What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

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Chapter 42 Childhood Promise
Chapter 44 You Can Never Have Too Much Magic

Chapter 43 School Is Delayed

It has been a little more than three weeks since I've welcomed Ardi and Odeta to our home. Three weeks where I've experienced the joy of having siblings that genuinely care about me.

And now… It was time for us to be separated.

A short distance from the cliffs of my home and anchored out at sea was a caravel here to pick up Ardi and Odeta.

I had flown both of them over to the ship and even deposited the wyvern materials that I agreed to give Ardi within the ship's hold.

Ardi had refused the dragon materials vehemently though, with part of the reason being that they didn't have enough space in the ship to transport that anyway while the other part being they were too valuable for them to even think of claiming it from me.

She then silenced all protests from me by hugging me to her chest.

Now it's just a matter of preparing the ship before they can cast off.


"I still don't understand why you're so fascinated by this…" Ardi sighed as I rubbed my face on her abs.

"I don't want to leave sister Aster…" Odeta cried, rubbing her own face on my stomach.

The other Amraps of Ardi's Mercenary group were looking at us with warm expressions on their faces.

Odeta looked up at me with teary eyes, "Will I see sister Aster again?"

Ardi chuckled, "Hey, she's going to be enrolled in school! We can go drop by the next time we pass through the capital city! If you want to, we can just send letters through our carrier birds!"

"It's a promise?" Odeta asked through her tears.

"Yes, I promise," Ardi patted both of our heads.

Odeta finally let go of me and I also released myself from hugging Ardi's abs.

We shared one more tearful goodbye before I leapt up into the air, waving at them as their ship lowered their sails and raised the anchor.

Odeta and Ardi waved back at me, the three of us waving at each other until the ship was finally out of sight, leaving me alone again.

Ironically… For all those years in the other World, I had gotten used to living alone… Who knew after such a short time, I would grow to no longer desire such loneliness?

At least this was not a final farewell and there's still a good chance of us meeting again.

For now… I should just continue my own training and grow even stronger in preparation for my trip around the world!

Once I've reached that level, it wouldn't matter where the people I care about are for I can simply go to them whenever I want.

With that resolution, I flew back home and landed in front of the house, entering through the front door.

"Ara, ara? Has my child already said your goodbyes?"

I froze, looking up to see Mother appearing from the kitchen with an apron tied around her waist.

"Mo… Mommy? When did you come back?"

"Ara, ara~ I returned here about a week ago, my little one. But I saw you've brought in some visitors so I decided to wait until they leave before showing myself."


"Ufufufu~ My child looked like you were having so much fun, so Mama didn't want to disturb you~"

"Ummm… You didn't have to, mommy, I would have been happy to introduce you to them. They made me their sister too."

"Ara, ara? Those two Amraps made you go through their trial? How exciting! Do you think they will call me mommy too? Hmm… On second thought, I only want my child to call me that~ Putting that aside! Aren't you forgetting something, my sweet child?"

I tilted my head at her, wondering what she was talking about until I saw the smile on her face.

I giggled, "Welcome home, Mommy. And… I'm home."

"Ufufufu~ Welcome back home to you too, my dear! Now come here and give Mama a hug!"

Leaping into her arms, I let myself be lost in her embrace as I felt relieved that I wouldn't be alone even after Ardi and Odeta left.

"Fufufu~ There, there~ My little one has been working hard, yes? Mama is proud of you~"

I looked up from in between Mother's bosoms, "What about school, mommy?"

At my mention of that, her face turned sour, "They want my little one to wait another two years before they let my child enrol in the school."

"Is there a reason why?"

"Tch… Their little prince is also attending the school and would be graduating in another two years. After knowing that my little one intended to enrol, they requested that the prince be allowed to graduate as the best student before my little one comes along."

Mother actually clucked her tongue in annoyance when she was recounting that… Although…

"What does the prince have anything to do with me?"

Mother hugged me closer to her chest, "Ufufufu~ The moment they heard that my little one managed to defeat a Frost Wyvern monster all on your own, they were afraid that your presence there would steal the limelight from the prince!"

A figurative lightbulb lit up inside my head.

"Let me guess… The academy depends on the Royal Family of the Lehcarouc Kingdom to function?"

"Ara, ara! My little one is so smart! There's no way their stupid little prince can be better than my child! That is correct, the Lehcarouc branch of Aerialla Academy gets most of its funding from the Royal Family themselves, so if something were to happen that would displease them, they would also be in a lot of trouble!"

Makes sense I suppose. If a ten year old like me showed up with the ability to solo such monsters, I would definitely stand out quite a bit, even if my family background is humble…

I paused in my line of thinking and looked around the expensive furniture that decorated the room.

Ahem… I mean… Even if my family background is not a Royal one like the prince's.

"Ah! But if my little one wishes to attend the school right away, Mama can arrange that too! No pesky prince is going to stop my little one from doing what she wants!" Mother added cheerily.

"Mother… Wouldn't that be lese majeste?"

"Ara, ara? What is that? Is it a new kind of sweet, my child?"

"Umm… I mean wouldn't that be going against the Royal Family? They wouldn't be happy with us right?"

"Ufufufu~ What are they going to do? Declare war on Mama for something like this?"

I frowned slightly.

Thinking back, it sounds like the academy was pleading with her and even if she pushes through with her own decision, the Royal family wouldn't do anything either…

I looked up at Mother, "Mommy… Who are you, really? You are someone important in the Lehcarouc Kingdom, yes?"

"Ufufufu~ Mama is Mama, nothing else~" She giggled, booping me on the nose.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she didn't want to tell me, not that it affects me much anyway.

If I had to guess, Mother is probably some kind of retired official, maybe a former Prime Minister? Or perhaps even a relative to the current Royal Family?

No, the last one shouldn't be possible. She's a Meslatar and the Kingdom has been ruled by Mahuns for generations so my guess is that she was a former official occupying an important position.

That would explain why she could afford all these expensive belongings and even have something that prevents my [Screened] from checking her stats.

In fact, it would also explain what Ardi's Mercenary group was saying about trespassing. These lands must have been granted to Mother for her services, which means she's the owner of this part of Dragon Sanctuary.

I feel like there's more to it than just that but without any other information, it's hard for me to dig up anything. Coupled with the fact that I really don't give much of a damn about this in the first place, I don't really feel the need to find out anyway.

But in regards to the school thing…

"I'm fine with waiting, Mommy. Like this, I get to spend more time with Mommy here too!"

"Ahhhhh~ My most precious child! Mama loves you so muuuuuuch! If that's what my little one wants, then Mama will wait until that pesky prince leaves!"

Well, a part of the reason why I don't mind waiting was also due to the fact that I knew I was younger than the average age of the children attending the school. With the fact that my body already looks older than it should be, I would definitely stand out a lot if I went there now.

I don't have a problem with standing out, it's just that most of the time it just isn't worth it.

Just look at my previous life, I stood out and not in a bad way either, yet I was still treated like an outsider.

That's why this time I'm going to try to be as normal as possible, make some friends and have a nice, sweet filled school life while I'm there!

Yep, great plan!

In the meantime… I suppose I should just make sure to step up my training to make sure I'm ready for the outside world!

Chapter 42 Childhood Promise
Chapter 44 You Can Never Have Too Much Magic