Seoul Station's Necromancer

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Chapter 194. Moon World (1)
Chapter 196. Trahnet (1)

Chapter 195. Moon World (2)

“Let’s rest for a little bit.”

“Yes, hyung.”

“What is our winning streak?”

“That was our 75th win in a row.”

Jaemin didn’t look too tired, so Woojin looked at him in surprise.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“Heh heh. We’ve been playing this game for only a day.”

“Yes, a game….”

Woojin let out a bitter laugh at Jaemin’s words.

“So shall we continue?”

“Yes. I’ll rest when I get tired.”

“You do that..”

Woojin’s only work was to fight the Dimensional lords, who requested Duels, because they lost the Dimensional Battle.

Only a very few warlike Dimensional lords requested Duels as revenge. Most didn’t even bother avenging their losses in the Dimensional Battle.

When he saw Jaemin immerse himself into the Dimensional Battle once again, Woojin stood up from his seat.

He had been sitting on his Throne, and he had been buying Ingredient Items as soon as the Points started to come in. However, he had yet to complete a single Item.

After the earth finished its Synchronization, there was no time difference between earth and his Dimensional Domain. A day passed on earth if he spent a day inside his Dimensional Domain.

“Shall I go back for a visit?”

The Dimensional space between the planets was called the Dimensional Domain.

He was able to message between all the vassals of his Domain from this location. It didn’t matter if it was Melody on Alphen or Bibi on Earth. However, none of them were contacting him, so it seemed nothing significant was occurring.

If a Duel request came in, Kiba could do it in his stead..

Once Kiba loses, Woojin could come back to avenge him.

Woojin stood in front of the Gate that would take him to Alphen’s Saurus Colony.


After he passed through the Portal, he saw that nothing had changed at the Saurus Colony. He was a bit let down by the lack of progress.

“What the hell? You are still in there?”

The small flame was still burning, and Woojin shook his head as he looked at it.

Sunggoo was being too greedy. He was still in combustion.

“If you can hear me, you should come out. It is enough.”


Woojin couldn’t tell if Sunggoo could hear him or not, since he was unable to speak.

While everyone was making a big fuss about the Immortal’s appearance, Melody pushed through the crowd.


She seemed very glad to see him, so Woojin felt his mood improve.

Melody had been thrown away by the goddess she had served for her entire life, and she had lost her power. This did make him worry a little bit about her.

“Anything unusual?”

“Yes. Somehow the number of Dimensional lords living in Alphen’s Dungeons had noticeably decreased in number.”

Several dozen Dungeons had been cleared.

The Resets were occurring from time to time, but most of the Dungeons were being purchased by low rank Dimensional lords. These were beings, who could barely buy a single Dungeon by investing all their resources.

Opponents of such caliber could be cleared by the heroes of the Coalition.

“It is understandable. From the bastards who could fly to the ones that could crawl, all are appearing on earth to make a mess.”

The overall ability of the Roused, and the modern weapons made earth a superior fighting power compared to Alphen.

It looked as if earth was still holding up quite well. However, in the end, it would turn into a battle of attrition, and the Dimensional lords would win.

If one thought about the 200 year long war on Alphen, the Dimensional lords knew how to conduct a battle of attrition.

They had all the time they needed.

The only ones desperate was the people of earth, who had to defend their planet. Even the ones, who traveled from earth to Alphen, was feeling the same desperation.

“My king!”

Woojin smirked at the strong greeting he got from Blanka and the Phantom Unit.

“How’s Haesol?”

“She is awake.”

At the Phantom Unit’s sub-commander Joonyong’s words, Woojin started looking around for her.

“Where is she?”

“…she left after leaving behind this letter.”


Joonyong gave the letter to Woojin.

The letter was short. However, it got the point across.

-I’m useless right now. I’d rather die than become a burden. I’ll return after I become strong.

Woojin looked away from the letter, and he laughed.

“Isn’t this a suicide letter?”

“I…I don’t think so.”

“What a pointless….”

Woojin didn’t want Haesol, because she was strong in battle. She was very knowledgeable about tactics and strategies. Moreover, her telepathic ability allowed her to run the Roused Unit in an efficient manner.

If she wanted to increase her battle capability, she should have increased the ability of the Phantom Unit….

“Do you guys have anything to do these days?”

“What? I guess…. It’s been….”

“Then let’s head back.”


Blanka, who had been silent as he listened, asked the question.

“What about us saving Alphen? We have to help them. We are allies now.”

