I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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Chapter 23

[Wake up! You snoring panda! My dignity as the cuckold system is trampled upon. My reputation is falling apart…all because you fucking slept off!!!]

Green words suddenly flash before my eyes.


That’s the only thing I can feel right now. It’s as if I can feel the system’s emotion as it keeps ranting.

I glance around and realize that I am in a dark space, and my body is currently floating in it like a wisp.

Is Thanatos coming?

How did I end up here again?

[You are inside your sea of consciousness.] The system suddenly says in a calm voice.

Inside this space, I can hear the system’s voice. It’s like the voice of a teenager.

It wasn’t my fault man… my mom used her charm on me. Moreover, why do you keep blaming me?

[Man…this is the second time. How am I sure that you won’t even be the youngest host to die early….]

Youngest host? Why do you wish me death?

[I am not wishing you death. I have been integrated with four hosts in the past, and they all died within a month. How am I even sure that you’ll last two days with the way things are going. °∆°]

What the fuck! Man…

What the hell are you that makes them fucking die in a month…?

I ask, very terrified at this moment…

I don’t want to die without fucking Misty and Aurora…

[You are only talking about those two? What about your mom? You just frigging burst your seeds inside her. Furthermore, there’s a huge surprise waiting for you…fufufu…

Check it out—]

Huge surprise?….

In the next moment, several characters and symbols start to appear before my eyes…

[Integrating the Cuckold system…]

[…..Downloading the user’s files]



[Integration completed, the host has been successfully merged]

[Displaying User’s Interface….]


[Welcome, the 5th user of the cuckold system…and the dedicated follower of the goddess of Lust.]

[The cuckold system was built by the goddess of Lust to choose a man worthy of her…]

[A man who isn’t a god, but capable of slaying the gods….]

[The cuckold system aims to make the host a god slayer by doing perverted things and chasing after skirts…]

[The cuckold system allows you to copy the ability and Mana cells of the opposite gender by having sex with them and absorbing their coitus essence. Through this method and by completing missions, the host will increase the number of abilities he can wield]

[The higher the number of holes fucked, the higher the number of abilities the host will be able to wield. The abilities that are copied would only last for 24 hours before the system resets itself….Therefore, the host has to fuck many holes for survival every 24 hours]

[Additionally, snatching people’s wives and girlfriends basically means cucking men. Each man cucked by the host will grant the host one celestial point. The higher the status of the cuck, the higher the number of celestial points the host will be rewarded…..]

[There will also be some of the system perks such as the Inventory and skills shop….]

[Fuck many holes and cuck every man to become men’s worst nightmare….]



[Name: Jake Mystro]

[Race: Vampire]

[Strength: 10]

[Derexity: 10]

[Stamina: 10]

[Resistance: 10]

[Perception: 10]

[Charm: 100 ]

[Celestial points: 0 ]

[Ability Bank: 1/1]

[Current Cell: Cyan Mana Cell]

[Number Of Mana cells: 7050 MC]

[Current Ability: Gravity]

[Ability Category: Esper]



[Jill Mystro ]

[Misty Mystro ]

[Aurora Grey ]

[Anne Heath ]

[Hayes Heath ]

Note: Temporary women will be removed from the list after 48 hours. Each interaction with the host will allow them to hop on the list again, till they become a permanent woman or get dumped…



[Inspect: The host will be able to analyze any item. Can also be used on beasts, humans, and demi-humans.]

[Inventory: Store anything inside the endless space except living things…]

[System Shop: This is a function of the system that would be generated once in a while as a reward after the host completes a mission. There can be anything inside the system shop ranging from skills, weapons, items, and consumables…]


What the actual fuck?!

Dammit! Everything is strange, everything just feels strange…

I open my mouth wide as I read the pinned message and my women’s list….

This system is a blessing in disguise, to be honest because it flows with my dream of becoming the biggest harem king ever but man…. What’s the shitty thing about becoming men’s worst nightmare?

They will probably put a bounty on me in many factions…fuck!

I just want to enjoy my low-key life…. Why do I have to snatch plenty of people’s wives when there are many chicks out there?!

It just doesn’t make sense!!

[Fufufu…..you’ll understand everything with time, besides, you said it yourself earlier. There’s a reason why the goddess chose you. And about living a low-key life, you have never lived a low-key life. You and your sister have always been watched from the shadows… So what difference does it make….?]

[Those humans have the best chicks no doubt, beastkins are also good, especially in the chest region… Their nipples are als—-]

Okay-Okay, I get it, do you study pornography or something like that?

I ask as I cut off the system’s sentence.

[Tch! You are no fun. ^__^]

System, there are some things that I don’t understand and aren’t clear to me.

My other stats are showing ten while my charm showed ‘100’ with a lock icon by the side… What does that mean?

[Oh, every vampire has a charm and it varies on the amount of charm aura they have. Yours seems to be locked. It wasn’t done by the system, it was probably the work of your sister…]

I knew it! I am the most handsome boy in our school yet girls aren’t flocking around me as I expected.

Fuck! You Misty….

System, is there a way of unlocking it or turning it on?

[Yes, naturally, every vampire can turn off their charm at their will. However, looking at the numbers of your charm, your sister feels like it’s quite dangerous for you, so she locked it using her powers.

Your charm is on par with that of a vampire Lord, it could even erase someone’s memory. If it was unlocked back then, your mother’s charm wouldn’t have worked on you.

The only way to unlock it is by issuing a mission to you. Nothing comes for free….fufufu…]

Aargh!….. I get it….

What about the celestial point? It also has the lock icon by the side of it.


[Celestial energy is something that only the gods harness instead of using Mana. For some reason, this system will allow you to use it when you become a god slayer. It was locked by Lust herself. There are also several gods slayers out there, but none of them is capable of harnessing celestial energy, they only harness Mana and another type of energy that you’ll later learn about in the future.

The path to becoming a god slayer is a rough one. It might take years if not centuries, and hundreds if not thousands of battles will be fought…..]

The system replies with a sigh. Hearing the system talk like this makes my heart skip for a moment, this is the first time it has ever been serious….

So the system allows me to wield celestial energy huh?

I wonder what it has installed for me in the future….sigh.

Moreover, that’s one crazy amount of Mc cells, damn…. I never knew my mom had the gravity ability.

That’s why I couldn’t move my body again when I was about to thrust my cock into Hayes’s pussy.

Thinking about that, I am pretty sure that I would have fucked Hayes if my mom didn’t show up earlier… would that still be counted as part of the plan?

[Fufufu….Nekos are one lewd race, but it wouldn’t be bad if we conquer the daughter and mother. There’s something that those pairs are hiding… Furthermore, we are going to have all of the Neko clan under our wing if we conquer their queen and their future queen….]

I see…..

[Jake, you need to wake up, you can’t stay long inside your sea of consciousness]

The system tells me…

The next moment, my body vanished from the space, and I slowly start to open my eyes….



Chapter 22
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