Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 201. God of Destruction (1)
Chapter 203. The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (1)

Chapter 202. God of Destruction (2)


“This is earth.”

The tail end of Woojin’s lips lifted.

“I’m not talking about the fake one.”

He looked at the Dimensional Admin, who didn’t give an answer. It was as if he was staring at an Overmind made out of red light.

What reason did it have to put on an armor….

Was it mimicking a human? Or did it have some other function?

He couldn’t even come up with a guess as to the reason why.

“Why aren’t you answering me?”

“What is fake and what is real?”

The voice rang out, and it shook within his head.

Woojin was about to give an immediate answer, but he swallowed his words.

What defined something as being real or fake?

What characterized reality and virtual reality…..

When he became tormented by his thoughts, Woojin shook his head as if to chase away such thoughts. It didn’t matter which form of reality was of substance.

“Moon World. I want you to send me there.”

“You can’t go there.”

At the Dimensional Admin’s words, Woojin’s expression hardened.

Was Toppler correct? Was it true that this world was the fake one? If there really was a partition between reality and the virtual world, the Dimensional Admin was a product of the virtual reality. It meant the Dimensional Admin couldn’t send him to the Moon World, since it was located in reality.


The silence was a sufficient answer.

If the Dimensional Admin had no solution, Woojin had only one business with him.


Woojin summoned his Warrior’s Weapon, and he raised it.

“You should die now.”

It gave no answer….

However, it moved.

Would it be more accurate to say it wriggled?

The Dimensional Admin was made out of light, and one couldn’t discern its expression.


It was letting out a serious amount of energy as the light grew bigger. It looked as if thunder was being compressed. It was as if the mass of light was resolving into a light golem in human form.

Previously, it looked as if the Dimensional Admin had been wearing loose fitting armor. However, as the Dimensional Admin’s body grew, the armor fit its body perfectly. The arms and legs extended, and it was around 3 meters tall now.


A spark like thunder was emitted every time it moved its body. Even without fighting against it, Woojin could feel the explosive power dwelling within it.

“If you want to challenge me, I welcome it.”

Woojin looked at it with serious eyes. He spoke with a confident voice towards the 72nd Throne.

Will he be able to win?

Was it because its presence was so overwhelming? It had been a while, since he had such thoughts before a fight.


As if to chase away his anxiety, Woojin charged towards the large form.

He didn’t care if the bastard was made out of light.

He just had to kill it.


The Warrior’s Weapon penetrated the 72nd Throne’s forearm. The spear entered with no resistance. When Woojin tried to take it out, it refused to come out. It was as if it was embedded in concrete.


Woojin was unsure as to how he should describe it. He didn’t know if it was a wound or a gap. He could see its forearm wriggle. He was pulling with incredible force, yet the spear refused to move an inch.

Shwahhk, kwahng!

The bastard’s fist struck Woojin’s side.


He impacted on a dune as he was buried within the sand. He erupted out from below as he rushed towards it.


Woojin unsummoned then summoned his Warrior’s Weapon. He changed it into its great sword form.

The Warrior’s Weapon could change its form freely, and he could recover it. The battle style one could develop with such a weapon was endless.


The great sword sliced through the enormous forearm as if it was passing through water. However, the forearm reattached itself so easily that it made one wonder if it had been severed in the first place.

Shwahng, juwahng!

It didn’t matter if he sliced its neck or leg. The result was the same.

It was hopeless, since he was swinging his sword at a being with no real body.


When he let his guard down for a brief moment, it punched him. Woojin was sent flying. He stood up as he spat out sand from his mouth.

He hadn’t taken any damage. The Soul Armor had activated, and the exact number of souls needed to block the attack was consumed.


It was neither a human nor a monster.

It was a being made out of light. It was basically an ethereal being, so how should he face this bastard? Its body was a mass of light.

“What an annoying bastard.”

Woojin changed his Warrior’s Weapon into a bow.

Shwahhng, shoo-shoohk!

He pulled only the string, yet an arrow made out light appeared. It embedded itself in the bastard. The arrow in flight acted as if it was caught in a magnetic field. It slowed before it was absorbed into the Dimensional Admin’s body.

Shoo-shoohk, shoong!

It seemed physical attacks didn’t work, and the arrow of light was also useless.

Should he call his familiars to fight this bastard?

‘I’ll be wasting my magical energy.’

He didn’t know how useful his Skeleton Army or his Death Knights would be. He wasn’t certain, but he was pretty sure Yong Yong would be much help either.

He thought about calling for Lich Jaenis, but he gave up on that idea too.

‘I have to conserve my magical energy.’

Even if it didn’t have real body, the bastard should have a soul.

He decided to bet everything on Thrash’s Punishment.


When several throwing knives flew towards the Dimensional Admin, it punched the knives to block all of them.


The hand of light had held onto one of the throwing knives.


All the ones aiming for its body went through cleanly. It wasn’t as if his weapons were passing through after creating a wound. It was correct to say the Dimensional Admin was letting the weapons just pass through its body.

‘Is the armor covering some kind of nucleus?’

It was a likely hypothesis.

It was a being made out a specific element, and it needed a focus to act as a nucleus. If this wasn’t the case, it was either a soul or a ghost.

It was covering its only weakness with armor, so it didn’t matter what it was. Since the bastard had self-awareness, it possessed a soul.


The throwing knives disappeared, and in a flash, a whip was in his hand. The malleable Warrior’s Weapon kept changing its form, and the battle changed again in a free flowing manner.

The whip flew like a snake uncoiling. It surrounded the Dimensional Admin’s armor. This was the only material that would allow him to restrict the Dimensional Admin. It wouldn’t be able to get out unless it strips off its armor.


When he pulled the whip, the Dimensional Admin’s body flew forward with no resistance. It approached him quickly….



