I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 6

“Jake, what about Zella? Are you going to break up with her?”


“I don’t know…. I feel bad for Zella but I’m going to break up with her one of these days, because I’ve been noticing something strange about her…” I tell Misty with an expressionless face.

I have been noticing some odd behaviors in Zella these past few days and have even seen her hanging out with some of my adversaries at school…. I’m quite worried but I can’t tell my sister about it.

“Are you okay?” Misty asks me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I reply, while she simply raises her eyebrows a little and doesn’t reply…

I give out a long sigh after seeing my sister like this…. Her face is showing her intense jealousy and hatred for Zella.

“Sister, are you jealous?”

“J-Jealous about what?…”

“You know, a sister can’t hide her feelings from her brother who is also her lover. I bet no one knows you better than me sis….

I can tell that you feel like ripping Zella into chunks of meat, am I right?” I ask with a disapproving look on my face.

“H-How can you say something l-like that! I don’t really mean to rip her into chunks of m-meat. I just want to rip off some bones here and there… I-It’s not like I want to kill her, but If she is doing anything suspicious to my brother, I won’t think twice before silencing her ….” Misty starts to babble as she drives, with severe jealousy showing on her face which she tries to cover with a smile.

“Sister, as I said, I’ll keep my promise… Do I look like a joke to you? In fact, let me prove my words to you.” I tell her and instantly dip my hand into my back pocket.

In the next moment, I bring out a black, fancy ring which has some strange runes carved on it. This ring is one of my beast items and it’s made from the crystal of a basic tier beast called water Kraken.

This ring buffs my agility for 5 seconds when activated. It’s the most useless item I have ever purchased but at this moment, it’s the perfect ring that I can use to propose to my sister, as it looks fancy and attractive enough for a beauty like her.

With the ring now on display in front of my sister, she also pulls over.

In the next moment, I grab her left hand and go on my knees.

“Will you marry me, Misty?” I ask, flashing a radiant smile at her.

Before I can even react, Misty jumps on me, causing the seat of the car to automatically tilt backward.

“You idiot! Do you even have to ask? Just put it on my finger already!!” Misty giggles in excitement as she puts her left hand forward to obtain her ring.

Wasting no time, I grab her fourth finger and put the ring on it….

“Oh my…. It looks adorable…. I’ll flash it at my workplace and let those losers know that I’m getting married in a year’s time… fufufu” She giggles looking extremely excited as she checks out the ring.

But man…. I’m not really feeling good right now. To begin with, will she tell her colleagues that her kid brother proposed to her?

Thinking about how shameless my sister is makes me want to put my face in my hands.

Furthermore, the position we are currently in is quite dangerous.

My sister is currently sitting on my lap, with her crotch pressing against my little willy, and my face buried deep in her cleavage.

Fuck!…. I can’t take it anymore…

In the next moment, I move my face towards her and plant a kiss on her red juicy lips.

Changing the direction of my face, I move it towards her cleavage, slowly pulling down her blouse, leaving only her bra which could barely contain her massive boobs and prevent it from spilling.

Her bra right now looks as though it could snap at any moment if not careful.

Treading with caution, I start to kiss my sister’s cleavage.

“Sister, you said your jugs are full of milk right? I’m going to suck them dry, right now and then…” I tell her assertively with a mischievous grin forming on my face.


“J-Jake, don’t do that, it tickles~ ahn~ just stop it already. You are late for school and I think you are also underestimating the amount of milk that my boobs accumulated.” Misty leaks out small moans as I lick her cleavage while she stops me from unstrapping her bra.

However, while she was doing that, I also had another surprise for her. Though it wasn’t my fault, I just couldn’t control a certain part of my body.

“Jake, what are you doing? Why are you hard? A-And why are you caressing me down there?” My sister exclaims in surprise as she realizes that only her panty is covering her pussy.

“Oh my…. Do you want to do it really badly with me? When did you even remove my shorts?” My sister asks in surprise as she separates her body from mine and instantly wears her shorts back, then returns to her seat.

“Sigh… you got me excited, sis… I really want to fuck you right now.” I tell my sister with a frustrated look on my face, pointing at the tent in my pants.

“Ahh~ did I?” My sister exclaims again.

Then she continues, “Don’t forget that I’m a virgin, d-do you want to eat me up in a place like this? Besides, we can’t have sex without getting married first. If I’m to look at the vampire criteria, it even feels so wrong….”

“Are you changing your mind now sis?”

“No, I’m not. We just can’t have sex right now. Just take a look at Aurora, she never had sex with her husband before he died. We’ll do any other thing but down there is restricted.” My sister tells me with a very flushed face as she points at her crotch.

Sigh…. Am I gonna get blue balled?

“But, I can help with your raging boner, although, this will be my first time trying it.” Misty mumbles with a tomato red face as she crouches down and starts to unbuckle my pants….

Sometime later, I disburse my load into her mouth, which she lewdly shows me before gulping it down.

After satisfying my need and cleaning me up, she ignites the engine of the car and starts driving again.

Throughout the journey, we both have red faces with our hearts pounding very fast, something which is uncommon among vampires.

Sometime later, we arrive at the front of a very large building.

Pulling the car over, Misty kisses me on my cheek one more time with a red face.

Smiling back at her while interlocking fingers, I gaze through the car window, looking afar at a large familiar signboard with the words, ‘Springfield High School’ boldly written on it.



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Chapter 5
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