The Academy’s Time Stop Player

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After the situation was over, Ha-jun irritably clicked his tongue.

It was going to be a real disaster.

If he had activated the time stop even a little later, he would probably have been mercilessly ‘GAMEOVER’.

“Why is this guy here?”

From the looks of it, it was obvious that he was the King-beast (Antlia), which would surely be found in a demon’s territory.

Each beast is classified according to its danger level, but the one before me was a beast that literally should not be here, with a danger level of at least 50 levels.

The danger level of the 50th level is at least at a level where at least two high-level heroes can barely defeat it together.

The fortunate thing was. It was a young individual who had a hard time growing up.

If not for the curiosity of the young individuals, the students, including Liam, would have been killed.

“Huh… I almost messed up…”

Fortunately, as soon as I woke up, I triggered the time stop, which seemed to be timed perfectly.

Although it didn’t feel like I was a little late, it was still a good thing that there were no dead people.

“Hey, are you alive?”

SLAP-! I slapped Liam on the cheek.

Fortunately, seeing him breathe, he seemed to have passed out.

I looked around, confirming that Liam was alive.

After all, the number of Beasts seemed to have risen dramatically, probably due to the increased difficulty of the quest.

As per the original story, Liam would go through this tunnel again after preventing the wave, but looking at the situation, it is understandable to some extent that he fainted.

Looking around, the number of beasts that came out of the original storyline had increased many times over.

It was natural for him to faint, since he had been in a deadly battle for a total of 7 hours, including several times the increased number of demonic hands.

Well, I’m glad it still ended, not badly.

Since he had fought a battle of this magnitude, I had to check it out, but it was clear that Liam had grown stronger.

“Well, then…”

Ha Jun was about to activate time stop to prepare to leave.

That was when.

Antlia’s corpse suddenly turned into black ashes and disappeared, and at the same time a purple sparkling crystal appeared.

The moment he saw it, an unusual glint appeared in Ha-jun’s eyes.

“No way…?”

A dark purple crystal the size of a fist.

If I remember correctly, this must be (Masui Crystal).

A typical resource dealing with oil in the world in this game.

And if you look at the dark crystal color of it, it’s also a crystal that holds tremendous magical power.

“That’s not bad.”

A smile began to form in Ha-Jun’s mouth.

Masui Crystal.

Although it is often used only as a material for alchemists, to increase the magic power of wizards, or as a natural resource to deal with oil, magic crystals containing this level of magic power are hard to find.

In the market, it would be a good money-maker because the price is what you call it, depending on the quality of the magic power the crystal holds.

After thinking about how I would use this later, I put the Masui Crystal in my pocket and shifted my gaze to the students.

“Then, these kids —.”

In the meantime, I had already thought of a way to move these four.

I was going to do the same time stop as I did when I moved Liam here, then lift them with the deactivation and take them like balloons.

I was about to activate the time stop to do it that way.

At that moment, Piraten, who had been quiet and silent for some time, suddenly called out.

– ‘Master, there is one.

“Hm? What?”

– `I’ll add that one as one of my trials.

At the same time as those words.

[Job change quest].

Questable character: Kim Ha-Jun

Description: Deafeat The beasts. (51/100)

Reward: You will be given the title of Hoston, once Master of the Maharaj, King of the Dwarves.

Title: Crusher.

The number of former quests has gone up by one.

Seeing the raised number, Ha-Jun raised his eyebrows in frustration.

(… Dirty …)

* * *

Two days later.

Last day of training.

“This place…”

After sleeping for two consecutive days, Liam slowly awoke.

Liam saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

Liam grabbed his dizzy head and sat up.

Straight away he saw a familiar place.

It was indeed the cave where Kim Ha-Jun had been.

“Are you awake?”

It was Liam who slowly turned his head at the girl’s voice.

Yoo Seol.

She looked at Liam with a calm posture.

“Huh? Don’t tell me you treated me?”

“Yes, well, there wasn’t much treatment. If there was, you were too tired to sleep all day?”

“… That guy?”

“Is that Ha Jun? He’s probably at the entrance to the cave. Oh, wait a minute! Please!”

At those words, Liam stood up and walked towards the cave entrance.

Although Yoo Seol stopped him, Liam just walked silently.

Soon, in front of the cave entrance, the smell of meat began to permeate the cave with the sound of something slowly burning.

And when he arrived at the cave entrance, Liam saw Kim Ha-jun roasting meat over a bonfire with his treasured Spear, Noble Phantasm, stuck into the meat.

“Huh? You’re awake? I borrowed a bit of this.”

Saying this, it was Ha-Jun happily waving his hand.

Yoo Seol, who saw the spectacle she couldn’t bear to watch, face palmed with a troubled expression.

(Ahh- He saw it all)

To be honest, Yoo Seol did indeed try to stop him.

What human being would prefer his treasure to be used in place of a meat skewer?

(I told you that’s not right!)

Yoo Seol had to scream in his heart, with a frustrated expression on his face.

If you look at it this way, doesn’t it somehow look like I’m agreeing with you?

But I should have ignored what Ha-Jun said earlier.

– No, no matter how nice a person is, that’s just a bit…

– It’s okay, since. It’s him….

– No, what you mean by It’s him…?!

“Hah… I should have stopped him then.”

Of course, I stopped listening to such a sophistry that didn’t even make sense, but Ha-Jun’s stubbornness didn’t falter.

There is no one skewers like this in world.

Yoo Seol was eventually choked for words when he said that if she didn’t like it, give her her own treasured rapier.

Yoo Seol slowly turned her head to look at Liam’s complexion.


“Ha ha ha!”

However, when Liam, the person concerned, saw the scene, he started to laugh happily.