“Earth is in bigger danger right now.”

“I want you guys to pack up. We are heading back.”

“Team leader Haesol isn’t back yet.….”

“Well, she’ll come back when she is ready.”

Woojin glanced at the flame.

“You shouldn’t be late to the party either. Hurry up and come back to earth.”


Woojin was about to head immediately into the Gate when Melody hesitatingly stood in front of him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I have request for the Immortal-nim.”

“What is it?”

“A Blessing…. Could you give me a Blessing?”


Woojin’s eyes turned round at the unexpected words.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Melody bit her lower lips.

She might be barking up the wrong tree.

However, the loss of her power had created an emptiness within her. The pain was almost unbearable.

“I would like you to place the Thrash’s Blessing on me….”


Woojin stroked his chin as he looked at her.

What did she think he was? How could he give her Thrash’s Blessing?

“I’m not a priest.”

He was speaking the truth.

However, he advanced the cause of the god….

He was closest to his god. At the very least, it looked like that to her eyes. This was why she was all the more desperate.

If Melody chose to worship a different god, would this other god accept her? She had been abandoned by Aria before.

No god would gladly accept her.

However, it might be possible if it was the Immortal.

“You can keep looking at me like a constipated dog, but I don’t know how to do it.”

“You just have to grant me your Blessing.”

What kind of Blessing was she talking about?

Woojin shook his head from side to side as he looked at her.

She was asking for it, so he’ll attempt it.

“I take no responsibility if this doesn’t work.”

“I won’t resent you.”

Woojin stood in front of her.


Melody gently got on her knees, and she lowered her head. He raised his hand, and he gripped her head.

‘Is this how I’m supposed to do it?’

He was doubtful, since he never thought about Thrash through the lens of religion. He had just seen himself as someone, who received an inheritance….

This was the first time trying his hand out on missionary work.

Of course, he didn’t know how to do it. He didn’t have any convention he could follow.

“I name you as the priestess of Thrash.”

When Woojin’s words ended, no change had occurred.

“Well, I guess it didn’t work?”

He unnecessarily felt bashful about this, so he scratched his head..

“Don’t be too discouraged.”

“I…I’m not.”

At that moment, the Phantom Unit gathered near the Gate.

“We are ready, my king.”

“All right. Let’s go.”

Melody bowed towards Woojin.

“Please be careful in getting back here. ”

“Well, all right.”

The Gate was going nowhere, so what problem could occur going back and forth from this place?

“I want you to take care of everything while I’m gone.”


Melody was the administrator of the Saurus Colony. She had yet to waste any Points. She actually used the existing soldiers of the Colony and the forces of the Coalition to gather Blood Stones. She had increased his Point total instead of using it.

The great lords of Trahnet had several dozen to several hundred Colonies. If they were all bringing in a surplus of Points, he could understand why the great lords was able to pour out monsters like it was nothing.

“I’ll be back.”

She kept her head down until he passed through the gate. She didn’t have Aria’s power of premonition anymore.

So why did it feel like she would never be able to see Kahng-woojin again?

“Please be victorious.”

She wished he would end the Dimensional war that had only brought them invasion and plunder….


“Hoo-ah. How long has it been since we’ve been on earth?”

“It’s the Wyverns!”

The Phantom Unit set foot on the flying fortress. Some were so moved by this experience that they kissed the floor.

The Phantom Unit were all trained as Wyvern Riders, so they were very familiar with the Wyvern’s nest placed at the corner of deck.

“You are back?”

Jung-minchan always came running out to greet him in haste, and Woojin always asked the same question.

“Anything unusual?”

“There was something.”

“What is it? Did Kim-kahngchul run away again?”


Unlike his worries, Kim-kahngchul had behaved very well. He was still imprisoned inside the reception room.

“So what is it? Where’s Bibi?”

He wondered if the Undead Army was struggling out there. However, his worries was off the mark.

“They have pretty much wrapped up the battlefield, and they are returning right now.”

“Then what is it?”

“We caught a spy.”

“Jeez. I thought something big had happened.”

Woojin reacted as if this was a matter of no importance. Jung-minchan put on a serious expression, and he started looking around before he spoke in a whisper.

“This is related to Lee-sahngho. From my research, there hadn’t been any volunteers to head towards Alphen. However, the Daken Guild suddenly stepped forward, because they struck a backroom deal with Lee-sahngho..”

“Lee-sahngho? Who is that?”

Jung-minchan calmly told him the information.

