I Shall Cuck Everyone

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Chapter 29
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Chapter 30

Right now my hands are still in the air, while the black flying car is slowly drifting towards me for some reason.

Although it looks like a dot in the sky right now, I can still see it clearly due to my vampiric eyes…

Sometime later, the car slowly descends in front of me. It’s sleek black and has 4 jet thrusters on each side. Though it can be better describe as a combat spaceship because it looks nothing like a car, but either way, it was built for surveillance. On the body of the car, there’s an emblem of a serpent wrapped around a pole with its tongue sticking out.

To be honest, it is really creepy but it’s nothing new since it is the legendary symbol of the Hunters Faction. One of the strongest factions in the world which mostly consists of humans. In this faction exists some of the strongest humans in the world who are known for their monstrosity.

It is also well-known that the Hunters Faction holds a large chunk of the power of this world apart from the military. And their leader is still unknown to this date.

The car drops down and its hatch slowly begins to open followed by the sounds of faulty hydraulics. Then two people suddenly hop out from it, and when they land on the floor, they begin walking towards me elegantly.

The first person to hop out is a male who looks about 20 years old and is wearing a black special uniform that is similar to the Army’s. He is not wearing any beast gear which comes as a surprise to me. And on his shoulder pad, there’s a white-colored letter (B) boldly written on it and below the letter are two golden stars…

Wait….a minute, what the fuck is a B-rank Hunter doing here.

Walking directly behind the male is a woman with extraordinary beauty. Her silky hair is long and blond in color. Her bluish-green eyes are sharp, making her delicate face even more beautiful. Her porcelain white skin also looks spotlessly smooth and fabulous.

Coupled with her perfect body, which includes her bountiful tits that look as though they are about to spill out and an amazing ass and adding her graceful movements, she looks like a goddess whom any man would fall for instantly.

However, two things are bothering me here. Firstly, her elongated long ears indicate that she is an elf. Secondly, I can’t stop admiring her figure despite the type of situation this is, i mean even my dick turns erect the moment I see her.

“What the heck is going on with me?! Focus–Focus, I must stay focused,” I mutter under my breath and try not to stare too much at this woman.

Suddenly, these two people stop right in front of me, staring deep into my eyes. It looks like they are surprised that I am just a high school student. At the same time, they glance around to check the mass destruction that I caused and the dead body of the mutants. (There is still a clear trace of the ones I first killed.)

“P-Put your hands down….” The male tells me. And I do as he says.

“A-Are you the cause of all this? Did you destroy this whole place and kill this level 2 death claw?” The guy asks, as he gets more confused and surprised.

He brings out a weird gadget and starts to scan me with it…

“G-Gravity!! B-B-Blue Mana cell, 7050 Mc….. W-What the hell are you?….” The guy mutters in shock and slaps his gadget a few times to check if it is malfunctioning.

He scans me again and gets the same result, this time, even the elf behind him looks shocked and stares at me in awe.

I carefully glance at her and realize that she is an (A) rank Hunter. Like what the fuck!!!!

Is today my Unlucky Day?!!!

“Listen up, where is the restraint on your hand?” The guy asks me this time, clearly baffled.

He is talking about the wristwatch that normally restrains the power of minors.

“Well, I have never had one before. I just awakened my powers today….” I tell him with a shrug.

This time, the guy and the elf both start coughing blood….


The duo shouts at the same time with blood dripping down from their noses.

For some reason, i suddenly feel like messing and toying with these hunters in front of me.

“Look here, we have to take you to our office and put a restraint on you…” The elf suddenly speaks up.

“I don’t need it though since I will be graduating from high school in three days…” I tell them with a slight grin.

“Okay-Okay, I understand… but do you know the amount of damage you caused? You nearly destroyed a whole street. Thank goodness that it’s an abandoned street, or else you would have faced serious consequences….” The guy utters with a sigh while he rubs his temples.

“If you want to learn how to control your powers, I have a friend that can also control gravity. She might be of great help to you if I introduce you to her.” The elf speaks up with a new resolve.

“I am grateful for your assistance, but this ability will only last for twenty-four hours…” I reply and shake my head at the idea.

“What do you mean?” The Hunters asks in sync.

“I can copy people’s abilities in a very weird way, and the ability only lasts for twenty-four fours. For example, if I fuck you, I’ll have your ability….”

I point at the elf and eye her large chest from the corner of my eyes.

[Bruh, you have gone too far… you can’t go around telling people about the source of your power. Remember that this isn’t an ability, what if the government arrests you and tries to extract your ability thinking that you have one…. ^__^]

The system’s words suddenly flash before my eyes and It was at this moment I knew that I fucked up.

“M-M-Me….f-fuck me…?” The elf asks with a very red face and at the same time, with a surprised look on her face.

As for the guy, he’s currently scanning me like I’m a gold mine. Meanwhile his eyes look lifeless and cold.

Suddenly, as if a plug has been sparked in the guy. He starts to walk towards me…

“You have to follow us to our base…” He announces as he keeps walking forward.

Realizing what he means to do, I start to step backward and summon a big ball of white aura, ready to hurl it at him if he comes any further.

“Stop it!! Owen!! Back away from him, he’s just a minor!!” The elf shouts but the guy doesn’t listen and keeps walking towards me while he also summons a big ball of fire after he sees me summoning my white aura.


A white ball of aura suddenly hits the guy, blasting him away and creating a big crater. However, this attack didn’t come from me, but from someone else.



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Chapter 29
Chapter 31