Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 178. Defense (2)
Chapter 180. Defense (4)

Chapter 179. Defense (3)


This was the only reason why a being with 44 Admin Codes decided to put a Colony on Alphen.

He wanted to become the Administrator by taking Alphen’s Code as his own.

There were only five spots here.

There’s always a finite number of Admin Code, and the competition to gain it was fierce.

The Dimensional lords with other Admin Codes were concentrated on Planet Alphen, because there was an Admin Code that was yet to be settled.

Unlike other places, this place had too many gods. It had taken them a very long time to find, who had had the real Codes.

It had taken them over 200 years.

Still, all the Dimensional lords were easy going in finding the Code. They wanted to enjoy their eternal life. No, they were living a life where death was no longer the end. The process of acquiring the Codes gave them pleasure, and it gave them a goal to pursue.

This was true until the being that was the exception to the rule appeared.

On the back of the enormous flying stingray Feris, an extraordinarily extravagant throne was placed there.

Ilrak had been sitting on the throne. He yawned as he got up, and the guards around him moved alongside him.

Ilrak’s Seven Knights.

They served as the tools of Ilrak. The seven knights were first grade vassals, who helped Ilrak rise to his Throne.

Ilrak left behind his throne as he walked slowly forward. He brushed back his long unruly hair.

“Ah. You were always an eyesore.”

He made invidious remarks as he watched Woojin arrive on Shing Shing.

“It’s been awhile.”

Woojin half-heartedly raised his hand once, and he looked at the seven knights lined up behind Ilrak. The knights were probably the reason why Ilrak didn’t try to stop Woojin from landing on Feris’ back.

Ilrak trusted his guardian knights too much.

Woojin got off Shing Shing’s back.

“Koo-koohk. How funny.”

Ilrak found Woojin’s relaxed attitude to be funny.

“What’s so funny?”

“I find it funny that you are acting so calm.”

“Didn’t you die at my hands before? Why should I not be relaxed?”

From Woojin’s memory, he knew he had killed Ilrak on three occasions.

“The deaths were a very valuable experience. Have you never considered the possibility that I might have learned from those experiences? I’ve made some preparations to use against you.”

Ilrak was still enjoying the situation right now, and there was good reasons to be happy about it. He was about to see the relaxed expression on the Immortal’s face crumple as desperation took hold. It’ll be very enjoyable.

“Even if you made preparations, I’m sure you made it in error.”

“Koo-kook. Your arrogance still remains as same as before.”

“It is confidence.”

“It seems you still don’t realize what kind of situation you are in.”

Ilrak removed the smile from his face.

“Unon has gathered the nearby lords, and they are in the process of attacking your Colony. Celrak also gathered an elite unit to clear your Dungeon.”

“You guys really have a hard-on for me.”

“Koo-koohk. That’s right. We are tired of your bullshit. Why do you have to unnecessarily try to awaken the god of Destruction.”

When Ilrak mentioned the god of Destruction Thrash, Woojin laughed. They were being vigilant. No, at this point in time, they looked to be afraid.

In other words, the Thrash’s Executioner was definitely an Item that threatened the Dimensional lords. It was the solution to stop the war and pillaging between Dimensions.

“Our problems will be solved if we get rid of you, yet everyone is too scared of you. You are only a mere human.”

Woojin smirked. So what allowed Ilrak to have so much confidence in himself?

“How will you do it?”

“Koo-koohk. I bet you thought I was sloppy in my planning.”

Ilrak raised both his arms.

A soft light leaked out from Feris’ back as it made a round barrier.

“However, that isn’t the case. You walked into a trap on your own volition.”

Ilrak had the smile of victory plastered on his face as he looked at Woojin.

He wanted the Immortal to feel flustered.

Ilrak wanted him to hurry up and feel the despair.

“It can only be a trap if it is a threat to me.”

Ilrak’s smile soured when Woojin continued to act relaxed.

It seemed the bastard’s bravado was on a different level.

“This barrier blocks any summons.”

“So what?”

“Koo-koohk. None of your Familiars will be able to stand here.”


