I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 2

Eating, sleeping, having sex, and gaming. Yes! these are my hobbies…

My name is Jake Mystro….. I’m a pure blood vampire, who lives on earth with my family….. However, I’m basically trash because I don’t have any ability…

My appearance is very human-like, and I have perfect control over my bloodlust unlike other vampires out there.

The existence of my abilities may be void, however, it does not make me a pushover either. I have many beast items that make up for my weaknesses…..

More over, I’m neither poor nor rich… I’m just an average guy.

My beast gears are at the basic tier and intermediate tier. They are low-beast items, but are expensive as hell. And to top it all off, my darkest secret is that I have a crush on my sister.

In this world, humans and demi-humans lived together after the strange phenomenon that happened decades ago. And which destroyed our home planet as a result of several spatial rifts that were linked to earth opening and causing our planet to explode.

We signed a peace treaty with the humans and lived together in peace, since they were the cause of our doom. At the same time, the earth was too small to contain all of us, thus, many poor humans and demi-humans were forced to live on other beast planets that were linked to earth through the spatial rifts.

Of course, I wasn’t born at that time, after all I’m just 17 years old. However, every single event was written and passed down throughout history.

We can now travel to numerous beast planets effortlessly by using teleporters, which were invented by a renowned scientist called Edgar Frost.

He along with various other scientists were also able to replicate Innate abilities into what we call an ‘Ability Crystal’. Which serves as an artificial means for people who don’t have an ability. Nevertheless, the price of a single ability crystal will make you puke blood.

Currently, I’m lying down on my bed, half-asleep with a sleeping mask on my face…..

My alarm had sounded about 20 minutes ago… If I’m to guess.

7am is the fixed time that I’m supposed to wake up since I have to attend high school.

However, the hot session between me and a certain woman yesterday was making me a little exhausted…

Suddenly, I hear a growling sound, very close to the vicinity of my room…


I immediately spring up from my bed like I was electrocuted, removing the sleeping mask on my face…

Damn! A zombie…

At this scene, I quickly pick up my beast dagger and activate a skill on it before dashing towards the window of my room.

Looking through the window, I see a level one zombie, trying to force its way through my window…..

Although, no matter how hard it tries, it won’t be able to leave a dent in my window, since even a level 10 zombie will have a hard time breaking through it… And it’s almost impossible to find a level 10 zombie, since they are all killed before they can even evolve into a higher level…

I tighten my grip on the dagger and dash towards the window…

Arriving at the window, I switch the lever, causing the window to flip open.


The zombie growls at me as I open the window and try to climb inside.

Swoosh! Slash!!

I crouch and swing my dagger in a horizontal pattern, causing the head of the zombie to be cleanly cleaved off… At the same time, I thrust my right foot forward, kicking its headless body down, and watch it as it falls to the ground and turns into a kebab.


I spit out the disgusting blood of the zombie on my lips while the active skill of my dagger wears off.

Although, I wouldn’t have been able to cleanly cut the zombie’s head if it wasn’t for my beast dagger, which has an active skill that makes it sharper than a thousand blades.

‘But….how was that zombie able to climb to my window?’

It doesn’t make sense…

I take a large towel and wipe off the bloody mess of the zombie while I gaze through my window…

I can see people below, staring at the zombie’s corpse, as they also wonder how it had climbed up.

I’m living in a duplex, so it is almost impossible for a low-level zombie to climb.

During the calamity, when the strange energy known as MANA spawned on earth, it granted people an Innate ability. However, it had the opposite effect on some people. Some humans turned into strange monsters known as zombies, while some demi-humans also turned into disgusting and ferocious monsters known as mutants.

Yuk! They are so disgusting.

Everyone tried to wipe them out, however, their population kept increasing. That’s why a group of people known as ‘Hunters’ were assigned to eliminate the high-level mutants, zombies, and beasts that managed to escape through a portal and invade earth. While the low-level ones were left for the people to kill. All in all, low-level zombies didn’t serve as a threat.

I dispose of the towel by throwing it away through the window… I don’t care if it falls on someone’s head…

Thereafter, I take off my pajamas and my underwear, and walk towards the mirror that is hanging up in my wardrobe.

I’m 1.9 meters tall with chiseled abs and concrete biceps, which is the trait of almost all male vampires. I have a long, fierce face with crescent-shaped brows and glowing crimson eyes, due to my nature as a pureblood demon. My hair is night black and looks rough due to my carefree attitude of not maintaining my hair properly.

Nonetheless, I’m very handsome, even compared to other vampires, which makes them try to bully me. Either way, I have my beast items, so I’m always ready to put up a good fight with anyone of my age who intends to step on my face.

Although i am a student, I’m able to afford all these items thanks to my parents, who are travelers.

Travelers are a group of trained and experienced people, who hunt beasts on beast planets for their crystals. They consist of different ranks and factions, which I’m not really concerned about since I did not even live with my parents even as a kid.

I barely knew my parents while growing up, as I have only met them twice. Ever since I knew the difference between right and left, my sister and I were left to live alone. They only send me and my sister our feeding allowance, which is always a reasonable amount of money.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Get your lazy ass down here, Jake!…”

O’boy! My Uncle’s wife is here, damn, she must not check my sheets this morning or else she will discover that there is jeez on it…

I dash toward my bed to remove the sheet that I made a mess in. However, before I can reach my bedside, I see the mechanism of my door being opened from behind…

Fuck me sideways.~ I should have known that her fingerprint was embedded in my door’s security…



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Chapter 1
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