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Chapter 164. Bibi's Castle (3)
Chapter 166. Entry into Alphen (1)

Chapter 165. Bibi's Castle (4)

Woo-soonghoon came across Hong-sunggoo in one of the hallways within Alandal. Soonghoon gave a bright smile towards Sunggoo.

“You are back? I heard you’ve endured hardship.”

“Uh-whew. Don’t even mention it. Anyways, was there something going on today? I saw an entertainer here.”


“You know… It was Ms. Cindy from the Yuri Girls. I even got her signature. Heh heh.”

Sunggoo fluttered the paper as he smiled brightly.

“Ah… She is a high school alumni of the king and Do-jiwon-nim. She came over for a visit couple days ago.”

“Wow! Hyung-nim is friends with an entertainer?”

“Yes… It is what it is.”

“That’s big news. Isn’t her popularity on the rise as she transition towards acting?”

“Ah. Well…”

In terms of popularity, the King of Alandal received more public interest than an entertainer….

“Hyahh. It must be great. It means hyung-nim ate at the same table with her.”

“Hmmm. If you like her, why don’t you ask her out on a date?”

“Hul. How could I ask out an entertainer?”


Woo-soonghoon looked dumbfounded as he looked at the embarrassed Sunggoo.

Did this guy have any idea what position and renown he held within society?

“If it’s director Hong, I don’t think she’ll refuse.”

“No way. How could I? Heh heh. I got her signature, so it’s fine.”


Was this guy really clueless about how famous he is?

If one said Flame Man, there is no one in Korea, who wouldn’t know about him. No, Hong-sunggoo was even known all around the world. Yet he had no self-awareness about it.

“What about hyung-nim?”

“He is in his office.”

“All right. I’ll see you next time.”

“Yes, director.”

Sunggoo carefully folded Cindy’s signature as he put it away. Then he started walking again.


Alandal King’s Office.

Sunggoo entered after knocking, and he saw the people sitting on the sofas. Woojin slightly turned his head to look at him.

“You are back?”

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

“Jaenis said it is ok for you to go?”

When he mentioned Jaenis, Sunggoo instinctively frowned.

“Well, at the very least, he said I won’t die wherever I go.”

Woojin smirked. If Jaenis spoke that way, Sunggoo would be able to carry his weight.

“You did well.”

“Heh. So why are we all gathered here?”

“You should sit.”


Sunggoo sat next to Jaemin.

Blanka and Che-haesol was sitting on the other side.

“We just have to wait for Melody to get here.”

Sunggoo asked a question again when he heard Woojin’s words.

“So why are we all gathered here?”

“Why do you think? This is the meeting before the expedition.”

“Hmmm. Will this be different from going to Planet Jaku? Don’t we just have to go there and cause havoc?”

Woojin shrugged his shoulders.

“It’ll be different. There are more formidable foes there. There are countless Dungeons owned by the 72 Thrones.”

“Who are they? Are they suppose to be strong?”

“These 72 beings have the most Points amongst the Dimensional lords.”

“Are the Points proportional to one’s strength?”

“It’s something like that. The Points could be used to replenish their forces. However, there is no chance they’ll run out of Points. They have too many Dungeons..”

Their Dimensional Domain was large, and they had many Dungeons. Then there were the Points paid as taxes by the Domain Residents. It was like a spring water that never dried up.

“It is the same as a wealthy person going on a spending spree, yet they don’t put a dent in their wealth.”

“I guess that’s an apt comparison.”

At that moment, the door opened as Melody entered.

“The only reason why the Immortal was able to fight against them was the fact that he could replenish the forces under him.”

Woojin’s forces had made up one-third of Alphen’s forces.

There was the coalition made out of the indigenous people, Trahnet’s Dimensional lords, and the unyielding Immortal, who occupied Alandal.

Two of the three powers never diminished in power as the fight continued on, but the coalition couldn’t replenish their dead as quickly. This was why the balance of power had started to tilt. While this was ongoing, the Immortal went missing, and the downfall of the coalition happened in an instant.

“If you are here, then you should sit.”


Before Melody took her seat, she bowed towards the people present here. To be precise, she bowed towards Kahng-woojin.

“I want to really thank you for being so forward in your help to save Alphen.”

“Well, we have to help each other.”