Ilrak let out a belly laugh when Woojin stayed silent.

“Koo-ha-ha. Do you understand it now? You are a Necromancer without his familiars. It’ll be too easy for me to lop off your head.”

Ilrak let out a smile of victory when he saw Woojin doing nothing.

Unon and Celrak were a bit lacking in their dignity as great lords.

They were so afraid of a new Dimensional lord that they planned on isolating him. These were actions taken by cowards.

Ilrak decided to conduct a research on the Immortal, and when he found a viable hunting method, he decided to take the hunt into his own hands.

“Bring me that bastard’s head.”

[We obey your order.]

The seven knights walked slowly towards Woojin. Ilrak smirked when he saw the Immortal still rooted to the same location.

“He gave up really fast.”


One, two….six, and seven.

They weren’t wearing armors. They were wearing similar clothes akin to suits. Moreover, their faces looked similar that it wouldn’t be strange to call them septuplets.

Woojin remembered that all of them were outstanding at armed conflicts. They were even able to stand up against his tyrannical Death Knights.



Ilrak roared with laughter when his guardian knights swung their swords.

It was his victory.

Unon and Celrak were dumb. They were so scared of this noob Dimensional lord named Immortal that they were wasting Points to take out the Immortal’s assets.

Ilrak had succeeded in eliminating this troublesome Necromancer, so his standing amongst the great lords would….

Cha-chahng, kahng!

The Warrior’s Weapon in Woojin’s hand turned into a long sword. The summon of the weapon and the swing was almost simultaneous.

He had looked as if he had given up on resisting, so his sudden retaliation took a knight by surprise. Woojin’s sword was already embedded in the knight before he could even flinch.



When the sword pierced through the throat of a knight, the surprise lasted only a moment. Their formation broke in an instant, but all the knights except the dead one reacted swiftly.

Kah-kahng, chwahhk!

Even if they hadn’t underestimated their opponent, they would have been found lacking.


Every time Woojin’s sword passed by the knights, blood fountained forth as they fell dead. Ilrak’s smile of victory had been very wide, and this smile froze in place.

“What…what the hell.”

He was only a mere Necromancer, yet….

He was supposed to be a Necromancer, who controlled dead knights. When did he learn how to use a sword? Was it after he became a Dimensional lord? Or was it from before?


This fact wasn’t important now. The bastard had killed his last guardian knight, and the Immortal was charging towards him.

“What the hell are you all doing! Come out now and take that bastard….”

He quickly tried to summon his guards, but he had to give up on that idea.


The barrier spread across Feris’ large back blocked all summons. It sealed off access to this Dimension.

“What? What’s the rush?”


Woojin’s words were spiteful. Ilrak couldn’t believe he would be killed again by this odious bastard. However, he wasn’t afraid of his eventual death.

The annoying part was the fact that he hadn’t been able to take care of this bastard, who had killed him on three previous occasions. He personally conducted the research to get his revenge, yet…

The source of his trouble was the fact that he had been disinterested in the Immortal for far too long since revenge didn’t net him any profit.

Ilrak gave up on running away. He glared at Woojin. If he couldn’t get out of this, at the very least, he wouldn’t act in an ugly way.

“I regret that I didn’t nip you in the bud.”

“You are right.”

Woojin agreed with that statement. The territory of Alandal had occupied a significant portion of Alphen. When he had declared himself the king, the Dimensional lords had left him alone.

If the Dimensional lords were human, they probably would have come at him for revenge. However, they had died several hundred to several thousand times before, so they were dull to such emotions. Instead of the desire for revenge, they were more worried about losing their Points.

Moreover, Woojin was so foul that they had avoided him. He was akin to shit to them.

Since he was merely a human, they knew he would die someday.

The Dimensional lords had thought Woojin was playing at king amongst the dead corpses. However, he had been devious, and he was aiming for the revival of the god of Destruction. If Ilrak knew about this, he would have killed the Immortal long ago.

The Dimensional lords would have united to work against any plans regarding the god of Destruction.

