What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 3 First Night Out
Chapter 5 Time To Hit The Books

Chapter 4 Considering My Situation

"Welcome to our home, my cute little dearest~"

I looked around in wonder, still snuggled up in the woman's arms.

In the character creation with the god Drebann, I picked the race of the Meslatars, otherwise known as dragonkins for my new life.

What can I say? Dragons are cool, ok?

Anyway, when I picked this race, I wasn't really sure what to expect since there wasn't really much information about how they lived aside from the fact that some "Mahuns", which is their equivalent of humans in this world, decided it would be a great idea to fuck a dragon.

Thus, the race of Meslatars was born as a hybrid between dragons and Mahuns.

But… Did we live in caves? The fact that I was hatched in one gave me the idea that we did. That's why I thought that cavern would have been our home.

Instead, this woman had flown me over some mountains until we reached the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, revealing a rather homely cottage built near the edge of it just outside a forest.

It even has what looks like a vegetable garden and a chicken pen at the side.

She landed in front of the house, holding me tightly in her arms.

I suppose if we really were living in a cave, she wouldn't be wearing such a dress that looked like it belonged more in a royal ball than anything else.

Then again, it doesn't fit living in a cottage either so I'm not sure what to think now… She's even wearing a pair of high heels you know? Not something you'd expect a woman to be wearing with such living conditions.

With me still cuddled in her arms, she pushed open the door to the cottage, surprising me with how it looked inside.

It was… Err… Normal?

Like precisely what you might expect of a cottage house I guess?

The entrance led to a small parlour that opened up to the living room that doubled as a study on one side with its bookshelves and table, the room also sharing a space with the dining room which was simply a rectangular table with four chairs.

Separated by an open doorway on the left was the kitchen with various different ingredients stored in jars and containers within the shelves nailed to the walls.

A staircase was pushed up against the far wall at the right side of the living room, hidden by a small alcove which led to the second floor where I assume the bedrooms would be.

The thing that stood out was the fact that the furniture were all of exceptional quality, something you might expect to be made by a master craftsman with how detailed they were decorated. Also… almost all of them were decorated in some way with gold.

I'm assuming that's a dragon thing.

That was when I realised there was something missing.

"Papa?" I asked, the word feeling especially weird even when I uttered it.

The woman simply smiled at me and booped me on the nose, "No papa, just mama my cute little one~"

Single parent life huh? Again, I don't know if this is a Meslatar thing or just my family in particular.

With me still in her arms, the woman carried me up the stairs to the only room above. Just as I had thought, it was the bedroom with what I guess to be an attached bathroom at the side.

Oh damn, there's a giant four poster canopy bed here that has gold trimmings too… All of the furniture in this house looks really expensive…

She unwrapped me from the towel and tucked me into the bed, stepping away to strip herself out of her dress to kick it into the laundry basket at the corner of the room.

Without an ounce of shame, she turned to me in her naked glory, picking me up in her arms before tucking me into bed with her.

"Good night my cute little one~" She whispered, hugging me close to her… Very generous chest before her eyes closed shut.

She sleeps nude… Ok then…

Hmm… Although… I'm not exactly sleepy at the moment… Maybe I can use this time to actually think about what my plans are for this new life? Sounds like a plan.

Main objective!

I'm literally living the isekai life! Use this opportunity to gather real fantasy research materials and write the best story ever!

Second main objective!

Eat all the sweets!!!

Yes! Sweets! Cakes! Candies! Ice cream! All the sweets and desserts in the entire world! I want to eat them all!!

I need to build a life for myself where I can eat them whenever and however I want! Discover all the sweet delicacies of this new world and have the time of my life enjoying them!!

And just because I couldn't do it in the previous world… I'm gonna have someone make the biggest cake in the entire world and let me dive right into it!!!

Yep. Solid plan. Perfect, no regrets. Best second life here.

Heh heh heh heh…

Ok, on to more immediate matters. First thing I have to do is be able to explore this world on my own, that means I need power.

I've read and written enough stories to know the dangers of such worlds so I need to be able to defend myself.

I'll get the boons and banes I've bought with my points at random amounts every year, so I'll have to make sure I make the best out of training and learning about each one I get for each of my birthdays.

In that case, since I also have the fortune of not starting out in the body of a hapless baby who can't do anything themselves, I can use this first year to learn all that I can about this world before I get my first skills.

Thus, my first year shall be dedicated to training my mind, hopefully this is something my mother… Hmm… It feels weird to have someone I can call 'mother' now… But I suppose I'll make do.

I hope she would be open about me wanting to learn. It would be quite troublesome if she says something like me being too young and unable to learn.

I inadvertently looked down.


I hope I don't need to be breastfed… That would be so awkward for me…

Putting that aside… Even if she wasn't willing to teach me… I believe I should be able to learn some things on my own. The books in the study should at least help me learn some stuff, though I certainly hope the language wouldn't be a problem.

So far, I've been able to understand what she was saying and she understood me too. But I don't know if this was some kind of magic at play or we are actually speaking my own native language.

Guess I'll find out in the morning.

So with the first year planned, my next step would have to depend on what boon or bane would be manifested on my first birthday.

That is what happens when choosing the option of "Skill Reincarnation" in the character creation. At least the lewd ones will only come in after I turn eighteen so I don't need to worry about those making my baby years weird.

That is already putting aside the fact that I seem to have already skipped the infant stage anyway…

I have quite a number of boons I've bought that would be quite useful to me so I hope I gain those early, even better if it's one of the magic or skills I had bought so I can train with them even earlier.

I sure hope my luck isn't terrible to the point that I would only gain banes on my first birthday…

Speaking of birthdays… Guess I popped out from an egg huh? Does that mean my children would also come from eggs too? How would cross breeding work?

Err… Hold on, why am I thinking about such things now? I'm not even a day old in this body yet! Nasty thoughts begone!

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my face is currently being squished between two weapons of mass destruction right now.

I know this is a fantasy world and all but is this the normal size?! I think these are at least K cups in size! Then again, she is part dragon so… Err… Does that actually help with back problems? I sure hope it does.

Speaking of which, who is this woman anyway? Aside from obviously being my birth mother of course.

The furniture in the house was by no means cheap, even if the exterior looked like a modest one. No, that was incorrect. Modesty did not seem like it was the main concern for its construction, it looked like practicality played a bigger part in its creation.

This place was effectively self-sufficient and also located in a rather defensible location. The only way to come and go from this place easily was if you could fly or somehow traverse through that thick forest without problems.

And yet, despite the fact that it looked like this place was focused on practicality, the interior was focused on luxury, a direct contradiction to the former.

Coupled with the fact that we encountered no other signs of civilization during our flight here with nothing but the mountain, the sea and forests all around… I have a feeling the nearest town or city is an ocean away.

And then there's the absence of a father too…

Which brings to the question of…

Is my… Mother… A wanted criminal?

Oh well, not like I can do anything about it. Guess I'll just sleep for now.


Chapter 3 First Night Out
Chapter 5 Time To Hit The Books