What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 36 You Can Crash At My Place (R)
Chapter 38 Sisterhood Initiation

Chapter 37 My Amrap Instructor

Walking down the stairs in the morning, I was greeted with the smell of grilled meat the moment I entered the living room. I wouldn't been surprised if it had smelled like sex actually.

"Oh! Good morning, Aster! Hope you don't mind me using your kitchen! I used the meat from our own provisions to make breakfast for all of us! Ah, hope you don't mind me using your eggs though!" Ardiolyta called out the moment she saw me.

My eggs… Ironically… I took a bane that causes me to lay an egg during my periods, so that's going to be something in the future…

On the couch was Odeta, already awake with a cup of water in her hands.

"Good morning big sister Aster," She greeted with a bright smile, not even showing any distress from her current situation.

"Good morning," I greeted back, silently dismissing my summons to merge back into my shadow. "No need to worry about using the kitchen."

"That's great because I'm done!" She chuckled, stepping out with platefuls of bacon and eggs in her hands.

The smell itself was already mouth-watering despite how simple it looked and I dug in with relish, enjoying the food alongside my two guests.

"Big sister Aster, do you live here alone?" Odeta asked, her eyes sparkling.

I chuckled, "How old are you?"

"I'm ten!"

Oh? I was only guessing she was ten years old back then but it seems like she really was the same age as me. I also wasn't really paying attention since Ardiolyta was the one carrying her, but Odeta is only a few inches smaller than I am. Amraps really are quite big in size.

I grinned at her, "Oh? Then there's no need to call me big sister because I'm actually the same age as you!"

"Ehhh?! But… But big sister Aster is so strong! Stronger than big sister Ardi!"

So cute~

I guess to this young Amrap, the older Amraps are stronger than the younger ones which gives her the idea that anyone who is stronger must be older than her.

"Hehe~ I'm really the same age though~ Does your leg hurt?"

She looked down at her splint and frowned, "It tingles a little… But big sister Ardi says I don't need to cut it off thanks to big sister Aster. Thank you big sister Aster!"

Ahhhh~ This girl is so cuuuute~ I just wanna squeeze her cheeks and hug her!

Oh, I think I can understand how Mother feels now.

"So… Miss Aster, how long would it take for her leg to heal?" Ardiolyta asked, munching on her bacon.

I waved my hand at her, "You really need to stop with the 'miss' thing. It feels weird to be called that by someone older than I am."

"Ha! Very well then, how long would it take for little Odeta's leg to heal, Aster?"

"Hmm… For me, a broken bone would heal in maybe a day or two, I'm not sure how fast it will be for her though. A week to two weeks maybe?"

"Oh? That's perfect then. I believe that would be enough time for our expedition to return and pick us up as well."

That made me a little curious, "How many people did you bring to fight that wyvern anyway?"

"We needed a raid party for a monster like that, so there were twenty of us. With that number, we managed to take down the first wyvern but the second one caught us by surprise, wounding eight of us when our guard was down."

Oh, there's the concept of raid parties here? That's cool.

"That's why you formed a group to draw it away from the wounded. But why would you include Odeta in that group? Actually, why bring her to Dragon Sanctuary in the first place?" I asked.

Ardiolyta sighed, "It's my fault. As her trainer, I felt that Odeta could benefit from experiencing actual combat and this wyvern hunt was an expedition we've done before. With our numbers, we should have been relatively safe…"

"No! It's my fault! I insisted on coming along even though big sister Ardi said I shouldn't!"

The older Amrap smiled and ruffled her hair affectionately, "Stop worrying about it! I asked to prove you are ready and you did so there's nothing wrong with that! You just concentrate on healing that leg of yours! In the meantime, do you wish to start your lesson now, Aster?"

"Oh? If you're up for it, I most certainly wouldn't mind!"

Odeta was confused by our words so her sister quickly explained our arrangement we made last night, to which the younger Amrap insisted that she be allowed to watch.

I brought out a chair for her while Ardiolyta carried her outside before moving in front of me.

