What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 27 Claiming The Spoils
Chapter 29 My First Dungeon

Chapter 28 I Grew Again

[Happy Birthday!]

[Magic obtained: Electromancy tier one]

[Electromancy: Your veins feel like they're charged. Energy courses through your body, both magical and the raw, pure thunder of reality. To gain proficiency, obtain mastery over the energies of your own body and direct them elsewhere. (Progress to tier 2: 0%)]

I waited for a bit, but that was all that appeared on the translucent screen in front of me.

Seriously? Just one this time? Oh well, at least it's a new magic that I can train for this year.

I dismissed the screen even as Mother hugged me closer to her naked chest, her leg wrapped around me like I was a pillow.

Since it was going to be my birthday soon when I found the dungeon, I wanted to hold off exploring it until I received my new batch of skills. I suppose being able to control and summon electricity might be useful even if it starts out at tier one.

With that in mind, I should prepare for my first dungeon dive tomorrow morning… Just let me get some sleep…


I woke up with a start, feeling more lethargic than usual.

Mother was already awake and looking down at me with a blissful expression on her face.

"Ara, ara? My little one can continue sleeping for just a while more, you know?"

Hmm? Is it just me or did she shrink?

A few seconds passed before I pulled back and looked down at myself.

My body had grown significantly last night.

Before, I could have passed off as a two or three year old, but now I've doubled my size and I look more like a ten or twelve year old. I could also see the bumps of my chest growing out, although right now they can barely even be considered to be a handful.

I guess part of the reason why Mother wasn't bothered by our skinship was because she saw me as her 'daughter' or something? Though that's still excessive unless it's normal around here.

[Name: Aster Nilm


112 Strength

85 Dexterity

105 Endurance

110 Magic


Hunting (Tier 2), Cooking (Tier 2), Martial Skill-(Dagger Proficiency (Tier 2), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 1), Bow Proficiency (Tier 1), Sword Proficiency (Tier 1))

Magic Skills:

Mana Management (Tier 2), Umbramancy (Tier 2), Electromancy (Tier1)]

Oh, it seems just by growing bigger my stats had also increased by quite a bit. That makes sense I suppose.

"Ah… I grew…" I muttered, checking myself out. "Sorry mommy… I don't think I can fit in the dress you bought for me last year anymore."

She giggled, "Ufufufu~ My sweet little one~ You worry about the smallest things~ That dress is enchanted so it will fit you even if you were to grow more~"

Ok… When I looted the asshole's corpse and got that pouch full of money, Mother decided to teach me about the currency in this world which was pretty straightforward.

The universal currency is called 'Creas' and there's four different materials and sizes for coins to denote its value.

Normal bronze coins are worth one Crea, medium bronze coins are worth five Creas and large bronze coins are worth ten Creas.

Then the value just increases by a hundred for silver where a normal silver coin is a hundred Creas, a medium one is five hundred and the large one is a thousand Creas.

Gold functions the same with it being ten thousand times more valuable than bronze. The smallest gold coin worth ten thousand Creas, the medium ones worth fifty thousand and the large ones being a hundred thousand Creas.

Last but not least is the Platinum coin that doesn't have three sizes and is limited to only one size, each of these being worth a million Creas.

From what I know, a loaf of bread would be worth two Creas here, so I guess we can roughly convert one Crea to a dollar back in our world, though that isn't exactly that accurate either.

Why do I need to talk about the value of money? Because enchanted items here are hella expensive, the smallest ones costing at least a gold coin.

The dress mother had bought for me would at least be worth a dozen gold coins since it's enchanted. If it was just a normal unenchanted dress, a few large silver coins would have been more than enough.

What I really wanted to say is… Where is mother getting all that money?

Unfortunately, even when I asked her, she simply smiled and placed a finger on her lips, then proceeded to smother me in between her breasts and calling me cute, so I never managed to get an answer from her.

"Unn… I… I guess I should go and prepare for my dungeon run," I muttered a little lamely, deciding I didn't really need to know whether she's stealing all these things.

