Seoul Station's Necromancer

Sept. 4, 2022, 6:55 a.m.

Chapter 204. The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (2)
Chapter 206. Recover (2)

Chapter 205. Recover (1)

“Where is he?”

When the spacecraft’s hatch closed, Dr. Toppler took off his helmet, and he was the first to speak.

Captain Leone had a bitter expression on his face as he looked at the anxious professor.

“He’s in the recovery room.”

Dr. Toppler was able to read many things from his expression, so he opened the door to the recovery room with a gloomy heart.


Dr. Toppler looked the same except he was a bit older. It seemed Kim-kahngchul was deeply moved by this fact.

He really had opened his eyes in the real world.

“What happened to Earth’s Code?”

“…I failed.”


Dr. Toppler let out a long sigh.

So what was the point in awakening Kahng-woojin, who only had the Recovery Code? If they wanted a Rollback, they needed a reference point in the form of the Planet Code.

“Is there really a need to do a Rollback, professor?”


“Can’t you just save everyone just like me?”


At Kim-kahngchul’s words, Toppler shook his head from side to side as he let out a sigh. Their resources were already depleted, and the presence of any life was absent in their home. In such a situation, what would happen if tens of thousands of people were to awaken at the same time?

Even without an external cause, the people would self-destruct.

It was inside the VR world, but humans fought each other for power through an endless war. It was human nature.

Kim-kahngchul’s expression still indicated that he didn’t comprehend the reasoning behind the Rollback.

“Ha-ah. Once we reach our base on the moon, you’ll be educated at the Readjustment Center…”

Dr. Toppler stopped speaking as he looked at the time displayed on the wall.

Why did everything get so twisted?

Should he have followed the advice of the Council? Should he have made more preparations by running more tests?

His meeting with Kahng-woojin was a small event, yet it had a butterfly effect. Now events had spiraled out of control.

“Please listen to me carefully.”

“Yes, professor.”

Kim-kahngchul listened to Dr. Toppler’s words as if it was gospel. He was reverent as if he was in the presence of a god.

“When one connects to the Virtual World, an avatar is created. We call this the Login.”

Kim-kahngchul was already aware of this fact. He didn’t even think of VR earth as being real. He found it easier to think of it as a game. No, he was living proof of this fact.

“I was finally able to log out.”


Kim-kahngchul thought of it as escaping the virtual world, yet it wasn’t as if the real world was a good place to live.

One had to always struggle for survival in this place. It was a world that might be relying on a hope that might have already flown the coop.

“Just be open to this possibility. What would happen if the beings in the Virtual Reality was logged out into this world?”


“It is as I said. I’m not talking about logging out a person that was logged in. What if the stuff in the virtual reality could appear in reality.”

“That is……”

Why was virtual reality called virtual?

It was a non-tangible abstraction of a physical object. The world existed only in the simulated space.

“We are able to login to their reality. What if they could login to ours?”


This was beyond Kim-kahngchul’s wildest dreams.

If a person of the VR world could login to reality, what should it be called? Was it an act of creation from nothingness? Was it a descent into this world?

“It will be the same as how we can go to the VR Earth. We’ll be able to bring the beings in the VR to this place.”

“If that is possible….”

“We are trying to bring the VR Earth to this solar system. That VR Earth will become the new earth.”

The real earth had used up all its resources, and it was in ruins. This was a last ditch attempt at saving the population of earth.

It was terraforming through Virtual Reality.

An enormous amount of time had passed to make this into reality.

“So what will happen to this earth?”

“It’ll stay the same.”

Earth wasn’t the target of the terraforming. Earth was an ark that’ll store the sleeping population until it was possible to move into the new earth.

“Mars will be terraformed.”

“Huh…. If that is possible then….”

Humanity would gain a new earth, and when they escape the VR World, they’ll be able to live new lives. They’ll be able to live on the new earth.

“This is why we need a Reset.”


“What’s the point in bringing out an earth that is almost at the brink of ruin?”

The outbreak of Dungeons….

The war had worsened, and the VR Earth was being destroyed in many locations.

This was why they needed a Reset.

“…I see.”

His voice sounded deflated.

Now he knew why his life had been repeating. Instead of feeling relieved at finding out the reason, the feeling of emptiness grew within.

