Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 186. Last Holy Item (2)
Chapter 188. Breakeven Point (2)

Chapter 187. Breakeven Point (1)

Daken guild’s master Nakamura stood in front of the World Tree. He looked up at it.

“You were here, Nakamura.”

“Ah, monk Tauric.”

Nakamura looked at Tauric with a bright smile on his face.

While Kahng-woojin was absent, Tauric was the most influential person in the Coalition.

He was Skia’s First Monk.

“Do you need something from me?”

“Ah. I was wondering when the next wave of troops will be dispatched.”

“Hmm… A single day on earth equals 4 days on Alphen. They should be here soon.”

“Oh. That is welcoming news.”

Most of the population near Saurus mountain were mostly rescued. These were being of various races, who had joined the Coalition.

The Immortal’s Undead army had exterminated all the monsters nearby, and they were marching south. When the allied forces from earth crosses over, they would be sent towards the north.

“Anyways, I’ve talked to everyone regarding the compensation…”

Tauric carefully brought up the subject.

The people of earth were putting their lives on the line by helping in the war. It wouldn’t make sense if there were no compensation given for their help. Tauric was well aware of this fact. He couldn’t help, but worry when Nakamura had brought up the proposal.

“How did it go?”

Nakamura sounded as if he had high hopes, so Tauric replied in careful manner.

“I have talked to the kings about transferring a portion of their territories. I’ve gained consent from them. However, I’m not sure how it will be divided up. How about we discuss it further when we regain half of the planet?”


Nakamura scratched his chin.

“Well, all right. It would be a problem if our people broke up into factions to monopolize the reward.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“It is nothing… Of course, we’ll help you all.”

At Nakamura’s laugh, Tauric nodded his head.

“When the Immortal returns, you should discuss it with him.”


Immortal Kahng-woojin.

In terms of the road to restoring Alphen, his merits were indisputable.

‘That little bastard is an eyesore.’

Nakamura hadn’t liked him when they came across each other in New York. Kahn-woojin had appeared wearing a sweatsuit. The bastard was arrogant.

“Of course. We’ll start organizing our military forces when the next wave is dispatched here.”

“Well, all right.”

When Tauric left, Nakamura let out a sneer.

“Tsk tsk. How greedy…”

The people of this planet didn’t have the power to protect this land.

If they helped reclaim this land, it would be their land. Why should they give back the land to its old owners?

They should be thankful for having their lives spared…

“Hue hue. I look forward to it.”

If the Immortal was the problem, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have a solution.

Nakamura took out a purple gem, and he fiddled with it.


Lee-sahngho had suddenly appeared out of nowhere to propose a secret deal with him. Moreover, Lee-sahngho had given him a treasure.

It was the hottest Dungeon loot on earth right now. It was the ‘Dimensional Fragment’, and the research regarding this item was still ongoing.

“Hue hue hue.”

As he looked up, he took in the sight of the World Tree. He couldn’t help, but twitch when he saw the Symbol.

It was a situation where his shoulders wanted to dance by itself.

How could the Immortal be so lax in his security?

He had never expected it. The Immortal had vacated his seat, and he hadn’t appointed an admin for the Colony. Maybe, he thought no other Dimensional lords would approach this place….

‘It’ll be the revival of the Great Japanese Empire.’

Nakamura thought about the day when a man travelled from Korea to meet him.


Office of the Daken guild in Tokyo.

“Shit! What is up with our second half sales?”

The executive officers were walking on eggshells as they listened to guild master Nakamura’s cry of dismay.

The Daken guild were an assembly of Roused, who dealt in real estate and businesses that processed loot gained from Dungeons. They were sensitive about the recent results.

They were in a market where there was an inexhaustible amount of competitors joining the market, and there was always a chance of other guilds, who started out late, catching up with the Daken guild.

One of the executive officers spoke carefully.

“The Blood Stone battery market is saturated right now, and our growth in that market has stalled. Of course, the Daken guild still has a bigger market share compared to our competitors.”

“Is that even worth mentioning? The US already has several dozen patents for Blood Stone weapons. How can we be satisfied with cornering a single market for batteries?”


Another executive officer attempted to put Nakamura’s anger to sleep by proposing an idea.

