I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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“What does that have to do with me and how does it concern me when you spread your legs for other men….?” I ask with a deep frown and immediately dismiss the idea…with a threatening glare.

However, deep down I am scared as fuck right now… I mean, which man won’t be scared after hearing that a woman is pregnant for him while he is still in the early stages of his life… And to top it all off, the woman is a slut.

“H-He’s a dhampir, and dhampirs can only reproduce with other dhampirs because of their disordered genes. And you are the only one who has creampied me, therefore, you are responsible,” Zelle replies while still staring at the ground.

I simply let out a long sigh…

This is a small issue as long as there is money, and with the advanced technologies in this era, removing pregnancies is akin to taking a leak in the toilet.

“You know what to do, we can’t drag this any further…. Just get rid of that filth…” I reply and dip my hand into my pocket, removing a bundle of cash… This was the money that I was planning to use to gamble with Tony, Barry and Zach after school.

With the money now in my hand, I simply toss it to her… but she doesn’t catch it and instead lets it fall to the ground.

“That’s 4,000 dollars, it should be more than enough to get rid of it right? The abortion is about 3,000 dollars so you can keep the change, after all, you fuck around because of money right?” I tell her with disgust on my face.

“I…I” Zelle mutters as she stares at the money on the floor and picks it up with tears streaming down her face.

I don’t like seeing girls cry but this slut deserves it.

“I will abort the pregnancy…. But Jake, this is unlike you…*sniffs* W-Where is my Jake, Uwaaaaaaah!!!!” Zelle suddenly begins to cry profusely as holds the money with shaky hands….and looks at me with her tear-filled face.

I have never seen Zelle cry before and it kind of pains me to see her cry… After all, no one can heal instantly from a toxic breakup.

Looking back one last time, I grab the doorknob and exit the infirmary, leaving the crying figure of Zelle behind.

Letting out a long sigh…

I take a detour to the school cafeteria and join the long row of vampires, queuing to get a blood pack and slightly boiled red meat.

The school cafeteria provides different types of food for each race, and where I am standing right now is the vampires’ food outlet.

Well, red meat isn’t really for vampires, it’s for the werewolves and lycans. However, after several decades, vampire chefs discovered that cooking red meat with human blood makes it safe for us to consume.

After all, none of us would want to have vampire diarrhea…. Man, I don’t want to experience that shit again…. It happened to me two years ago when Barry forced me to take some ice cream. The worst part is even that, ice cream gives off an odor that is similar to a day-old baby’s poop.

I glance at the long queue and realize that It won’t reach my turn even in the next 20 minutes, as there are about 50 vampires in front of me.

With anger still swelling inside me, I stare at the guy at the front line that is about to collect his blood pack and meat… With a smirk on my face, I activate the beast gear on my ear which comes in the shape of an earring.

I have 10 beast gears in total but I used one to propose to Misty this morning, leaving me with nine. The one I’ve just activated now is the most reliable gear out of all my gears, as it increases my strength to a considerable amount…

This guy challenged me in public a few days ago, but we didn’t fight because of the warnings from the drones…. however, right now, I am going to fuck him up.

I walk past the rest of the vampires who are giving me a threatening glare. However, when they realize that it is me, they seal their mouth.

I get to the guy’s side and tap him on his shoulder… when he turns and sees me, his face turns pale…


Without wasting time, I launch my fist forward without holding back and land a blow on his stomach, as he is taller and bulkier than me.


My blow sends him backward, skidding across the cafeteria a few meters away, and stops when his back hits the wall… The moment he stops skidding, I realize that he has passed out and puked the food he had eaten at some point.

Everyone starts to chuckle as the guy called Brad was taken down by just a single punch from me… All the vamp chicks also start to boo and look at me in admiration… Including the other races in their food outlet.

Sigh…. If only I had broken up with Zelle earlier, I would have had a taste of these naive vamp chicks.

“Ayoo~! It seems like my little pumpum has been angered today,” A mature voice says, causing me to raise my head.

“Haha, Nana, I am sorry for causing a commotion…” I apologize.

Nana is the chef in charge of the food in the vampire section. She’s an old vampire who has lived for thousands of years. Although, there are no wrinkles or freckles on her skin, I can tell by just a glance. Humans assume that she is in her early forties….. This is because they can’t discern the age gap between vampires, as some vampires’ ancestors are more beautiful and younger than their descendants.

“Ho~Ho, this naughty boy…since when did you start to apologize? I guess you are now grown up, just come see this nana once in a while after you graduate,” Nana tells me as she hands over a tray of food containing two blood packs and two slices of red meat with a wink.

“I’ll surely remember my Nana,” I reply as I grab the tray, while Nana flashes a smile at me and gestures for the next person to come forward.

All the remaining vampires start to curse and grumble as they see me with a double portion of food, but they don’t dare to approach me.

I have always been showered with care by Nana since I was young because mom also graduated from this school and Nana took a liking to her.

I search for an empty table and chair and sit down to silently eat my food. I would have joined my friends at their table which is just a few meters away from me, but Barry and Tony are always scared when they see me bare my fangs and begin to suck on human blood…

They told me that whenever I drink blood they feel like I am sucking their own blood.

While taking a bite from the slice of red meat, I notice the shadow of a person approaching me through the reflection of the steel table.

“Long time no see, Jake….It’s time to keep to your promise,” A short mature woman tells me as she sits down opposite me, with a seductive grin on her face….


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