I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 13

A frown forms on my face the moment I see this woman who is a beastkin.

“Anne,” I utter…..

“Jake….. have you been hiding from me recently?” Anne asks, flashing a smile at me.

Anne, a Neko who is one of our school’s nurses, has a healing ability just like my sister. She’s the one in charge of class Y and Z in case any student is injured. She started working in our school a year ago and has taken a liking to me, which resulted in her asking me out.

However, I dismissed her confession….

A few days after her confession, she threatened to release a sex tape of me and Zelle. And in return for keeping my secret, she insisted that I have sex with her.

Although I could have reported her to the school authorities, she would have just denied it and used the video as a counterattack. I agreed to her offer but I have been denying her what she wants, knowing that I will soon graduate from this school.

“Jake, are you still going to keep me hanging? You don’t want to go out with me– you don’t want to have sex with me… Do you hate me that much?” Anne asks as she brings her face closer to mine, with her hot breath fanning my face.

Well, let me describe Anne…

She’s a hot, young Neko who is in her early 20s and standing at 1.6 meters with a curvy, sexy, model body. She’s well endowed in the chest region, as well as her backside which looks like it wants to tear her short white gown apart.

Her looks are average but unique due to her long red hair, and her cute fluffy ears which are wriggling in excitement right now.

I simply take another bite of red meat and sip some blood.

“I am not hiding from you,” I tell her without avoiding contact with her blue feline eyes.

“But you have been ignoring me– you won’t even pick up my calls or reply to my messages, yet you have been having sex with Zelle inside the infirmary almost every day!” She mutters with a frustrated look on her face, causing the other students to glance at my table.

They are looking at us curiously and with suspicious gazes because Anne is a hot nurse who is also one of the boys’ crushes and masturbating material.

“Where do you want us to meet?” I ask, taking another bite from the red meat.

Anne’s eyes suddenly sparkle and gleam with stars as she hears my response.



“Are you going to go out with me?”

“No, I am only going to have sex with you….” I answer.

Her eyes cloud over at my response like she is sad about it.

“What about your girlfriend?” She asks. “Should we go to the motel after school to avoid any form of embarrassment?”

“No, we don’t need to do all that. I want to fuck you inside your office without locking the door….

As for Zelle, you don’t have to worry about her, we are no longer dating…” I reply with a shrug.

As if another hope sparks in her, Anne’s eyes widen and begin to glimmer with new hope.

“I see…so that’s why she asked for permission to go home, saying she’s sick…” Anne mutters. “A-Are you going to date me?” She asks again with a faint blush on her face.

“I’m sorry Anne, you are a good woman who every man would want in his life, but I already have a woman in my life. In fact, we are going to get married soon…” I tell her and shake my head.

She simply lets out a sigh….

“I am happy that you told me politely, and I wish you a happy married life. Well, if you don’t mind, we nekos accept polygamy just like you vampires do…. So maybe…”

“It won’t work out, Anne, she will kill you. And I don’t want anything to happen to you, my wife-to-be is an extremely jealous woman and she won’t hesitate to kill you off,” I reply, immediately dismissing the idea.

“Sigh….that’s so sad. I just wonder who the lucky woman is. I have a taste for men, and you have been the only man I have ever liked in my whole 22 years of living. To top it all off, you are also the first man who doesn’t look at me with lust…” Anne sighs again and looks into my eyes with the hope of changing my mind.

“Let’s meet in my office after school. I have a surprise for you…fufufu…” Anne giggles as she stands up and winks at me before she starts walking away.

Fuck!…. I can feel it on my back.

The burning, piercing gaze of the horny boys….

They are looking at me with intense jealousy and hatred etched on their faces. If I was a push over, I would have probably been beaten to a pulp by now.

I quickly eat my food and leave the cafeteria. Even though I am not afraid of anyone, I can still get beaten up if they gang up on me.

I enter my class and receive the remaining lecture for the day…

Throughout the lecture, I don’t see Zelle in the class, but I instantly recollect that she took permission to go home for some unknown reason.

Sometime later, the school finally closes and the last teacher of the day, Mr. Bon Rex, leaves the class after clicking his tongue several times…because he couldn’t punish us for not completing our thesis.

I let out a sigh after receiving the boring lectures from the teachers. To top it all off, they are all grumpy old men, except Mrs. Jasmine.

I open my locker and carry my backpack. Although, the moment I carry it, I hear a weird sound coming from it.


With curiosity, I open the bag. However, to my surprise, there are only shameful things inside.

The contents inside are vampire biscuits, blood sweets, blood bars, and blood candies.

These snacks are meant for vampires below the age of 15, yet my sister stuffed them inside my backpack.

I let out a sigh as I zip the backpack and sling it over one of my shoulders. The next moment, I exit the classroom and begin to make my way towards Anne’s office to have fun with her, pending the time that my friends finally decide to leave school….



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Chapter 12
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