“It is as you have said. I made a mistake. My preparations were inadequate.”

Woojin smirked at Ilrak’s words.

These bastards were really deluding themselves.

“I’m saying the preparation itself was the mistake.”


Woojin’s smile deepened when Ilrak couldn’t comprehend what he was trying to say.

“You guys look like a delicious buffet table to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t need to know anything.”


Woojin sword moved gently across Ilrak’s throat, but the result of his action was gruesome.

In a flash, Ilrak was slaughtered, and his body was surrounded by gray light before it disappeared.

“This is the mother of all grinding.”

He would have had to sweep through Alphen to find each and every one of his enemies, yet hundreds of thousands of his enemies were gathering to attack him. He was thankful for their actions.

Woojin leisurely raised the seven guardian knights as zombies. He made them move towards the head of Feris.


When they arrived at the head of the large stingray, he caused the corpses to explode.


Accompanying the explosion, the stingray flopped in the air as it fell towards the ground. Woojin summoned Shing Shing, and he got on.

Even as he was falling towards the ground, he looked at the great monster army covering the ground beneath him.

All the Dimensional lords of Alphen was aiming for him?

He was so thankful that he didn’t know what to do.

“Shall I start my power leveling?”

The already dead souls wandering around the battlefield was sucked towards Woojin. It was as if he was a black hole.


Hwah-roo-roohk, kwahng!

The magical energy emanating from his body passed through the staff, and the amplified flame magic flew towards the enemies. It was very destructive, but it was also well below Sunggoo’s expectation.


They were reaching the one hour mark, and he had poured out most of his magic. He had killed over 1,000 monsters.

His hardened expression refused to relax, because the enemies were endless despite his kills.

It was as if he had taken a bucket of water out of the sea. He couldn’t delay the great army.

The bastards didn’t even stop to pick up the corpses of their comrades. They just stepped over the wounded and the dead as they advanced.

“We are royally screwed if things continue along this path.”

Sunggoo had immediately mobilized when they received the news that the large army was on the move. Even though the Dimensional lords hadn’t taken active roles in the battle, there was no change to the progress of the army as Sunggoo darted in and out to detonate his magic.

It would take the great army about 5 days for it to reach the Saurus Colony.

Should they defend the Colony by putting their trust in the castle walls?

It was impossible.

The Saurus castle wouldn’t be able to hold out for more than half a day.

The Colony would merely be a brief impediment to their charge.


The swarm of bats gathered in the sky, and they coalesced to form Jaemin. He appeared next to Sunggoo.

“Hyung! Unon is personally coming here. We have to get out of here.”

“Hoo. All right.”

The army of 100,000 monsters was beyond what he had imagined. The army was so large that the advance party was a day ahead of the main force. This was also the reason why Sunggoo was able to conduct a guerrilla warfare.

However, it would be dangerous if he was caught by the Dimensional lords. This was why he had teamed up with Do-jaemin. Jaemin used all his efforts to keep track of the Dimensional lords.

Jaemin consoled Sungoo, who looked depressed.

“Don’t despair too much over this.”

“Hoo. My feelings doesn’t matter. We really might die here.”


Sunggoo wasn’t feeling despair. He was angry that his abilities couldn’t make a difference.

“Hyung. Why don’t you attack the terrain instead of the monsters?”

“What are you talking about?”

“If we change the terrains, we’ll be able to delay their advance.”


Sunggoo’s eyes turned round. What would the monsters do if he got rid of the roads? No matter how they responded to it, it’ll delay their advance.

“As expected of someone who took school seriously!”


Sungoo hyung went to college, so he should be more knowledgeable…

Jaemin let out an awkward laugh.

“Let’s get out of here first.”

“All right. I’ll have to scout the surrounding again.”

Sunggoo and Jaemin quickly got out of there. It was easy to predict the movement of the army, since they knew their final destination.

If they were able to pick and destroy the treacherous parts of the roads, it would surely help them delay this army.

There was 5 days left until Woojin’s promised return.

Chapter 178. Defense (2)
Chapter 180. Defense (4)