He had achieved his goals in opening his eyes in the real world, but the real world was in ruins. Moreover,everyone here had put all their eggs in the basket of the VR World.

“If the 72 Thrones are able to completely take over the worlds of Trahnet, we’ll no longer be able to login. Our last hope is the terraforming, yet everything might end before we can attempt it.”

“Aren’t they also humans?”

They were supposedly humans sleeping and interfacing with the VR Worlds…. If everything within was created by humans connected to the Trahnet, he was having a hard time comprehending the situation.

“Professor. Captain Leone is paging you. The Neutralization Equipment is ready to be used again.”

When he heard the voice spoken from outside the door, Dr. Toppler patted Kim-kahngchul’s shoulder.

“Trahnet might not have been created by humans.”

The VR space was created as a byproduct. They had been researching the possibility of instantaneous travel between earth and mars. Maybe, humanity coincidentally stumbled onto Trahnet by chance.

This might not be a fight between humans. They might be fighting for survival against some alien entity. It was time for him to go retrieve the only key that’ll allow them to reset the board.

“Please rest.”

Kim-kahngchul’s role was done.

He’ll have to search for a new candidate, who’ll follow his instructions on Resetting earth. This person would have to be receptive to receiving a message from the Moon World.


“The Neutralization equipment has been activated.”

“All right. Let’s head in.”

At captain Leone’s order, the party members hurriedly went into the subway station. This place had acted as a great bunker. It kept the people sheltered from the repeated wars and the resource depletion.

They relied on the flashlight to traverse the dark path, and they quickly arrived at Kahng-woojin’s capsule.

“Ready the cutter!”

“Yes, sir.”

They weren’t going to do this with hands. They planned on ripping out the capsule, so they brought an enormous machine cutter.

“Open the hatch!”

“Yes, sir.”

The party members opened the poorly closed capsule again.


The party members became surprised when they looked into the open hatch.

“He’s not there.”


Captain Leone came closers, and he could see that the capsule was empty.

“W…where the hell….”

Where did he go?

This had never happened before.

“What should we do, captain?”


Captain Leone gritted his teeth. He was also confused, so his thoughts became complicated.

“Find him. Do a thorough search of the surrounding.”

“Yes, sir!”

The party members quickly turned on the portable lights, and they searched the surrounding region.


Leone was mesmerized as he stared at the empty capsule. No one had been able to wake up through one’s own efforts. No one had been able to do it, since humanity was connected to Trahnet….



Dr. Toppler opened the broken door. He looked around his surrounding. It seemed there had been a battle inside the isolation room. It was a mess.

‘ Hoo-ooh’

It was all up to him now. While captain Leone acquires the Recovery Code, he had to quickly acquire the Earth’s Master Code.

He froze when he exited the isolation room.

Members of the Phantom Unit was on guard duty, and their gazes landed on him.

“Who are you?”

He would have felt better if a gun was pointed at him. As they asked the question, they moved to either side of Toppler, and they grabbed him.


He was roughly thrown to the floor. Then his hands and feet were cuffed. As if this wasn’t enough, a Roused with a Binding skill used his ability.


It felt as if the strength in his body had been drained away. He lay on the floor as he looked at the members of the Phantom Unit.

“So who is he?”

“I have no idea. Go get the vice-commander.”

“Yes, sir.”

The fact that this man had popped out of the previously empty isolation room was suspicious.

Blanka’s eyes turned round when he saw the captured Dr. Toppler.

“Dr. Toppler!”


Dr. Toppler was drained of energy, so his tongue felt like a leaden weight. He let out a weak laugh. No, he tried to laugh, but his face wouldn’t move.

Most of the Phantom Unit was Rank A. Several of them had already reached Rank S. This wasn’t a simple Binding skill.

“Why are you here?”

At Blanka’s question, a member of the Phantom Unit unfroze Dr. Toppler’s face. Dr. Toppler tried moving his stiff tongue, and he was barely able to speak.

“I’m here to save earth.”

“Hmmm. Then why are you sneaking around in secret?”

“I’m not sneaking around….”

“I know about you. You’ll disappear if there is a door.”


“We’ll wait until the king returns.”

“Where’s Kahng-woojin?”

“The king went to Moon World. You’ll stay here until he comes back.”

There wasn’t enough information to predict Dr. Toppler’s behavior pattern, but there was one thing they were sure of. He was able to create Dungeons using doors, and he could disappear using this method.