“How about we participate in the expedition being sent to Alphen?”

“Is that even worth mentioning right now?”

“The risk is high, but the reward will also be great.”

A large sums of money were needed to conduct a war.

Will they be able to convert the use of their human and material resources into money? It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that there was an astronomical cost to conduct a war.

The expedition to Alphen would be dangerous.

Moreover, this was a venture being led by the Alandal guild. If they unnecessarily got involved in this, there was a chance that they’ll gain minimal profit, while suffering losses.

If they helped save Alphen by defeating the monsters, what would they gain?



Those were all useless.

They wouldn’t move, since this venture wasn’t profitable.

Since there were a lot of risk involved, they just have to move if everyone on earth participated in the venture.

The conference room was filled with silence and irritation when the secretary spoke into Nakamura’s ear.

“The person, who contacted us last time, has arrived.”


After he looked around the conference room, he let out an angry scolding.

“I don’t care if it is a plane or whatever. I want you to come up with a plan to make money in any way possible. The most important point is to stay ahead of the game!”

After laying out those harsh truths, he left the conference room. His secretary followed close behind him.

“Did he bring the item?”

“He said he’ll let us check it after he met with the guild master.”


It was in regards to the hottest issue that affected the world of the Roused. Alandal and a limited number of countries had earned this item, and they were conducting research on it. The Daken guild also used multiple avenues to gather information on this item, and they also wanted to be an owner of a Dimensional Fragment.

In the end, they had gotten in contact with a broker, and the deal was to be concluded today.

After entering the reception room, Nakamura smiled at a man wearing a magician’s robe. His hood kept his face hidden.

“Thank you for travelling such a long distance to meet me. Are you an errand boy or an avatar?”

When the question was spoken, the man sitting on the sofa took off his hood in a leisurely way.

“My name is Lee-sahngho.”

“Hmmm. I didn’t ask you for your name…”

“Do you know of Korea’s Hwarang guild?”

“You…. How…”

This man had been killed. How could a dead man be standing in front of him?

“You don’t have to be surprised. It is true that I did die. I was merely revived.”


The words were so shocking that Nakamura was having a hard time believing in it. In a flash, his brain thought through dozens of ways this man could have disguised himself.

Who was he really speaking to?

“You don’t have to think too hard on it.”


Before Nakamura could calm his startled heart, Lee-sahngho took out an item from his pocket.

He took out two purple gems.

“This one is called the Dimensional Proof, and this one is the Dimensional Fragment.”


He had thirsted for this Item, yet this man had readily brought it out like this? Who was he really speaking to? No, how was he supposed to comprehend such extraordinary topics such as death and revival….

“You’ve acquired what you wanted, and now you’ll have to give me something I want. There is no reason why we shouldn’t both benefit from this deal.”


Nakamura’s eyes shook as he looked at the Dimensional Proof. He had no idea what it was used for, but a very strong magical energy was being emitted from it.

The purple color caught his eyes, and it was as if his heart was mesmerized by it.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to go to Alphen, and I want you to steal a Colony.”

“…what do you gain from that?”

“Tsk. You ask too many questions. It is simple. I want you to steal Kahng-woojin’s Colony.”


Nakamura’s forehead furrowed as he quickly made his calculations. Every movement of Kahng-woojin had been in the headlines every day, so a lot was known about him.

Amongst the rumors, he remembered there was one about Lee-sahngho dying at the hands of Kahng-woojin….

“…it’ll be difficult to go against Alandal..”

No matter how he thought about it, there was no benefit for him to stab Alandal in the back.

“Hue hue.”

Nakamura felt a chill run up his back at Lee-sahngho’s laugh. Lee-sahngho was known to be a mere Rank B Roused.

However, he exceeded Nakamura in terms of the power he was emitting. He surpassed a Rank A Roused…

“You’ll be able to gain eternal life, so what is the downside?”

“Eternal life…”

Nakamura’s gaze rested on the Dimensional Proof. He slowly raised his hand to grab it.


Jeju’s Manjang Cave.

It was hard to hide the cold energy anymore. Even the cave’s entrance was frozen solid. Lee-sahngho, who had exceeded the constitution of a normal person, walked the road inside the cave without much discomfort.

When he reached the heart of the cave, he saw a throne with the ice humanoid Iello sitting on top of it.

