I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 10

After the announcement, everyone returned to their various classes, including me. There are many classes for the 12th-grade students which ranges from A-Z because of our population, the same goes for other grades.

Tony and I are in the bottom class, which is class Y & Z, the classes of all the losers and degens. Well, should I call myself a degen? Of course, I am….

I’m the only one in this class among my friends because of a certain incident that occurred when I was in the 9th grade. That incident also made me quite popular as the unshakable beast-man.

Well, I was actually nicknamed the unshakable beast-man because of my possession of various beast items which is almost impossible to get as a high school student regardless of how rich he/she might be. And as for me? Well…. I have my ways.

Though my possessions are mostly basic-tier items, it’s still a big deal for a high schooler who hasn’t started working or attending college.

I have just entered my class….and it’s pretty noisy here. The moment I enter, the class suddenly goes silent, as though I am a scourge. Only Berg and his lackeys continue talking.

The reason why Berg and his lackeys aren’t afraid is because….well, we are both degens and perverts, but the difference between us is that I don’t bully, and I don’t have any ability. Moreover, I am more of a lone fighter.

“Well well well, who do we have here? The unshakable beast-man…. Come join us, Jake!” Berg shouts the moment he sees me.

“Come on man, continue doing your thing, I’m not interested,” I reply with disgust on my face, as I walk to my seat in the back row. Berg has always wanted me to join his goons and even promised me Stan’s position, but I’m not interested in joining any kind of gang that does nothing but bully people.

I store my backpack in my locker and sit down on my seat…. Checking the time, I realize that it’s just 9 am on the dot. And there’s still no teacher here.

My eyes dart around the classroom for a particular person….and then, my eyes finally spot her in the front row of the classroom.

This girl is Zelle, my girlfriend. These days, she has been acting strange and unusual. The most annoying thing is that she has been secretly hanging out with my most hated enemy, in fact, the most hated enemy of all vampires. But our personal feud is on another level, for reasons even I do not know.

‘Just three more days to go bitch and I’ll finally dump you, you cheating whore. Nonetheless, before that, I’ll use you like the slut that you are and do despicable things to you.’ I mutter under my breath with my fists clenched.

As if she can hear my thoughts, she turns around and flashes a smile at me. Fuck…. however, this time around her smile won’t work. It won’t change the fact that she’s cheating and making me look like nothing but a cuck.

Sometime later, a teacher walks into our class and reaches the lectern. She’s Mrs. Jasmine, a tall, busty Naga woman with blonde hair. She’s in her early forties and to be honest, man….she’s hot as fuck. And at the same time, she’s all the boys puppy crush and material for masturbating. Well, I’ve also masturbated while thinking about her, *cough*.

“Such a fuckable milf….” A mouse-looking guy beside me mutters. Although, it’s not like he’s a mouse man. His mouth is just twisted and long in an odd way.

“Good morning class, I have an announcement to make. You are all going to graduate in three days, and the good news is that the application form for the supers academy is now available. You can get it from the school mart for as low as 150 dollars,” Mrs. Jasmine announces, flashing a dazzling smile.

Fuck!….her smile is mesmerizing, but what the heck, the price of the form is crazy! Are we going into a recession….?

“Whooo!!!! Yippee!!!” The whole class which contains about 90 students start to beam with excitement, not caring about the price. Even Berg and his lackeys are not excluded. The only person who isn’t excited right now is Zelle. She seems to have a perturbed look on her face.

Is the bitch feeling guilty already? How stupid of her to think that I wouldn’t know about it, even though I haven’t caught her red-handed while she was fucking him. But then what else could she be doing secretly with my most hated enemy?

Sometime later, Mrs. Jasmine finishes her lectures followed by two more lectures by the nerdy teachers, Mr. Kevin and Mr. Warner. However, they didn’t teach us much, instead they only gave us some kind of stupid orientation as graduating students.

It’s now lunchtime and most of the students are exiting the class. The broke dudes find their way to prey on the nerdy juniors for some quick bucks, while the normal ones decide to get something from the school mart or eat in the cafeteria.

I stand up from my seat and walk toward Zelle’s seat.

“Zelle, stand up and follow me,” I tell her.

Her body jerks in surprise as she hears my voice and turns her head to see me standing in front of her.

She simply nods her head and doesn’t say anything as she stands up from her seat.

Right now, I’m taking her somewhere to fuck her senseless and use her like the slut she is….


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Chapter 9
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