I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Note: Most of this chapter will be written in the third person POV, while using the present tense. Moreover, it’s the viewpoint of other characters.



Back at Jake’s house in District (A), Misty can be seen entering a small elevator with worry etched on her face, and her red handbag slung across her shoulder.

“Good day, Mrs. Mystro,”

A skinny-looking woman with two kids by her side greets her, but Misty doesn’t reply as she is lost in a very deep thought after having a bad day.

The woman doesn’t pry further and simply lets out a sigh…. She knows that her landlady is probably lost in her thoughts, because she’s a nice person who treats all her tenants well.


Several metallic sounds erupt from the elevator as it suddenly comes to a halt and opens wide, snapping Misty out of her daze. The skinny woman then grabs the hands of her kids as she steps out of the elevator and walks to her apartment.

“Sigh…Jake, when will you stop doing this to me, you are probably somewhere with that girl once again” Misty mutters as she also walks out of the elevator.

She climbs a flight of steps that lead to the last floor which is only meant for she and her family.

Soon after, Misty arrives on a well-tiled marble floor. This part of the building is restricted to their tenants as it is only meant for Misty and her family.

Taking a few steps forward, Misty arrives in front of a black Zlatherium door and without further ado, she knocks on the door.

After some clicking sounds coupled with the performance of some mechanism, the black door opens up, and a figure emerges from within. The person is wearing a nice, fitted white gown that shows all her tempting curves. It’s almost as if she’s trying to entice someone, even her boobs look as though they are about to spill out right now.

The most jaw-dropping thing right now is that the dress she is wearing is super thin, and she is neither wearing a panty nor a bra.

“Oh, Misty~” Aurora leaks out a voice in surprise as she opens the door and lets Misty in.

Misty enters the flat and shuts the door from behind with a miserable look on her face, as she flings her handbag away and slumps into the couch.

“Misty, why do you look so pathetic? Besides, where is Jake? Did something happen to him? Is he downstairs?” Aurora starts to bombard Misty with questions.

“I can’t find Jake, I have called his number several times but he won’t pick up my calls. I even went to the houses of all his friends to know if he was hanging out with them and if he wasn’t, to inquire about his whereabouts. But all of them said that they haven’t seen him since school closed. I feel like I am going crazy, Aurora…..”

Misty speaks to Aurora while she pulls out her hair in frustration. Misty loves her brother to the extent that it has even become an obsession, and right now having no idea about his whereabouts, is making her feel like she is going crazy.

Aurora’s eyes suddenly widen in shock and she looks like she has seen a ghost. At the same time, her whole body begins to shake.

“J-Jake… d-do y-you think he’s safe? I just finished watching the news and it said that several mutants are on the run in the slums of district (A) w-which is not too far away from his school…. D-Do y-y-you think—?” Aurora suddenly stops talking mid-sentence and her whole body begins to tremble.

Even Misty looks shocked and afraid at this sudden news as her whole face becomes even paler than usual.

In a flash, without a single thought, the two women spring up from their position with horrifying looks on their faces and breaks one of their windows open. And without thinking twice, both of them jump out of the window at the same time without caring about the height. The second they landed, they hit the floor running and immediately made their way towards Jake’s school.


Inside Anne’s infirmary, Jill can be seen slowly opening her eyes…

She glances to the side and realizes that her son has left, and she is quite unhappy about it.

“Sigh…he left huh? He really came a lot inside me and It’s not even my safe day. But then, I don’t have to worry about it since the birth rate of vampires are slow. But who knows, he might end up knocking me up one day and If that happens, will I be willing to keep the child of my son?” Jill thinks to herself as she rubs her pussy which is smeared with Jake’s dry cum.

Soon after, she gets up from the bed and starts to wear her clothes after she finishes cleaning herself up.

However, Jill suddenly stops and clutches her head in pain as an overwhelming headache overrides her brain cells.

“J-Jake…..Is in trouble…” Jill mutters in a frightened tone. She can feel her master’s emotions from anywhere and can even pinpoint his exact location after forming the blood contract with him.


In a large dark room that is filled with burning incense and a lot of weird sacred gears that are giving off a powerful aura, a girl can be seen sitting on the bare floor and crying her eyes out.

Standing behind her is a cloaked figure who is holding an incense lamp.

“Zella, you don’t need to cry again, your work has been done…. You will get your happiness back, you just have to do it for his sake at this moment….” The cloaked figure speaks to Zelle without moving.


Zella suddenly starts to cry louder again as if a dam burst inside her.

“I didn’t even cheat on him, why did i have to do that?!! Why must it be me?! My Jake has never been so mean to me, Waaaaah!!!!” Zella continues to cry, with her face buried in her hands.

“I am sorry Zella, but you have to remember the prophecy. The baby inside you is the prophecy child, he is the one who will stop the bloody war between the Dhampirs and the Vampires in the future.

Sticking with your lover now will only hinder his growth and who knows, he might even change the future himself…because I have a hunch that a war is going to break out soon, and it’s going to affect our witch clan and every other race out there.

If your lover doesn’t die, he should be able to stop the war, but if he dies without achieving it, then we’ll have to rely on the prophecy. I am sorry Zella, for putting you through this mess, we had to take this route for everyone’s sake… If things work out, I promise to get you back together with him…..”

The cloaked figure tells Zella, while Zella’s cries only becomes more intense….


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