What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 39 Dungeon Diving With A Party
Chapter 41 Dragon Hunting With My Sisters

Chapter 40 Sister Bonding Session

After beating the wyvern, we went to the next floor to hunt some goblins to get a feel of fighting multiple opponents as a party.

The goblins were seriously weak though, even Odeta could handle them by herself so there was no danger aside from traps which we managed to avoid.

Unfortunately, I do not think we are able to handle the infant dragon boss without me showing my magic so we didn't challenge it.

That concluded our first hunt in the dungeon and we returned back home with quite a large haul of Mana Crystals.

I also brought the wyvern materials we gathered in my Pack of Folding and I told them they could have it after their friends came back.

"Eh? But why? I think you did most of the work, didn't you, Aster?" Ardi pointed out, looking at the plates that were the compressed forms of the monster materials on the coffee table in front of her.

The two of us were in the living room while Odeta was helping us make some tea after we came back. I had wanted to do it but Odeta insisted on it.

I chuckled, "Did you forget? I told you I used to train in that dungeon so I've already killed those monsters so many times that I have way more materials than I know what to do with. Giving those away is really not a problem for me."

She frowned, "Still… We're already imposing on you by staying here and you even used that healing salve on Odeta, it doesn't sit right that we're getting all of this for free. How about I pay you for those materials?"

I was about to reject it again when I thought of something.

"I don't exactly need the money… But if you want to pay me for it, there is something I want from you."

That got her attention as she leaned forward with a raised eyebrow, "Oh? What is it? I don't think there's much more I can train you in, though?"

I looked at her with a serious face, "Let me touch your abs."

She blinked at me.

Her usual clothes only covered her top and waist, so they were already on full display at the moment.

It seems like Amraps' usual state of dress covers the bare minimum amount of skin, usually only consisting of cloth that wraps around their chest and waist while showing off the rest of their skin.

Ardi is a good few heads taller than me and much larger in size with her muscular frame and I honestly have fantasised about being wrapped up in her muscular thighs once or twice.

That may be too much to ask for right now but I definitely want to touch those buns of hers and rub my face on them.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" She asked.

"Let me touch your abs," I repeated.

She looked down at her abs, then back at me, pointing a finger at her belly.

I nodded, still maintaining my serious face.

Ardi gave me an incredulous look, "Don't you have your own?"

I lifted my own shirt to show that while I had the hints of one, mine weren't as pronounced as hers was.

"But why? They're nothing special. Heck, if you were to tell me to give you all the money I have on me right now, I would have accepted it too."

"I just want to touch them… They look so nice… Like chocolate buns…" I drooled.

Ardi chuckled, "Pfft! You're not going to eat me are ya? Oh whatever, go ahead then! If something like this is enough to pay for those wyvern materials, then I certainly wouldn't mind!"

I immediately leapt onto her lap and started rubbing my face on those nice, solid abs of hers. Unnngghh! They feel so nice to rub~

They're so firm but at the same time also squishy and soft in the right places… I can't help but squeeze them!

Right at that moment, Odeta came out from the kitchen holding three cups of tea.

"Eh? What is big sister Aster doing?"

I grinned at her, "Fufufu~ I'm enjoying your sister Ardi's abs!"

"Abs?" Odeta parroted, looking down at her flat stomach.

"Ahaha! Don't worry about it little sister!" Ardi chuckled while patting my head. "You'll get them too when you grow up! Still, you really seem to be enjoying this huh, Aster?"

"Mmhmm~ They're so nice to touch~ Don't tell me you've never tried touching another girl's abs before?"

"Huh? Why would I? If I want to mate with another Amrap, I'll just mate with them. Touching their abs won't do anything would it?"

Sigh, this girl doesn't understand the beauty of a fit girl's abs. It's ok because I do, so I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this~

Unexpectedly, I felt my own shirt being raised and I looked down to see Odeta peeking at my own belly curiously.