Lee-sahngho kowtowed in front of it.

“My master.”

“What happened to your plan?”

“There is no way the Immortal will be able to return to earth.”

“You seem very sure of yourself.”

“…you can put your trust in me. I’ve put in second and third fail-safe in my plan.”


Even if he was prostrated on the floor, he could feel Iello’s gaze. When his body started to shake from fear, Iello spoke.

“All right. I’ll put my trust in you.”

“T…thank you.”

Lee-sahngho had died before, so he had lost his Code.

Since he wasn’t an earthling anymore, he could only rely on Iello now. Only his absolute loyalty to Iello would ensure his survival.

“Did you find earth’s god?”

“Not yet…”

Lee-sahngho, who was afraid, spoke in a small voice.

He was afraid of Iello’s scolding, but unexpectedly, Iello was silent.

No, he even started to speak in a warm tone.

“If you were able to block the Immortal’s return, you can be slower with the search. It is time for me to step forward.”


Iello had been hiding for all this time, yet he was going to step out now…. Did this mean he was going to take over the world using an army of monsters?

“Soon, all the Dimensional lords will appear to take down the god of earth. I have to make preparations.”

What preparations was he talking about? Didn’t he have to find earth’s god’s first?

“…your servant is ignorant. I cannot discern what you wish to do.”

“It won’t just be destruction and slaughter. I’ll rule.”


“I’ll rule over the people of earth.”

Lee-sahngho’s thoughts spun quickly.

The Synchronization would be finished soon.

There would no longer be any restriction as the Dimensional lords would come to earth to take down the god of earth. Would anyone be able to stop them?

It was unlikely, since the Immortal’s Gate would be lost soon. Kahng-woojin wouldn’t be able to come back to earth.

In such a period of chaos, what if a selfless hero made himself known….


He didn’t care about the hidden meaning behind Iello’s words.

Which mask should he wear? Should he become an invader? Or should he become one of the rescuers?

Iello was gathering his strength, and he was biding his time.

He’ll wait until the people of earth needed his help….


One week passed at the Saurus Colony.

The promised time had passed, yet there had been no additional forces sent across to Alphen. Daken Guild’s master Nakamura looked to be flustered by the situation.

“It seems there must have been a problem in dispatching the next wave of troops.”

“A problem?”

“Mmm. I’m not sure. Mr. Kahng-woojin is the one with the authority over the Gate. Since he isn’t here, I can really go back and check…”

“That is a problem.”

Unlike his words, Tauric wasn’t feeling impatient. He would be thankful if earth helped, but the reclamation of Alphen could be done with only Kahng-woojin present.

Currently, they didn’t really need the help of the earthlings.

The Undead army was getting larger as time passed, and at some point, all the monsters on Alphen would be eradicated.

Of course, new Dimensional lords and monsters would keep showing up as long as the Dungeons existed. This was why it was imperative for the Coalition and the earthlings to be able to clear the Dungeons before it could link.

There were too many Dungeons on Alphen, and the Coalition forces were too few in number. Even Kahng-woojin couldn’t solve this problem.

This was a job that need a large number of Roused and the heroes of the Coalition.

Unlike his frustrated outer appearance, Nakamura was laughing inside.

‘There is no troops being dispatched.’

There were no additional troops being dispatched in the first place.

They were the only ones that had been planned to travel through the Gate. Earth did not have any additional plans of sending more troops.

‘Our research is complete.’

He had separated people into groups. There were the people he’ll take as hostages. Then there were the people he will share profits with. The last group were the people that will work under his rule.

The leading members of the Kingdoms and Tauric were all present right now. This was the best time to enact his plan.

“Hmmm. Team leader Che-haesol? Please come over here.”

Nakamura had a bright smile on his face as he called over Che-haesol, who was the leader of the Phantom Unit. She was the first one he had to eliminate.

Nakamura’s request came out of nowhere, so Haesol answered him with a sour expression.

“If you have something to say, you should come to me.”


It seemed the underlings were as arrogant as Alandal’s president.

Yes, he’ll go to her.

Nakamura approached Haesol with a smile on his face.

Chapter 186. Last Holy Item (2)
Chapter 188. Breakeven Point (2)