The Dimensional Admin’s fist once again made him roll across the sand. Woojin’s lips split open, and he spat out the metallic tasting blood from his mouth.

His last batch of souls had been consumed. Since he didn’t have the Soul Armor, its fist was very painful.

This opponent was on a different level compared to all the opponents he had fought before.

“This is annoying.”

From its appearance, Woojin had expected it to use an electric attack or an explosion created through pressurized energy. He thought it would attack with magic, yet it only used its fists.

The bastard’s body ignored any forms of physical attack, and it felt as if its body wasn’t even there.


Woojin charged again. It would be great if he could use his magic to restrain the bastard. However, he couldn’t waste a single ounce of magical energy.

If he did, he wouldn’t be able to activate Thrash’s Punishment.

“I know what you are trying to do.”

“Is that so?”

Woojin grinned as he wiped the blood away from his lips.

“Try blocking it.”


Sand flew into the air as he charged forward again.


The Dimensional Admin was getting into its stance, and one could tell it was serious. The punches before were like swats trying to chase away a fly. This time it would be for real.

His bones could be crushed.

No, he had to worry about his life more so than his bones.


Woojin didn’t stop his footsteps, and he once again jumped towards the body of the Dimensional Admin. He still had on a smile overflowing with confidence, but the Dimensional Admin was also smiling.


It tried to punch, yet its arm didn’t move. It was as if something was pulling from the back….. It looked as if its body was stuck….


Woojin grinned as he held onto the armor.

Woojin was only an arm length away, and he could see the Dimensional Admin’s face distort into an ugly expression.

“Even if you know it is coming, you can’t block it.”

It was a being made out of light, yet it was wearing an armor. This meant it was casting a shadow. Ggaebi was told to wait for this opportunity.

“Good bye.”

Woojin gripped the Dimensional Admin’s head with his hands.


In an instant, his magical energy was drained, and he felt an absence within him. This feeling of emptiness didn’t feel great, but he was also filled with triumph at winning against the Dimensional Admin.


He saw its soul get sucked into Thrash’s Punishment, and Woojin gripped his fists.


The armor fell to the floor, and all the red light was sucked in.

“Hoo-ooh. This is the end.”

His stored souls had stopped several punches, and now he was drained of everything. If there were corpses or souls nearby, he would be able to absorb it to refill his magical energy. However, he had come to an isolated region, so there were no souls to be found.

He had blocked the absolute being from descending.

He had stopped a being that would have been a big threat to earth.

It probably needed a certain amount of time before it could revive. He had to find a way to get to the Moon World before Iello or the Dimensional Admin revives to cause trouble.

He’ll be able to kill the god of earth on the Moon World. He’ll be able to take its Code.

It was a method where he’ll be able to acquire the Code, while keeping Sooah safe.

“Shing Shi….”

Woojin was about to summon the Phantom Steed Shing Shing when he felt a large amount of magical energy emanating from the floor.


The armor floated into the air, and it started to be filled with blue light. The being was formed again as it let out a blue light.

It continuously gathered energy from the surrounding as its presence became large. It made Woojin worried.

The unusual mass of light grew until it exploded forward. It was as if it was trying to swallow everything near it.


A large sandstorm rose into the air as it blocked the sun. It obscured one’s field of vision with darkness. One couldn’t see an inch past one’s nose, yet the Dimensional Admin started to flash as it regained its red coloring.

“In the end, the result hadn’t changed.”

It had exhausted its power, yet it had won and survived. It had gathered all the Codes to the 72 Dimensions including earth. It just had to finish its work.….

[Koo-koo-koohk. How long have I waited for this moment?]

A large eye formed within the darkened space, and it laughed as it looked down at the Dimensional Admin.

The Shadow Imp Ggaebi let out a wicked laugh as it circled the Dimensional Admin.

[I have been awoken from the punishment of death. I will reveal myself to this world again.]

Ggaebi swirled around the Dimensional Admin’s body as if it was compressing into it. The black shadow started to mix with the red light.

The red light darkened, and at some point, it had been dyed completely black.

“Koo koo koo koo.”

The darkness split into a wide grin as it laughed.

A descent by borrowing the body of a corpse?

It couldn’t be compared to this.

This was a complete revival.

It was no longer an unstable being summoned by borrowing the power of a Necromancer. This was a perfect revival.


It was a being, who had created this world in the beginning….

After a long time, the absolute being of the Dimensions had descended.

Saurus Mountain’s World Tree, Planet Alphen


Holy Maiden Melody let out a sound of sadness. There was a man standing in front of her. He had translucent skin that made his skin look pale. She tried to push her hand forward….


The man turned into black smoke, and it entered her hand. It was as if it was being absorbed.

“Ah ah….”

She could see souls. The dead were…. She could see souls letting out cries of deep sadness. It felt as if their cries were filling up the world. Melody wanted to close her eyes, but she stood firm as she tried to get used to it.


Even if she wanted to help them, she didn’t know how. He wasn’t as nice as the goddess of Prophecy. Moreover, he didn’t send oracles.

At some point, she was able to see souls. She tried to embrace the souls, but they all turned into smoke when she did.

She was letting out a deep sigh when a welcomed friend arrived.

“Holy Maiden.”

“Team leader Haesol!”

She was the woman from earth, who followed Kahng-woojin..

Che-haesol had returned.

“Where have you been?”

“…I was trying to find a power that’ll be of help to the king..”

“Did you find the power?”


She spoke without hesitation, and her face was full of confidence. At that moment, the unquenchable fire in front of the World Tree was extinguished accompanying a wind.


A flame suddenly rose as a shadow of a figure could be seen.

Chapter 201. God of Destruction (1)
Chapter 203. The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (1)