Melody had helped in Woojin’s work. Moreover, he had to find the Thrash’s Set Items, so he had to go to Alphen anyways. However, Melody couldn’t help, but be deeply moved by it.

She had never expected aid from the planet of earth and the Immortal. The gift of foresight possessed by her goddess Aria was amazing. She had predicted this.

“Then I’ll start explaining the plan.”

Woojin told them the simple plan he came up with.

“I’ve finished establishing the gates that leads from my Dimensional Domain to Alphen and Earth.”

There were occasional challengers, but Kiba defeated them all. Kiba was doing a good job protecting the Return Stone.

Woojin continued his explanation.

“The vanguard will be Sunggoo, Melody, Jaemin and I.”

“When are we supposed to head over there?”

“You guys come after two days. That means 8 hours would have passed on Alphen. During that time, we will find the coalition force that is still alive. Then I will create a Colony city. It’ll be our headquarters as we attempt to reclaim Alphen.”

He’ll be able to use the Portal to directly connect earth and Alphen.

“At that point, Blanka and Haesol will bring over the new employees. Afterwards, we’ll divide the group into the Rescue, Extermination and Search unit.”

Everyone listened carefully to Woojin’s words.

“The Rescue unit will consist of Haesol, Blanka and Melody. You guys will work with the Phantom unit.”

The synergy between these two groups were great. Blanka had his Buffs, and Melody was powerful in her own right. The Phantom unit will also show great strength under the control of Haesol.

Sunggoo tilted his head in confusion.

“So I’m in the reconnaissance team with student Jaemin?”

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

“You guys are in the Extermination party. You guys will destroy the Dimensional lord’s Colonies and Dungeons one by one.”


“It’ll probably be hard with just the two of you. You guys should combine forces with Alphen’s coalition. You guys are in charge of taking the lead with them.”

He planned on making a counter-attack force that’ll contain the coalition’s remaining forces. Currently, Sunggoo and Jaemin were the only ones qualified to join in this unit.

“Then hyung-nim will…”

Woojin grinned.

“I have to go on a treasure hunt.”

Of course, he wouldn’t be quiet in his search….

“I’ll destroy everything in my path.”

As silence continued, Sunggoo raised his hand.

“Then I can play until the morning?”

Sunggoo had been doggedly fighting for his life for ever minute and every second of every day. However…

“You have to get ready to move. We are heading to Busan.”


Sunggoo had just arrived from Planet Jaku. Everyone knew about the move except him.

“Then let’s disperse.”


Haesol lead the still confused Sunggoo outside.

As everyone started to trickle out, Melody and Woojin was the only two left inside the room.

“You aren’t going?”

“I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I received an oracle. It seems I have to inform you of its content.”



Melody hesitated. She let out a light sigh as she opened her mouth to speak.


Jeju Manjang Cave.

A barricade had been formed at the entrance. The construction was used as an excuse. There was a commotion at this barricade.

“Hey. I’m just here to see the progress of the construction. I can’t even do that?”

“We are restricting access to this location.”

“I’ve worked here for over 10 years!”

The employees were adamant in blocking Kim-taesheek, who was being unreasonable. He had been at it for 30 minutes.

At that point in time, a black sedan stopped in front of the entrance.


When the window was rolled down, Lee-sahngho’s face appeared. Kim-taesheek hurriedly approached him.

“Aigo, manager Lee-sahngjoon.”

“What is going on?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just here to see how the construction is progressing, yet they are blocking me from entering.”

“Why would you be curious about it?”

“Isn’t it natural for me to be curious about it? I’ve worked here for 10 years, and I’ve never heard or seen a maintenance work of this scale. Moreover, I keep seeing more and more stuff entering….”

“I’ll show you. Please get in.”

“Haha. It seems the president and I are on the same wavelength.”

Kim-taesheek got on next to Lee-sahngho. After passing through the entrance, the car was parked at the lot.

As Lee-sahngho started to move, Kim-taesheek continued to press Lee-sahngho.

“Well, I know manager Lee is good at his job. Still, isn’t this is a treasured protected site? I’m worried there will be damage.”

“Of course. I understand. Let’s head in.”

Kim-taesheek was a bit daunted by Lee-sahngho’s dark mood, but he willingly followed after him. He had been coming to the construction site several days in a row to gain entrance. They had stubbornly barred Kim-taesheek from entering, and this just made him more stubborn about getting in.

