I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 24

The next moment, my body vanishes from the space, and I slowly start to open my eyes….

What is this pleasant sensation?….

Something really soft, wet, and meaty is wrapped around my cock.

I blink a few times to clear my eyesight.

Then my eyelids suddenly open in a flash, and the beautiful figure of my mom appears before my eyes, with me currently laying on top of her naked body.

I look down and notice that my cock is still inside her….


I quickly retract my cock from her pussy, resulting in my semen flowing out of her cunt.

Right now, my mom seems to be asleep for some reason.

I get up from her body and carefully start to inspect her proportions… while my hands moves on their own accord to grab her pale meaty ass.

My mom has a very nice figure down there…which I cannot resist. Honestly, I also don’t feel weird right now because incest is a common thing among vampires. Moreover, the deed has already been done.

My mom’s clean pussy, which is shaped like a tulip, looks like it was shaved today for this very purpose.

My thick semen which smeared her pussy is currently making her tulip-shaped labia glisten and give off an alluring feeling.

If I hadn’t cum inside her earlier, I would have liked to eat her down here. But…man eating her pussy right now is no different from eating my own cum.

After pressing her ass to my satisfaction, my cock turns hard again. I want to fuck my mom and this time with a sane mind…but my body suddenly freezes because she’s suddenly staring at me with her glowing crimson eyes as my fully-erect cock is about to make its way into her pussy.

“Hehehe…. Someone seems to be enjoying mommy’s pussy. If I had known that you love something like this, I wouldn’t have charmed you….” My mom lets out cute giggles and covers her face in embarrassment.

I never knew that she had such a cute side….

Seeing that I have been caught in 4k, I quickly thrust my cock inside without warning…..

“Ahaaaaaan!!!” My mom leaks out a moan as her body jerks in surprise when my cock suddenly penetrates her.

Then I start to move my waist after spreading her legs apart, moving in slow-motion while her pussy makes squishy sounds.

Next, I increase my pace and begin to go deeper, hitting the end of her womb and honey pot. With each of my thrusts, jet streams of milk shoot out of her erect nipples and smear my face.

Right now, my mom only lets out moans as I fuck her. She doesn’t look at my face as her hands are currently covering it in embarrassment.

I still don’t know why she had sex with me earlier, but I don’t care right now… I only want to empty my balls and show my system who the loser is.

Suddenly, pressure starts to build at the base of my cock. I want to continue hearing my mom’s embarrassing moans, but her pussy keeps gripping tight on my penis, making me want to cum right now.


I tell my mom with a loud groan, but she doesn’t say anything.

Without holding back again, I start to squirt my semen inside her, painting all of her womb white….

Ahh… that feeling when you cum…..

Waves of pleasure send shivers and tingles down my spine, as my eyes roll to the back of my head.

For about two minutes, I am still squirting semen, which makes me wonder how I had this amount of semen in my balls.

With this newfound system, my balls are going to work overtime.

In the next moment, my body slumps back on the bed, separating me from my mom who is still covering her face in embarrassment.

Ahhhh….that was sooo– good…

[Y-You made me proud….. I take back my words…Waaaaah!!!]

Hey-Hey, don’t get all emotional here. I just want to let you know that I am not a loser.

[Fufufu….good to know that you are slowly accepting reality. I also have a surprise for you because you just cucked your father right now….]


[You have received 3 celestial points for cucking your biological father…]


[An ancient forbidden soulbond has been detected on the host…]

Hey, what the fuck? What the hell is soulbond….?

[I think your mom used some kind of ancient vampire technique to bond both of you together…]

Wait, is that a type of marriage bond or something like that? Can you tell me everything in full detail…?

[Sorry, man…..I know about the bond thingy but I think you should ask your mom about it first. That was the sole reason she had sex with you in the first place. She’s afraid to lose you just like your sister…. She’s hiding so many things.

[However, before you do that, check this out….some cool stuff suddenly popped up in the system’s shop….fufufu]

This is just crazy….


[Three things have been generated from the system shop after the host grew some balls and cucked his father. The host should choose 1 item]

[Penis Enlargement Potion (+4 inches to the existing length ): Women tend to like big dicks, and the current penis of the host which is 5 inches is pathetic…. The host needs to make a woman shiver at the sight of his cock]

What the hell is this? My dick is not small, you fucker!!!

[Semen Volume Potion: This potion will allow the host’s balls to produce 5 times the amount of semen it produces a day. Moreover, women love it when their faces get painted with semen.]

[Infinite Hardness Potion: This potion will allow the host’s cock to remain hard even after ejaculation. The potion will also boost the host’s stamina during sexual activity….]

[The host should choose wisely….]


You broke my heart, system…

[Sorry, man….but your penis is too small for my liking. ^__^]


Which potion do you think I should pick?

[Are you still contemplating? Take the penis enlargement potion already!]

Yeah, but that semen volume sounds cool…I just don’t know if this opportunity will come again…

[What do you mean man….? These potions are related to sex, they will surely pop up in the future, you don’t have to worry about that…]

I see…. I’ll trust you then. I choose the penis enlargement potion.


[The host has finally chosen an item. The penis enlargement potion…]

The white words fade away and green words suddenly flashes in front of my eyes.

[The potion is inside your inventory…. I think you should attend to your woman who you left all alone after cumming inside her…fufufu…]


I blink my eyes a few times and get up from the bed. The moment I try to get up, I suddenly feel two soft things pressing against my back, and a pair of arms wrapping around me.

I turn my head and see my mom looking at me with tears in her eyes.

“I am sorry, Jake….I did it because I don’t want to lose you….”

What? What is this all of a sudden….

My eyes suddenly catch a glimpse of something which I didn’t notice before. There are red stains of blood on the sheets…


Note: Who can guess what happened here?


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Chapter 23
Chapter 25