I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

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I can’t believe we ended up going for six rounds.’

I let out a sigh as I get up from the bed.

I glance at the figure of my mom who is lying asleep on the bed and shake my head. Vampires don’t really need to sleep as much as humans, but for some reason, my mom is extremely exhausted.

Well, I can’t blame her, she really came a lot and moaned till she passed out.

Shifting my gaze to the side, I walk towards the corner of the infirmary and pick up my clothes which are as clean as before.

After wearing them, I glance at my mom one more time and walk out of the infirmary…

The moment I step out of the infirmary, I enter Anne’s office.

Just as I guessed, Anne and her mom are both sitting on a wide red-leather couch…

The moment they see me, their faces turn red…..especially Anne’s.

“Oh my, it seems like a lot really happened between the mom and son…teeheehee. Anyways, congratulations on awakening your blood power,” Hayes tells me with a wink and a wicked grin on her face.

“Well, it’s all thanks to your stupid idea…” I reply swiftly while my eyes scan the room for something

“Jake, are you okay? Here is your backpack…..” Anne asks me as she gets up and returns my backpack to me.

Nodding my head in confusion, I collect the bag and sling it across my shoulder….

The mother and daughter pair are acting weird right now and it makes me wonder what happened between the duo.

“Jake, let me see you off….” Anne suddenly tells me and locks her hand with mine.

“Oh my, are you just going to forget me here? I should also see you off…” Hayes suddenly interrupts as she also stands up and walks to my other side.

“Mom!!!! What are you doing?!!” Anne bellows.

I don’t really know what to do with these two women by my side who are sandwiching me with their massive breasts. it’s making me anxious for some reason….

Moreover, I haven’t heard the perverted comments of the system since when I woke up…..did something happen to it?….

[Did I hear someone looking for me huh?]

Ahh, you fucker…where the hell did you go…?

[Yes!! I knew it, you can’t do without me…..fufufu. Well-well-well, what do we have here? Two hot Neko women…]

Come on man…this is no time to joke around. I am really losing my mind….

[Just grab their tits and pinch their nippes]

What the actual fuck? is that the solution?

[Just grab their tits already, dammit!!]

Okay-Okay~ but you can’t keep bossing me around.

[You asked for my help first, you dimwit!]


I glance at Anne and Hayes who are still arguing… Anne is trying very hard to get her mom away from me, while Hayes keeps teasing her daughter.

Right now, Anne is no different from an angry Chihuahua…

In a flash, I simultaneously move both of my hands towards their tits and grab them… catching them unawares.


The mother and daughter let out a cry as I grab their tits and fondle them through their clothes. Even though they are wearing bras, I can still feel their hard nipples and the elasticity of their tits.

“Ahaaaaaan~ J-Jake, grab them gently,”

“Mmmm, fuuahaan~~ I f-feel so hot,”

Their bodies jerk and tremble as I fondle their tits and pinch their erect nipples.

“You are both mine. There’s no need to argue,” I tell them and smack their ass.

“Y-Yes…M-Master….” They reply in sync while biting their lips.

They don’t say anything even after what I did to them…instead, they look at me as if they are expecting something more….

Hey system, what the heck just happened?

[Fufufu…it has something to do with their Neko clan. My hunch was right after all … Fucking the mother and daughter will make them your eternal slave…

You have done fifty percent of the job by creampieing the daughter and drawing the Queen’s interest. You just have to cum inside the queen to finally conquer her….]

Ahh, I see…. But isn’t Anne’s mom toying with me this time…. She looks like a cunning woman….?

[She was toying with you earlier…but right now I think she’s interested in you. You have gone quite far on her body, and I don’t think she’s going to back away fufufu…]

I see…. I just have to do this another day…

[Sure, you have their loyalty in the palm of your hands, and it will probably last for a few days. Before that, you can fuck the Queen and finally be their owner. It will be so bad if that Chihuahua sister of yours shows up right now….]

True, I need to leave quickly…

I turn my gaze to Hayes and Anne who are still waiting for me to say something…

“You guys don’t need to see me off, I appreciate your effort…but I am cool. We are going to meet again at my graduation, Hayes. Or aren’t you going to attend?” I ask while I run my hands across their buttocks.

“I…I am going to attend, Master….” Hayes replies and bites her lips.

“Are you cool with it, Anne?”

“Yes, anything the master wants…” She also replies with a bow.

Seeing them agree, I let out a sigh and leave the office after bidding them farewell….then I take a detour to the main school ground.

Hey system, I want them to behave normally rather than behaving like servants…

[I get what you mean, you want them to be potential partners. Well, to be honest, I think those two love to be degraded and abused… They are Masochists]

Ahh, I see….they were that kind of people…


Right now, I am walking along the streets that lead to my house.

After exiting school, I can’t find my friends anywhere, not even in our usual spot. I believe that all of them went home when they couldn’t find me.

Right now, the streets look empty as there are no signs of cars or people passing. Although, this particular street is deserted because of the constant zombies and mutants invasion, it is often busy in the afternoon like this because people pass through it as a route.

Something feels weird….

I open my bag and bring out my phone…which I haven’t used since yesterday.


Misty has called me several times….shit. She probably came to pick me up.

I check the time and realize that it is 4:36 pm and my school closes at 1:00 pm. That means I am four hours late…

She must be worried as fuck…..

I let out a sigh…and toss my phone back into my backpack.

Suddenly, my eyes catch a glimpse of something, and I pause my footsteps.

I see five grownups running in my direction as if the hounds of hell are chasing after them….



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Chapter 25
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