After that, he simply walked in the direction of the bonfire and sat down directly opposite Ha Jun.

Liam, who had been watching the bonfire for a while with dim eyes, asked Ha-Jun.

“Where are those?”

“I sent them back yesterday. They wasted my food and now I’m doing this.”

Ha Jun asked, sighing and taking a big bite of meat.

While he was chewing on meat like that, Liam called Ha-jun’s name.

“…Kim Ha Jun.”

“Hm? Yes?”

“Can I ask you to fight again?”

Did he say that word after I saved him?

Naturally, Ha Jun immediately looked at Liam with a frown.

But Liam’s expression was calmer and more serious than ever.

No matter how thick-skinned Ha-Joon was, he couldn’t just unreasonably diss on a face like that.

“Hah… What kind of fight is it?”

“… Please .”

Looking at his mood, it seemed like he’d push through to the end even if I said no.

“Umm… yeah, okay…”

I thought it would be better if I rather beat him clean.

Ha Jun shoved the meat stuck on the spear into his mouth and then handed the spear to Liam.

Soon after, Liam, who had received the spear from Ha-Jun, slowly got up from his seat, and Ha-Jun also got up with Liam and took out his maharaj.

“Now, Wait if you’re still a —…”

However, Liam did not answer Yoo Seol’s words either, but only adjusted his posture.

In the first place, Liam could not hear anyone now.

(Surely… If I could do that again…)

The moment he let his concentration and senses take over his whole body, he saw a new world.

Liam intended to recreate that feeling once more.

Soon Liam began to focus all his nerves on Kim Ha-jun’s movements.

He stopped thinking and to let himself go.

A world that had slowed down so much.

Liam slowly moved his body closer to Kim Ha-jun.

His movements were infinitely slow at first, but gradually began to accelerate.

Soon, when he was within Spears reach, Liam’s Spear directed at Ha-jun’s neck.

At that moment.


Liam received a huge impact with a dull sound.

Before he had time to think, he flew far away .

Then, without stopping his speed, he rolled on the ground and flew away.

Don-don! Smash!

He was hit straight into a tree.

Shortly afterwards, the tree that had received the impact snapped! The tree tilted to the side with a sound.

“Aaah! What are you doing!!!!”

Yoo Seol was startled by the scene and rushed to Liam.

Ha-Jun also looked at the scene that happened and wondered if it was a bit too much. He scratched his head in embarrassment, and approached Liam, thinking.

However, Ha-Jun was speechless at the sight he immediately saw.

“Ha ha ha!”

Liam was smiling brightly.

Despite the fact that his whole body was fully wounded, despite the blood sloshing from his forehead, he was smiling so brightly as to refresh the hearts of those who saw him.

Immediately, Ha-Jun and Yoo Seol’s expressions turned serious.

Yoo Seol secretly whispered in Ha-Jun’s ear.

– Where did you hit? I can’t heal his head with my ability.

– Hmm, I wonder if I made a mistake somewhere.

Although the place where I hit him was his abdomen, it appears that he injured his head while rolling over.

I was sure of it when I saw the blood running down his forehead like a fountain.

Ha-Jun began to worry with a very serious expression on his face.

It was at that time.

Liam jumped up and approached Ha-Jun, looking very energetic.

Liam chuckled and offered his hand to Ha-Jun, requesting a handshake.

“Thank you, for taking me seriously.”


Ha-Jun took his hand with a puzzled expression.

Liam immediately turned around.

Liam left, leaving Ha-Jn and Yoo Seol dumbfounded behind.

With a peaceful smile, as if the gloom in his heart had somehow disappeared.

“It was a ridiculous worry.”

Is it because I was defeated too easily without time to do anything about it?

I lost the desire to just prove myself without relics.

I felt that all my previous efforts were in vain.

Of course, I have no regrets.

Because this effort was also a good experience.

And for some reason, I felt like I knew the answer to all my previous efforts.

The worries that made me work so hard until now.

(If I don’t use mythical treasure, would I be special?)

In a way, it was a willfulness that I did not admit to myself.

Because there was no right answer to that worry from the beginning.

Being able to use that treasure trove is itself my talent.

* * *

– Liam Martel.

A boy with mixed feelings who, despite being chosen as a mythical class relic, doubts whether it is his own power.

He appears a lot lighter and cheerful when he is around students, but inside he must have suffered a lot.

I wonder if he sees himself along the same lines as those kids.

But, well, from the look on that guy’s face, it seems that his troubles have been resolved.

(…. Did it get resolved successfully, in a manner of speaking?)

To be honest, I wondered if I had overdone it a bit and messed with his head, but looking at his appearance, he seems to be okay.

As it seemed to have been resolved successfully, I went back into the cave and started sorting out the necessities I had brought with me.

Soon after, Yoo Seol followed me into the cave, and I wondered what she was doing now. She began to look at me with curious eyes.

“What are you doing?”

Her question made Ha-Jun look at her with a questioning look on the contrary.

Ha-Jun pretended to tap his wrist with his finger without saying anything, and Yoo Seol, seeing this, slowly shifted her gaze with a questioning expression and checked the watch on her arm.

And the time she checked was 12:00pm.


It was time to signal the end of training.

Yoo Seol’s head slowly turns as if it’s broken, and looked at Ha-Jun with a frustrated expression.

“Eh? Why?”

“Because you wanted to treat the three of them and Liam, so you didn’t have time!”

“Oh, um…”

Ha Jun had nothing to say and looked away.

Speaking of which, wasn’t there supplementary training for those who did not meet the average score?

“Um, Work hard. I’ll be there to support you if I have time.”


Yoo-Seol just stared at Ha-Jun’s words as if she was speechless.

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