I giggled, "Unfortunately, my body is of the slim type, so I won't be able to grow abs as prominent as your sister's."

I picked a specific body type during the character creation after all, so unless I devoted a huge chunk of time into just pure strength training, my body won't be changing shapes anytime soon.

Even though I said that, Odeta still laid her head down on my belly.

"Unn… Sister Aster… Feels nice."

"Heh, isn't that great, Aster?Odeta's already really attached to you, almost enough to make me feel jealous!" Ardi laughed.

Odeta ignored her big sister's teasing, opting to cuddle herself against me while I laid my head on Ardi's lap.

I felt a hand brush against my head and I looked up to see the older Amrap smiling down at me.

"I've been meaning to ask this, but you have no siblings, do you, Aster?"

I shook my head. I was an only child in both this World and the previous one, so unfortunately I didn't have the joy of experiencing what having siblings is like.

Ardi's smile widened, "In that case, I hope you can forgive us for putting you through that little stunt of ours to make you our sister."

"Oh, I don't mind at all. I've actually wondered what it would be like to have siblings. We may only have been together for about a week but… It's fun," I admitted.

Before this, the only other person I had that was close to me was Mother and even though I've grown to love her, I had no one else close to my age that I could spend my time with.

That's why… Even just the three of us laying here… It feels nice.

"Kukuku! In that case, I guess it's finally time for our long awaited bonding session!!" Ardi yelled, leaping up on her feet.

Before I could even ask what she was talking about, she had lifted me up in a princess carry and dashed her way up the stairs with Odeta following closely behind her.

"Eh? Wait, what are you doing?!" I squealed.

My question was completely ignored as Ardi burst into the bathroom with me still in her arms.

Ardi dropped me onto the bathing stool and before I knew it, she had already pulled my shirt over my head.

"EHHHH??!" I screamed, using my hands to cover my chest reflexively. "What are you doing?!"

"Ahahaha! What are you, a maiden?! Oh wait, you are. Ahahaha! This is just bonding between sisters! Come now, don't be shy!" Ardi laughed, pulling her own shirt free to reveal her naked chest.

"Bathing with sisters is fun, sister Aster!" Odeta cheered, also pulling her shirt over her head without an ounce of shame.

I suppose that's not surprising since we're all supposed to be girls here but… But I'm not exactly a girl you know! I need to escape from here!

I tried to get up but Ardi had already moved behind me and unclipped my bra, letting my bosoms bounce free from their confines. How is she so good at removing it despite not wearing one herself?! Do you know how difficult it was for me to get used to wearing them?!

"Now, now, Aster! It's tradition for Amrap sisters to bathe together! Surely you won't begrudge us for this, right?!"

I covered my chest with my hands and backed away towards the wall, "That's definitely a lie! There's no such thing is there?!"

Ardi was licking her lips rather suggestively, "Heh, heh~ There's nothing to hide between sisters right? It's just a bonding session between us sisters!"

Why are you laughing like some perverted old man!

Oh wait! I almost forgot! You literally masturbated to the thought of me showing off my strength on the first night of staying here!!

Odeta just had to come in with those puppy dog eyes, "Does big sister Aster hate us?"

"No! I don't! It's just--"

Unfortunately, while I was preoccupied with trying to assure Odeta that I do not hate her, Ardi had made her move and pulled down my pants before I could stop her.

And right there, revealed for all of them to see was my erect manhood that my own panties were barely restraining.

The two Amraps stared at my bottom for a good few seconds before I shrieked and covered it with my hands.

"Aster… You're a futa?" Ardi asked.

"Y… Yes…" I muttered, a little worried what might happen.

"Damn… Alright, I've decided, Aster!" Ardi stood back up suddenly with a resolute expression on her face. "I'm gonna have you as my mate once you've grown up!!"

"Not fair big sister Ardi! I want sister Aster as my mate too!" Odeta added with her fists clenched at her sides.


Chapter 39 Dungeon Diving With A Party
Chapter 41 Dragon Hunting With My Sisters