Of course, Kim-taesheek thought he had the right to do this.

They had shut down the ticket office, and even the restaurant staffs were sent home the other day as they conducted this maintenance work. He had never seen construction work be carried here by closing down the whole place.

There were a lot of suspicious things going on, yet he couldn’t say anything in front of the man in charge of the construction…

He wanted to check if everything was going well with his eyes.

“Well, let’s head down.”

Kim-taesheek was heading down a stairway that lead towards the Manjang Cave. He shuddered when he felt some unknown dark energy.

Kiehk, kee-eek!

He heard a sound coming from the cave, and the hair on his head was standing on end.

“What is it?”

“D…didn’t you hear that sound right now?”

“What sound?”

“Mmmm. I… Was it a bat?”

When Lee-sahngho just shrugged his shoulders, Kim-taesheek scratched the back of his head before he started moving once again. No… He was about to move.

Hweeeek! Puh-uhk!

He lost control over his body as he felt himself become airborne. Then he started rolling down the stairway towards the floor.


Accompanying the impact, the pained Kim-taesheek yelled out.

“Ooh-uh-uhk. Aigo. I’m about to die. Help me. Please….”

Kim-taesheek put forth his hand to ask for help, but his expression soon froze. Lee-sahngho had a wide smile on his face, and he looked deranged.


“You can’t even take care of your body, yet you are trying to take care of this natural monument.”

After speaking those cold words, Lee-sahngho walked past him to disappear into the cave.


After Lee-sahngho disappeared into the cave, a terrifying screech was heard, and a monster snatched Kim-taesheek into the air.


Kwah-jeek, Kwahk!

He let out his final scream as he became food for the monsters.

After leaving behind Kim-taesheek, Lee-sahngho headed towards the heart of the Manjang Cave, which was filled with cold air. He arrived at a location where Iello was sitting on a throne made out of ice.

[What about the Immortal?]

“He is moving his base to a Colony city.”

[Colony city?]

“Yes, an aircraft carrier…he is constructing a Colony on a boat.”

[Do you have any other news?]

“He plans on heading towards Planet Alphen for an expedition.”

[Planet Alphen!]

“Yes. He is heading out tomorrow morning.”

[Hoo hoo hoo. Foolish…he is leaving this planet unattended.]

Iello looked at Lee-sahngho, who had his head down in respect.

He had asked for this information not too long ago, yet Lee-sahngho had brought back a significant amount of information.

[I would have never guessed you would be this useful.]


For a short amount of time, Lee-sahngho had traveled to downtown Seogwipo to visit a PC room. Lee-sahngho thought hard on whether he should tell Iello about the existence of the internet and the various form of news available.

[I’ll give you a reward.]

“Thank you.”

Lee-sahngho got on his knees, and Iello extended his finger. A cold energy exited his outstretched hand, and it was absorbed through Lee-sahngho’s nose.


He felt an abundance of cold energy within his body, and he saw several abilities flash in front of his eyes.

“I will serve you with more loyalty.”

It seems he would have to hold back on telling this being about the existence of TV or smart phones.


Woojin stroked his chin as he looked at the climbing tree that had matured in a single day. At that moment, he hadn’t summoned her, but Bibi appeared next to him. Then she started jumping up and down.

“You should give it to me. Give me! You said you’ll give it to me.”


“Heeeeng. You said you’ll let me have it.”

Woojin looked down at Bibi, who was hanging off of his leg. He nodded his head at her. In any case, he had to hand over the command of the Colony city to someone else. Someone else had to summon defenders and coordinate the city’s defense on his behalf.

“Well, all right. However. I won’t give you much Points in decorating it.

It would be problematic if she decorated it like his Dimensional Domain. He didn’t want another field of flowers.

“Of course!”

“If it is for defense, you can use all the Points.”

“Don’t worry about it! Leave it to me!”

He didn’t care if the Points were all poured into this venture. The safety of his family was more important than Points.

“All right. I’ll leave you in charge of the Colony.”

“Ya-ho! I like master so much!”

Bibi jumped up and down.

The floating fortress in the sky. It was the emergence of Bibi’s Castle.

Chapter 164. Bibi's Castle (3)
Chapter 166. Entry into Alphen (1)