"Ah! That's right!" Mother gasped, hopping off the bed without even bothering to dress herself.

She reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a set of leather armour

"Tadah~ Mama thinks it's time my little one has some armour of your own, yes?"

I blinked at her, "Where did mommy get that?"

"Mama made it of course~ Using leather from the Alpha Hell Wolf and also the bears that my little one has hunted! It's a mark of my little one's achievements!"

First of all, I didn't know Mother knew how to craft. Second of all, seems like she already expected me to grow today.

Third of all…

"When is my next growth spurt again?"

"Ara, ara? Not to worry my child~ By then, you would have hunted even greater monsters and Mama would be more than happy to make new clothes for you!"

"Then… Did you make my dagger as well?"

"Ufufufu~ Unfortunately, Mama did not make that one. If my little one wishes for Mama to make one though, Mama will gladly oblige!"

I smiled, "In that case… Could mommy teach me?"

"Ara? My cute little one wishes to know how to forge? Ufufufu~ But Mama is not that good with it~ If my little one truly wishes to be a master of crafting, Mama recommends visiting the Rejmars of Frostiminir Kingdom~"

Rejmars, basically the dwarves. Seems like they conform to the standard fantasy principles of being master smiths. In fact, they are also known as the neutral kingdom since they focus primarily on their craft. Thus when leaders of other nations decide to meet each other to hold talks, they usually meet there.

If I'm right, to reach the Dungeon City, you will also need to go through the Frostiminir Kingdom to reach their port town unless you can fly over the mountains surrounding the island.

Since I intend to go there anyway, I can also make a stop there to learn their crafts too.

"Come now! Let Mama see how you would look in this!" Mother beckoned me over.

I let Mother dress me and I'm glad I got used to my new growth pretty quickly. I don't even need to worry about my sudden increase in reach and height being a problem too so going into the dungeon straight away was of no issue all thanks to [Machine Learning]

The armour even sported two holes at my shoulder blades to allow my wings to sprout out should I wish them to.

There is just one problem…

"Mommy… Did you do this on purpose?"

"Ara, ara? But it looks nice, doesn't it, my dear?"

It seems that while my boobs have not yet grown out to their full size, my butt certainly has a head start and the tight pants made it even more pronounced. These buns are more than a handful at the very least.

My silver white hair had also grown out until it reached the small of my back, which surprised me a little since it stopped growing when it reached my shoulders previously. Like I didn't even need to have it cut.

But then… Seeing myself in the mirror… I have to agree with Mother that I do cut quite a stunning figure, especially with those muscles.

I'm definitely not aiming for the bodybuilder type of look, but right now I have what looks like the beginning of an athlete's body where my body is streamlined with the fats in just the right places.

One can only imagine how I would look when I'm finally an adult.

With my two daggers on both my outer thighs, the lightning sword on my left hip and the bow on my back alongside my backpack of provisions and tools, I was ready to go dungeon diving.

"Ufufufu~ Just in case you get hungry my sweet child~ Here's some cookies to bring along too~"

Ahhhh!!! I love you mommyyyyy!!

Mother saw me off at the entrance as I took to the skies, my new wings also grown to match my new size.

On the way, I also tried out the new Electromancy magic skill and it seems like I'm currently limited to what I can do with it until I reach tier two.

[Lightning Clad] literally wraps a body part of my choosing with electricity, enhancing the power of my attack. Right now it seems like I am limited to only one part.

I also learned [Static Shock] which delivers a numbing current from my fingertips. While it does not do much damage on its own, it does serve to slow or paralyse my target for just a second which I would be able to capitalise on in the thick of a battle. Especially useful if I'm against a large opponent or someone I wanted to freeze in place for a moment.

Unfortunately, that's all I have for now because of my low proficiency with the magic skill. All the kinds of spells I was imagining seemed to be too high tier for me to cast, even shooting a lightning bolt from my hands seemed to be too much.

Oh well, that comes later! Now it's dungeon time!

Chapter 27 Claiming The Spoils
Chapter 29 My First Dungeon