I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 7

“All 12th-grade students should assemble In the colosseum right now! I repeat, all 12th-grade students should assemble in the colosseum right now!” A mechanical voice says as I alight from my sister’s car.

Looking up at where the sound is coming from, I see numerous black drones flying in the sky.

These drones are always guarding the school and keeping zombies and mutants from carrying out an invasion.

Moreover, they are also used for making announcements, occasionally.

“Jake!” A voice sounds from behind.

Looking back, I realize that she hasn’t left yet.


“Sis, what are you still doing here? Won’t you leave for work?” I ask with worry on my face since my sister is getting a pretty good income. I wouldn’t want her to lose her job, now that jobs are pretty hard to find. Unless one wants to become a Traveler or Hunter, which comes with too much risks.

“Will you come here instead of scolding me?” Misty replies with a pout as she descends from her car and begins to walk toward me.

I didn’t even see how my sister was moving because it’s a pretty long distance between us, but right now, my sister suddenly appears in front of me.

Such agility…

Not even my beast items can compete with it.

Before I can understand what is going on, my sister suddenly wraps her arms around my neck and begins to kiss me.

Fuck!…. Must it be in public!?

I want to push her and stop it, but man, just like a horny dog, I also start to kiss her and fight for control.

After kissing for a few seconds, we separate our lips, parting with a thread of saliva.

From the corner of my eyes, I notice that hundreds of students are now staring at us.

But fuck, the lucky thing is that most of them are rushing to the colosseum due to the announcement made by the drones.

The ones staring at me are freshers who are either in the 9th or 10th grade. Nonetheless, they also begin rushing to make it to their classes.

“Why did you do that, sis?” I ask after the kiss.

“Well, I want to let everyone know that you are taken because I don’t trust all these girls with tiny legs, hmphs…..” Misty snorts.

“That was so childish of you, sis. What have you done? The rumors will start to spread! They know that you are my sister!” I tell her with a long sigh….

Kissing me one more time and screaming that “He’s mine,” Misty begins to walk away, steadily swinging her fine ass in slow motion.

‘Sigh…. My sister surely knows what I like…’

Shaking my head, and letting out a long sigh…

I start to walk amidst the mob of students that are also rushing to the colosseum.

Although some of them are going to their classes, most of the students I am seeing right now are the ones that I recognize.

Only the 12th-grade students have the balls of steel to come late to school at this hour.

Moreover, apart from the demi-humans and humans living on this planet. We also have some anomalies such as; Beast-kins and witches.

Beast-kins are a race that are part demi-humans and part beast. They came to be due to some degenerates forcibly mating with some intelligent beasts in the past, along with some illegal scientific research that became approved by Edgar Frost, the mad scientist.

While beasts tend to act on instincts and spawn from a nest, Beast-kins act sane just like any other human or demi-human and also reproduce just like them.

In fact, they look almost like demi-humans but certain parts of their bodies which are that of a beast, are what makes them look different.

Examples of beast-kins are; Harpies, Behemoths, Centaurs, Nekos, Earthborns e.t.c….

There are many of them living on this planet and other planets. Even humans categorize them as demi-humans but we demi-humans always deny that fact for some reason.

As for the witches, well, should I say that they are a bunch of weirdos? They all consist of women and they look exactly like humans. To top it all off, they can live as long as a vampire or Dragon. So to simply put it, they are a strong race.

Though, when I was a kid, my grandfather always told me that witches are also humans but they are special beings that have an affinity for something they call Magic. Dark Magic, to be precise, just like old man Duke told me.

Suddenly, I feel a heavy palm land on my shoulder.

“Tony,” I mutter.

“Hahaha, you bastard, how can you tell that it is me?” Tony laughs sheepishly and begins to walk side by side with me.

Tony is one of my best friends in this high school, he’s a human but he’s pretty much hated amongst his peers just because he doesn’t have any ability, just like me.

He’s pretty short compared to me, standing at 1.7 meters. With black, rough, curly, unkempt hair.

Well, birds of the same feathers flock together. *Cough*

He also has large, green eyes, with dark bags always under his eyes like he was deprived of sleep. It’s not like his body rejected an artificial ability like my body, he was just unable to purchase it because he came from a poor background.

“Hey, Jake, you know— I know your secret, fufufu….” Tony tells me with a wide grin.


This bastard knew about it…..

“W-What do you mean?” I fake cluelessness.

“Tch… if you won’t admit it, I will tell the others,” His grin grows wider.

“Fuck!…you bitch! What is even there about me kissing my sister! We are even gonna get married soon,” I grit my teeth as I give him a reply.


“Wait, I was talking about the fact that you and Zella are always having sex inside the toilet or infirmary,” Tony replies with an odd look on his face.


It was at this moment, that I knew I fucked up…

“Hahaha, that….well, she got horny yesterday….so she dragged me into the toilet…

By the way, do you know the reason why we are going to the colosseum?” I ask, trying to change the topic.

However, Tony is still giving me an odd look.

“Damn…you vampires are weirdos…” Tony mutters and shakes his head.

Shit!…this bastard….how dare he?

“Jake, are you going to gamble with me today?” Tony asks with excitement on his face.

“Sorry, man….I promised my sister not to gamble again…” I reply, shaking my head at the idea.

Although I won’t lie, gambling is embedded in my blood, I don’t know if I can leave it…sigh….

It’s as though I inherited it from my grandfather.


What do I expect, after all, you are going to marry your sister.” Tony tells me with an evil grin.


“Tony, if you dare tell the others about it, I’ll fuck your sister, you know she has a crush on me…hehehe.

Her moans are gonna be sweet…kek.” I reply to Tony, with a superior smirk on my face.

“You~ piece of shit!! Don’t you dare touch her!” Tony grits his teeth, as he tries to catch up with me.

“Last warning! All 12th-grade students should assemble at the Colosseum with immediate effect!!!”

The mechanical voice sounds again, giving an intense warning.

“Fuck!!~” Tony and I curse in unison.



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Chapter 6
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