Blanka pointed towards a long antenna on the other side of the control tower. If he was tethered there, he won’t be able to run away easily.

It was the ideal place to hold Dr. Toppler.

“You guys keep an eye on him.”

“Yes, vice-commander.”

The members of the Phantom Unit dragged Dr. Toppler to the antenna, and they started tying him up.

“We don’t have time for this. We have to save earth immediately.”

“You don’t have to save it. We’ll protect it.”


Blanka made a gesture with his eyes, and his subordinate froze Dr. Toppler again.

‘Jeez. What the hell is this?’

He couldn’t believe what was going on.

He could do a force logout. However, if he did that, he wouldn’t be able to get Earth’s Code….

Dr. Toppler was tethered to the antenna, and he could see the horizon in the distance.

He was too far away, so it looked like a dot in the sky. However, Toppler could feel his presence.

‘Absolute being….’

The being that wanted to dominate Trahnet.

That being had revived.

If he acquired the Earth’s Code, everything would end. He had to Reset everything before that happened, yet he was tied up here…..


A ball of flame landed on top of the Flying Fortress’ deck.


It was a human, who had turned into fire itself.

Hong-sunggoo opened his mouth.

“This might be more dangerous than I thought. He received damage, but everything gets absorbed.”

[Tell me in more details.]

His old pupil….

Jaenis looked at Sunggoo, who had become a Dragonoid. Jaenis spoke again.

“Mmm. It takes damage, but if the attack doesn’t pass a certain threshold, it recovers instantly.”

Minchan, who had been listening to the exchange, asked in a serious manner.

“Do we have any chance of defeating it?”

“Unfortunately, my attacks can’t get over that threshold.”

“We’ll have to fight it to figure this out.”

Che-haesol spoke confidently, so a small hope appeared on his face.

[We have to follow the lord’s command]

Minchan agreed with the cold voice of Jaenis.

“Let’s run away. If the possibility of us winning is low, we should preserve our forces.”

They had to protect Sooah. This was the command given by Woojin.

Everyone differed in opinion, so in the end, they couldn’t come to a decision.

“We won’t solve this by bickering against each other. We have to be quick in making our decision. Let’s do a majority vote.”


“I agree with the method.”

Sunggoo and the others were of different opinion as Jaenis. In the end, they started the vote.

“Well, we have two choices. If you want to retreat, please raise your hand.”

Jaenis, Bibi, Minchan and several others raised their hands.

[The lord’s orders are absolute. ]

“That’s right. We have to follow master’s words.”

Bibi didn’t want to run away, because she was afraid. She didn’t care what sacrifices they needed to make. The most important thing to her was Kahng-woojin’s last order. This was why she wanted to retreat.

“Well, if you want to fight, please raise your hand.”

Sunggoo and Haesol, who had went on reconnaissance, raised their hands. Minchan was delighted as he spoke.

“Then let us retreat….”

[This is absurd.]

A roar that made his ears ring was heard. Minchan flinched, and he turned to looked at the Death Knights. They were in a line, and they were all raising their hands.

To make things worse, Bone Dragon Yong Yong was slightly raising its wing.


[We fight.]

Death Knights.

Kiba, who was the leader of the Death Knights, stepped forward.

Jaenis’ eyes immediately flickered with red light.

[The master’s command is absolute.]

[We aren’t going against his order!]

His voice was resolute.

[We fight. We fight to win. This is how we protect her.]


Everyone was at a loss for words.

Kiba continued to speak..

[The Immortal isn’t dead.]

Kiba spoke the words everyone was tiptoeing around.

Two beings had clashed, and it had caused an explosion. Now the survivor of the two was charging towards them. It was a Dimensional lord that was letting out energy of darkness.

Everyone was worried about the whereabout of Kahng-woojin, and they had suppressed those feelings. However, Kiba boldly spoke about it.

[The Immortal doesn’t run away.]

Jaenis shook his head from side to side.

[I forgot about that.]

Kiba raised his axe high into the air.

[We’ll fight to win! Then we will ready ourselves to greet our king!]

They just had to take care of the battle then wait for their king.


The Death Knights….

The morale of the Undead Army burned white hot.

Chapter 204. The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (2)
Chapter 206. Recover (2)