“He is the former Hwarang guild master, who was killed by your hands.”

“Is that so? Maybe he earned a Dimensional Fragment from somewhere.”

Woojin didn’t show any surprise at this information, so Jung-minchan swallowed his musings.

Of course, this was a world where monsters were running amok. Should revival from death be that big of a deal in such context?

“We haven’t figured that out yet. However, the problem is the fact that Lee-sahngho is acting as spokesperson for a newly arrived Dimensional lord named Iello.”

Woojin tilted his head at Minchan’s words.

“He became a vassal.”

Lee-sahngho’s revival now made sense.

A vassal’s revival only needed consumption of Points. If Woojin didn’t like the actions of Lee-sahngho, he just had to kill the Dimensional lord Iello.

However, was it worth going through with it?

“Please look at this.”

Jung-minchan handed him a tablet. The screen held a footage of Seoul filmed from a distance.

“I guess they haven’t dismantled that thing yet.”

He had taken care of all the monsters, so he had thought the Korean government would take down the Thorn Tree. This was why he left it alone.

However, the Thorn Tree was frozen. On top of that, the Hahn river was also frozen.

On top of a frozen branch of the Thorn Tree, a doll made out of ice was talking as it opened both its arms.

“That’s Iello?”


“He looks a bit familiar….”

“Please watch the next footage.”

Woojin played the next footage, and it was a closer shot. Lee-sahngho’s voice could be heard.

「Iello-nim wants to help the people of earth. He wants to protect the people of earth from the monsters from different Dimensions. This is akin to a god descending amongst…..」

After watching the footage of Lee-sahngho’s speech, Woojin turned his gaze towards Minchan.

“What is he talking about?”

“…it is as he said. The real problem is…..”

“What is it?”

“Several countries are already in progress of making a defense alliance.”

“With him?”


“Huh. They are giving a fish to a cat for safekeeping.”

Lee-sahngho had been the one to cause the irregular Dungeon Breaks. Woojin had always wondered how he had pulled it off, but it seemed a Dimensional lord named Iello had been behind Lee-sahngho.

“Where is he? Where’s the spy?”

“We put him in isolation.”

“Let’s go.”

Woojin walked in front as he headed towards a room being used as a cell.

“Where are we now?”

“We are above Taiwan.”

In a flash, they were in front of the room where the spy was imprisoned.

“Open the door.”


When the closed steel door opened, a man with a worried expression caught sight of Kahng-woojin. His face quickly darkened.

“I…I have nothing to say. You won’t be able to make me talk….”

Unlike his words, the man was shaking violently. Kahn-woojin swung an open palm.


The man couldn’t tell if an open palm or a fist had impacted on his face. His lips broke open, and he was sent flying towards the corner of the room. Woojin grabbed the fallen man by his head. He held the man in front of him, so he could look into the man’s eyes.


“Ooh ooh. It’s Lee-soongho.”

“Good boy.”

Woojin relaxed the pressure he was putting on the man’s head.

Lee-sahngho fell to the floor, and his teeth started to chatter.

“Hey Minchan. Give me your handphone.”

“Yes? Yes, sir.”

He took the handphone, and he pushed it towards the spy. The man’s eyes shook from fear. Woojin laughed as he looked at him.

“Call your president.”


“I heard you smashed your handphone. Call him with this one.”

When Lee-soongho’s cover was blown, he immediately destroyed the handphone to get rid of the evidence.

“Hurry up. Call him.”


Even such casual words carried an incredible amount of pressure. It was as if he was meeting a never before seen psychopath in this world. Woojin looked as if he was capable of killing a person as he laughed. Lee-soongho felt death creeping towards him…..

It was like facing a god of legend, who harvested death..


The phone rang couple times before Woojin heard a familiar voice.


“It’s me.”

「Who’s me?」

“It’s Woojin.”

「Woojin? Mmm…. My memory is….」

「Kahng-woojin? You son of a bitch! Why are you calling me as if you are my friend? You crazy mofo! Why the fuck are you talking to me in a familiar manner!」

Lee-sahngho’s disconcerted feelings could be felt through the receiver. A smile formed on Woojin’s lips.

“I’ll be there soon for you. Be prepared to die.”

He dared to target Sooah? He was looking for the god of earth?

With a cold expression on his face, Woojin put down the phone still transmitting Lee-sahngho’s swear-filled rant.

Chapter 194. Moon World (1)
Chapter 196. Trahnet (1)