She had stripped herself of her armour so the only thing she was wearing was a sleeveless shirt that barely covered her chest and left her abs on full display with a pair of pants that revealed her muscled thighs.

For myself, I had also chosen to dress myself in a simple shirt and pants, even though my [Fashion Forward] boon would have allowed me to fight just as well in my home clothes of a blouse and knee length skirt.

I was once again reminded of how huge Ardiolyta was when I had to tilt my head back to even see her face, my head the perfect height for her to rest her bosoms on.

I'm already around a hundred and forty centimetres tall so I'm guessing she's at least two hundred and twenty centimetres in height.

She placed her hands on her hips, showing off her own muscled arms without meaning to.

"So! I guess I can start by treating you like another one of my students! Let's start off with a spar using our fists! Just to see how you can fare!"

I agreed and we both started our spar with Odeta watching us from the side.

We circled around each other, both of us just watching how the other reacts for now.

Even like this, I could tell she was superior to me in unarmed combat with how she moved, her body poised and ready without any openings I could see.

I ended up making the first move by lunging towards her. My stats were far superior to hers so this also doubles as training for me to try and hold back my strength, something that I've never needed to do before today considering the opponents I've had to fight with so far.

If I wasn't careful, I might accidentally kill her and I definitely don't want that.

Her skills were definitely legitimate as she managed to avoid my right hook by twisting her body away. How she managed to move so fast despite being that big was a wonder.

That was when I felt her slam her side into me, sending me skidding back a few feet.

She followed up by using her longer reach to kick towards my head, but I took advantage of my smaller frame to duck under her attack quickly to strike at her other foot.

Kicking her foot out from under her, I was prepared to move in to press my advantage when I realised she had dropped one of her hands to hold herself up.

Something blurred in the corner of my vision and the next thing I knew, my neck was held in between her thighs in a headlock.

I gasped, feeling myself being choked as I tried to pry myself out, only to realise I couldn't do so despite my supposed superior strength.

I tapped on her thigh and was quickly released, gasping for breath.

I have to admit… But being in between those thighs… Ahem…

Curious on how she managed to overwhelm my strength, I realised she had reinforced her legs with her Geomancy to prevent me from breaking out.

Odeta clapped enthusiastically at the result of our first bout, even I felt it was impressive.

"Heh, you were going easy on me, weren't ya?" She grinned, dusting herself off.

"I apologise, but yes."

She waved her hand dismissively, "There's no need to apologise for that. It's not like I don't understand why when you have the strength to kill a wyvern with your fists alone. But I hope this proves that you don't need to worry about me? I've fought opponents several times stronger than me before."

Ah… Looks like I fell into the trap of relying on the statistical numbers as a reference of my opponent's strength against my own that I failed to consider their own skills and technique.

I nodded and we started our second round where I decided to take her more seriously.

Again, I lunged forward with my fist cocked back to punch her, only to stop myself a step away from her and transitioning to a kick aimed at her shin.

She lifted her foot to avoid it, using that to step forward to try and grab me in a bear hug.

I twisted my body and sent an elbow strike to her abdomen, strong enough to cause her to step back.

The Amrap recovered quickly and moved in to try and punch me, an attack that I blocked with an open palm before moving in under her guard to deal an uppercut to her chin.

My attack barely connected as she tilted her head away at the last second, letting my fist graze her cheek before her head came down to headbutt me.

Taking a step back to avoid it, it put me in the prime position for me to deliver another jab at her stomach.

Except the jab landed right in between her bosoms when she lowered herself and my fist sank deep into her valley.

She smirked and her chest muscles flexed, trapping my arm in between her melons before I could free myself.

The next thing I knew, she had swiped my feet from under me and I was pinned against the ground with my arm still trapped in her bosoms.

"Rather bold of you, eh? Maybe if you come back in another few years I'll take ya up on that," She laughed before releasing me.

To think I actually lost to her boobs… I'm going to have to learn how to do that.

On another note… Those abs of hers are really tight though… I'm already looking forward to our training sessions.

Chapter 36 You Can Crash At My Place (R)
Chapter 38 Sisterhood Initiation