I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 9

In the next moment, with a sizzling sound, a projectile is suddenly shot into the sky by Edgar Frost, displaying the words ‘The Ruined Legacy Online’.

The podium begins to shake and the whole school is thrown into chaos, it seems the rest of the students are also listening to the announcement from their various classes.

I’m also thrilled right now, as adrenaline rushes through my veins. I have been dying to see this day for a very long time.

After five years of waiting, the hyped-up MMORPG Virtual Reality Console has finally been released. It’s a 100 percent realistic game that allows players to earn points that they can convert to money in real life after completing various missions.

According to the highlight, it is said to have amazing NPCs that behave just like humans and demi-humans.

Although the price of the game is…..

Edgar Frost suddenly waves his hand in the air, motioning for the students to keep calm.

“I’m pleased to know that you’re all thrilled about its release, and I hope that you will get one of them soon. I have created a platform called xxxxxxxxx, where you can order your console.

There are two types of consoles, the Supreme Max, and the Mini Charter.

The Supreme Max is a huge VR capsule that will allow the user to experience a high-end realistic experience and interact with amazing NPCs with 100 percent comfortability. The price is just 10,000 dollars.

While the Mini charter is a small helmet that costs 5,000 dollars. It can be used anywhere at any time with a reliable battery capacity of 500,000 MAH. The mini charter only has one downside which is that it isn’t as comfortable as the Supreme max.

But serious players can purchase both, as the mini charter will enable players to play at any time since it is a portable console…

To top it all off, your abilities and Mc cells will also be recorded by the game.” Edgar announces.

Suddenly, the podium goes silent as if everyone heard something unexpected. Meanwhile, I feel like puking blood right now, after hearing the exorbitant price he mentioned.

“That’s way too expensive! At least, the mini charter should be cheaper than that!”

“Fuck! I don’t even have up to 2000 dollars in my account!”

“Damn, you are still rich bruh…. I only have 10 bucks in my account. I have been eating mutated rabbits for 1 week now,”

“Eww, you are so disgusting!”

“Why didn’t you keep your promise? You said you would make the consoles cheap for as low as 1000–1,500 dollars!”

“Are we going to be able to fuck the NPCs?”

“Yeah….man, if we’re gonna pay such an amount, at least we gotta drain our balls!”

“Damn, you guys are weird…that isn’t even real…. You’ll only wet yourself In the real world!”

“Ahh….man…what the fuck are you saying? At least, I’ll get to fuck a beastkin in there. I’ve always wanted to fuck those chicks!”

“You elves have some weird tastes…. After all, it’s no doubt that humans have the sweetest moans,”

“Your horns are like my dick….you satyrs are also weird!”

The Colosseum turns into chaos as the students protest, while degens follow suit.

Edgar Frost simply smiles and waves his hands in the air again. As if using some kind of ability, the Colosseum suddenly goes silent again.

“I understand your plight, students… but think about the benefits—lads. Top players are going to make millions of dollars while mid-level players are also going to earn some bucks. As for the low-level players, they will have to step up their game, this is a dog-eat-dog world. And the most efficient thing is that all techniques, knowledge, and talents learned inside the game can also be used in the real world….

So isn’t it worth the price, or am I still unkind even after all this?” Edgar asks and walks to the front a little bit, allowing the student to have a perfect view of him.

Though the mask is still on his face…

“Fair deal! As long we can make money as top players,”

“You fool, the high-rank ability users are also going to participate! Plus, it’s going to become a faction thingy with a lot of bloodbaths!”

“Are you underestimating yourself? Once we remove this damned watch that has been sticking to our hands since when we were kids, we’ll know the extent of our ability…Just 3 days to go, hahaha ….”

“Don’t get your hopes too high, you are a fucking esper. You stand no chance. I’ll borrow some money and get this console!”

“Sweet! Are you getting the Supreme Max?”

The students begin to chatter amongst themselves with excitement about the release of the long awaited MMORPG.

I simply shake my head and glance at Tony who isn’t bothered by the cheers of the students and looking up at the podium, I see that Edgar Frost and Captain Craig are no longer there.

“What’s wrong Tony?” I ask as I pat him on his back.

“Man, why should I get excited? I have always been a loser with no ability. Heck, I come from a very poor home. If I ever have that amount of money I’d rather purchase an ability crystal.

But still….making money is hard as fuck! I have only survived this long thanks to you. And I don’t want to be a burden anymore! We are going to be adults in three days Jake, I think it’s time you stop taking care of others and start taking care of yourself…” Tony tells me with a depressed gaze as his eyes get watery like a tear is about to drop.

“It’s okay, man…. We’ll always find a way. The truth is that I was also planning to give you an ability crystal as a surprise. My sister bought it for me but my body rejected it, so it’s pretty useless to me…

By the way, let’s gamble after closing time. You never know, luck may be on our side today,” I tell Tony with a pat.

Tony’s face brightens and a smile forms on his face.

“You are the best, man. Thank you very much. I don’t even know how to repay your kindness…” Tony says and suddenly hugs me.

“Ara~Ara, that feels weird,” I reply jokingly as we separate.

“But…Jake, aren’t you worried about yourself? Your body is rejecting abilities. I’ve never heard of that type of phenomenon.” Tony utters with worry and guilt shown on his face.

“Well, I’ll support myself with stronger beast items till I awaken my innate vampire blood powers. Vampires are naturally strong with their blood powers, so I should be able to at least live a low-key life, after getting married to my sister.” I answer sincerely.

“I see…” Tony mutters in understanding.

I will sooner or later awaken my vampire blood powers just like my sister since we are pure bloods. I just don’t know what type of blood power it is or when I’m going to awaken it. In my sister’s case, her blood power is very complicated. Any time she uses it, she’s always scary and I don’t like that side of her.

That’s the reason why she only uses her ability which is healing rather than using her blood powers. Even during fights, my sister avoids using her blood powers.

“All students should return to their various classes. I repeat, all students should return to their various classes!”

The mechanical voice of the drones announces once again…


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Chapter 8
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