curse, and Woojin just shrugged his shoulder.

“Why bother with doing that?”

“Nyahng. It’s all right-ahong.”

Woojin looked around the hallway filled with smoke. The smell of gun powder was quite strong. There was only one steel door left.

“Hey, Jungun. Why don’t we talk for a moment?”


No answer came from inside. He was sure there was someone in there. He could feel Ggaebi’s existence across the door.

Maybe, he couldn’t hear Woojin’s voice?

Kwahng, kwahng!

It was a steel door that could withstand an explosive. Woojin struck it with his hammer, but it didn’t budge.

“Chet. Hey, Dolsae.”


Dolsae was already level 27.

His basic form could use dirt to make his body. At level 10, he could use stones. Moreover, he was able to use metal at level 20.

Koo koo koohng.

The entire steel door was ripped away, and it started to form a shape. Dolsae formed in a crouching stance, and he immediately got out of Woojin’s way. The underground bunker shook as pieces of concrete fell from the ceiling.


The door itself turned into a golem. He could see a frightened Kim-jungun and his bodyguards from the Security department inside.

Woojin grinned when he saw them.

“Should we have a little talk?”

His smile was crueler than a smile from a devil.

“You dare try to kill me?”

“Comrade. I’ve never gave such an order.”

Kim-jungun replied with a shaky voice.


He was a monster among monsters. The Supernatural Force’s Roused demonstrated for him couple times, but none of them were like Woojin. Woojin was outspoken, and he was an impossible opponent to beat. Kim-jungun really felt the threat to his life.

He had hidden himself yet Woojin knew where he was like a wraith, and Woojin had come after him.

“Well, there is a way I’ll be able to find out the truth.”

When Woojin grinned, a paper thin shadow exited Jungun’s shadow, and Ggaebi was reabsorbed into Woojin’s shadow.


He experienced what Kim-jungun’s shadow felt and experienced, while Woojin was inside the Dungeon. Then Woojin’s eyebrows furrowed.

‘He really didn’t do it?’

Bibi shook her head at his embarrassing situation.

‘Master made an accident again-ahong. Just resolve it in an amicable manner-ahong.’

He had already ran wild once, so his anger had lessened a little bit. Still, he wasn’t planning on forgiving anyone. Kim-jungun wasn’t the only one who needed to receive his punishment.

“Hey, Jungun.”

“Please speak, comrade.”

“Find me the man who ordered the suicide bombing on me. I never let live someone who stabbed me in the back.”

“I give you my word, comrade. I’ll find the one pulling the string from behind at all cost. I will hand out an exemplary punishment.”

At Kim-jungun’s words, Woojin grinned as he raised his hand for a handshake.

“This was my misunderstanding. Sorry.”

He had turned Pyungyang inside out. Woojin didn’t know if an apology would be enough, but…

“No. It is my fault for not keeping my subordinates in line.”

“If there weren’t any misunderstanding, then we could have been good friend.”

At Woojin’s words, Kim-jungun made a expression of regret then he shook hands with Woojin.

Woojin laughed as he saw Kim-jungun’s ample fat on his chin. The feared dictator leading North Korea was a mania for the Roused….

His mania was so fierce that he collected numerous Artifacts even if he didn’t have any abilities.

It was weird.

Moreover, he was fan of Woojin…

‘Then I’ll accept these presents, comrade.’

Woojin grinned. He knew where all the Artifacts were kept inside the Memorial Palace. Moreover, he also knew about Kim-jungun’s hobby room, where he stashed away a lot of Artifacts.

‘Comrade Kahng-woojin smiled, while he was looking at me.’

Kim-jungun matched his smile.

The Roused held strength that was beyond the limit of human. Kim-jungun’s respect towards the Roused was much deeper than what Woojin had suspected.

Chapter 64. Shout from Pyongyang (4)
Chapter 66. Unexpected Loot (2)