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Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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It all started on January/16/3054 when a group of explorers discovered a cave that had been hidden in the shadows since the existence of man.

It suddenly appeared out of nowhere, in a desolate desert where the temperature of the sun could kill a man in a few hours as a result of dehydration.

However, what piqued people’s Interest was the water fountain gushing out of the cave endlessly…

There was also an entrance to the cave, but people couldn’t enter, no matter how hard they tried because as soon as they tried to force their way in, some ancient runes that were engraved onto the entrance of the cave would light up and obliterate the invaders into nothingness.

The military tried to break down the strange cave several times by launching various types of missiles and nuclear weapons, but they couldn’t put a scratch on it, and the water was also left unscathed by the barrage of attacks on the cave.

The cave became a center of attraction due to the mystery behind it. The world’s greatest scientists and gurus were unable to unravel the physics and phenomenon of the cave appearing out of nowhere, but they were able to study the longevity of the cave’s existence, and they discovered that it was as old as the appearance of the first humans.

On one fateful day, thousands of families visited the cave for vacation and tourism. It had become a routine for most families to visit the cave every vacation because the water spewing out from the cave was discovered to be a gem. It could cure infertility, strokes, limb regeneration and so many illnesses that doctors had deemed incurable.

Some religious people also claimed that the water could solve financial problems and remove curses laid on a person. The cheers and giggles of happy families could be heard all around the outskirts of the cave as they struggled to have a drink from the legendary ‘Azure water’.

The military built countless canopies, hotels, and inns on the outskirts of the cave, so that the people would be able to survive the harsh climate of the desert. The military also implemented rules and precautions that were to be followed within the small tourist park called ‘Heavenly Descent’, which they also later discovered generated a whopping amount of revenue every year.

The rules and precautions were laid down due to the continuous violations and rip-offs that greedy people and criminals who came with evil intentions would often do against the innocents. While some people came to fetch an enormous amount of the profound water in order to sell it at a higher price to the rich men who couldn’t go through the struggles of getting the water themselves.

However, on this joyous day, a boy with a big scar running down from his right eye to his left chin was sad and bored. Due to his greed, he was curious about what was inside the cave, despite knowing the dangers that lay ahead.

He sneaked past the guards skillfully, since his profession was stealing and looting. Later on, he arrived at the entrance of the cave as his heartbeat throbbed faster and with every step that he took, it felt like it was going to blow up.

“If I die, so be it! At least I will get to see the treasure inside before I die, and my name will be told throughout history” The boy muttered, and he hopped into the entrance.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A soothing sensation engulfed him as he entered the cave, in his mind he thought he was dying.



The boy screamed and clutched his head in pain, as he hit his head on a hard surface.

“Eh, where am I? I didn’t die!” the boy muttered as he kept checking out his dark surroundings. He brought out his phone from his pocket and sighed with relief when he saw that the screen was still working despite the numerous cracks, then he turned on his flashlight.

“Oh, God of Mollies!” the boy mumbled, and he began to tremble at the sight in front of him.

There were a few gigantic statues with red glowing eyes that seemed to be staring at him.

The boy gulped loudly and backed away. However, he felt his back hit something sturdy, then he turned his head and saw hundreds of statues with crimson eyes staring at him with creepy smiles carved on their faces.

“Ahhhh!! Please don’t kill me!!” The boy screamed and peed in his pants as hundreds of thousands of red glowing eyes started to appear.

Suddenly, a big pillar shot out from the ground, a few meters away from him and a black orb pulsating with a cyan glow could be seen on the pillar. The statues turned their heads toward the boy with their creepy smiles and directed him towards the orb by turning their heads in rhythm.

The boy cursed inwardly and walked towards the glowing orb with shaky legs. When he arrived in front of the orb, he placed his right hand on it so as to pick up the orb. However, the orb didn’t budge; instead, the green glow began to shine brightly while it began to drain the boy’s blood, rendering him helpless.

POOSH!!!!!! SWOOSH!!!!!!!!

A bright green light suddenly shot out of the orb and pierced the cave, like concentrated water, aiming for the sky. The boy collapsed instantly as the orb finished draining his blood before it exploded.

The cave shook violently as the green light kept piercing the sky and getting wider. People began to panic and run for their lives, as the whole world began trembling. The Green energy filled the entire world, and humans thought that the end of the world had finally arrived. Green vines also began to sprout and grow from the core of the earth, and rifts started appearing in the skies.

Different types of strange beasts started appearing from the rifts and began attacking humanity. At the same time, alien races started to appear and mutants started popping out as well. Humans fought back with all they had, but the beasts and the mutants were too strong, as a single creature could kill a full battalion within a few minutes, causing humans to become almost extinct.

After a few years of struggling against the beasts and mutants, they made a peace treaty with the aliens. Meanwhile, the population of humans had already dropped to a total of 1 billion. Also, after the treaty, strange changes began happening to humans. Many discovered that they could blast a mountain with their bare fist and were able to perform various stunts and manipulate different elements, which were things that were formerly impossible to do.

Humans called these strange powers ‘innate abilities’, and with these powers they fought back against the beasts and mutants with all they had, along with the alien races. Finally, they were able to send them back through the rifts, sealing them temporarily.

Humans discovered that the rifts were linked to several beast planets and the energy that the vines emitted was known as MANA, which empowered the super humans. Hence, the earth evolved into a world of fiction that people had never imagined. A world where one without a superpower was trash.

Humans realized that the innate ability could be transferred to their off-springs or by copulating with the aliens. Some crazy scientists were also able to replicate the abilities into crystals that were carved from specific beasts. These crystals granted people who didn’t have any ability the power to wield one.


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Chapter 2