I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 27

Suddenly, my eyes catch a glimpse of something afar, and I pause my footsteps.

I see five grownups running in my direction as if the hounds of hell are chasing after them….

I don’t move further, instead, I decide to Investigate what is going on right now.

The grownups consist of two satyrs, one human, and another demi-human whose race I don’t know …


One of the satyrs lets out a cry as he zooms past me along with the others without sparing me another glance…. Even the human in the back is matching them in terms of speed….

The second satyr suddenly carries the strange demi-human that was lagging behind, and tosses her on his back… but this action didn’t slow his movements in any way.

Seeing them run like this, my confusion rises to another level. However, I don’t panic, because I have my mom’s ability. But still, using it depends on my skill and knowledge.

Although, I have my beast gears, i don’t know if they will be reliable in this situation since I do not know anything about the incoming threat. The same goes for my blood power, I can’t use it without the presence of blood. Heck, I haven’t even mastered it yet.

I glance at the side of the road and swiftly run towards an abandoned supermarket…

In the next moment, I open the nearly-broken glass door of the mart and enter. From this position, I can see all that is going on without the people outside seeing me.

Sometime later, I start to hear heavy footsteps walking in my direction. At the same time, a foul putrid odor wafts into my nose. The smell is so disgusting that I’m about to puke.

But I don’t panic, instead I make sure that I don’t make any sound or movement.

Slowly, through the glass door of the supermarket, I start to see huge shadows approaching me….

In the blink of an eye, the illuminating shadows appear before my eyes. There are three huge, humanoid figures standing outside the mart. These figures are about 4 meters, which is twice the height of an average vampire.

The noticeable thing about them is the slimy green mucus on their body and their rotting body parts…which attracts a lot of flies. In addition to these, they also have large heads and uneven forearms with a long, curved sharp claw in each hand, which makes them look like grim reapers.

Only one thing comes to my mind right now….these are mutants.


What the hell are mutants doing here? I thought the hunters were supposed to have taken care of them… Heck, I don’t even know what level they are…!

[Hey, have you forgotten about the inspect function?] The system’s words suddenly flash before my eyes.

Damn….I forgot about that, these things are still so new to me. By the way, how do I use it?

[Just think about it in your mind….and imagine it popping up]

I do as the system says and before I know it green characters suddenly start to appear before my eyes.


[Category: Mutant]

[Type: Death Claw]

[Rank: Level 1]

[Ability: Super Strength]


[Attack Pattern: Swinging of their claws]


Damn, that’s so dope….I don’t even have to panic that much. Thanks, man…

[Well, it isn’t dope. It might not work on items or people with higher levels than you….so don’t get your hopes high.

Moreover, be careful there…Level 1 mutants are much stronger than basic rank beasts….so use your senses.]

I understand…..

Looking at my system, even though it’s a perverted system, it’s always serious during situations like this, as it tries to help me out.

Right now, the mutants are currently in front of the supermarket sniffing around and smelling the air. Seeing them do this, likely means that they have detected my scent.

Let’s do this….

In the next moment, I spring up from my crouching position and activate all my basic-tier beast gears.

This will be my first time fighting against a mutant, unlike my everyday zombies. And

to top it all off, there are three of them, and their agility is no joke.

I dash towards the glass door and punch it with my full power, coupled with some boost from the beast gears…


A cracking sound ensues as my fist slams into the door, breaking through it and hitting the mutant in its gut…


A loud sound explodes due to the impact of the blow and the mutant is sent flying backwards through the air. The impact is so strong that I can even feel the backlash on my forearm, but there’s no damage done to me yet.


The other mutants let out a thunderous roar as they look enraged after seeing their companion suddenly being swatted away like a fly. Then they also start to dash towards me.

Wasting no time, I come out of the mart and begin to charge forward. While running towards the two other mutants, I start to form a large ball of white aura on my palm.

Right now, the mutants are only 8 meters away from me, but I suddenly leap into the air and let the white aura expand while putting a distance of more than 10 meters between me and the monsters.

“Eat the power of gravity!!” I shout as I throw the large ball of aura at the mutants.


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Chapter 26
Chapter 28