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Chapter 105 Permanent Women's Meeting [part2]
Chapter 107 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 4]

Chapter 106 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 3]


Absolute silence~

In a large living room Illuminated by chandelier lights, eight people can be seen seated in the rows of exquisite couches, situated in the living room, and surrounding a miniature levitating center table. These couches are glowing with different types of shimmering colors, and humming sounds can be heard from within the small golden apertures at the rear end of the couches. These humming sounds are being made by the mechanisms inside the couches whose purpose is to massage people’s butts as soon as contact is made.

Inside this living room, by the left side is a single long couch that is occupied by three people right now; Misty, Jill, and Aurora. On the right side of the room, there’s also another long couch that is contained by two people instead of three. These two people are Anne and Hayes, the most formidable mother-daughter pair. Then finally, at the third part of the room, which is adjacent to the 70 inches holographic tv that’s situated with the other gadgets, there’s also another long couch positioned here, albeit different from the others.

Whilst this is also a long king couch, it has a special feature which is to divide itself into three smaller couches. And on these three smaller couches, three people are seated; Blair, Myra, and finally me.

“Jake, what do you want to speak to us about?” Misty suddenly speaks out with extreme curiosity etched onto her beautiful face.

Okay, I think I should start now…

I take a look at everyone before taking a deep breath and exhaling heavily.

“There are many things that are still obscure to everyone. However, I’m going to spill everything out today, and I hope you all also do the same.” I say as I start gazing at everyone intensely, but with my gaze primarily aimed at Misty.

Her body also flinches when she feels my piercing gaze on her.

Then I start talking, after confirming a few things.

“For those of you who don’t know, you might be wondering why my mom is here right? Well, it’s simple. She’s not only my mom, but she’s also my woman, and the first woman that I am married to. And one day, I hope she will carry my child.”




The other women let out voices of surprise, especially Blair and Myra. For some reason, mom’s face also flushes red at my statement, and she mumbles something like: ‘That’s what you’ve been trying to do to me’. Or something along those lines.

I continue talking…

“I’m going to marry every single person present here in the future, that’s why I called for a meeting. Tomorrow, I’m going to get married to Misty, Aurora, and Anne. But we all know that the Neko Queen likes to share things with her daughter, so I’ll also marry her. Do you agree to this Hayes?” I ask, glancing towards Hayes, while Anne has a miffed expression.

“Y-Yes.” The Neko Queen replies with a stutter while staring at the floor.

“Good. Then after that, I’ll also marry Blair and Myra whenever they are ready. However, I want you all to know that there’s another woman, but she’s not here today for some reason.

“She’s a witch, a high-ranking witch, and she was the first person to get pregnant for me. Her name is Zella.”

“W-What?! I…I’m not the first person to get pregnant?! B…But I…I thought you broke up with her because she was cheating on you. S-So you lied to me, Jake?!!!” Misty bellows at top of her lungs, with a pained expression on her face.


“I didn’t lie to you, Misty. I indeed broke up with her. However, before we broke up, she told me that she was pregnant for me, but I gave her some money to abort the pregnancy. It was later on that I found out the whole truth.

“She didn’t actually cheat, she was…” I start explaining everything about Zella to the women without missing out a single detail.


“S-So t-that’s what happened?” Misty mutters, looking dumbstruck.

“I recollect that Witches and Vampires couldn’t reproduce. So my son and his long-time girlfriend were used to achieve their selfish aim?! S-So my father also knew about all this?!” Mom mutters, clearly shaken up by the sudden reality, and unable to digest it.

Her precious, wonderful father knew about her son’s dilemma.

“Mom, that old man only cares about himself. He has done more harm than good to me, and if he can’t give me an acceptable reason for everything he has done to me and Zella, I’m going to kill him in the most painful way. And not even you can stop me, mom.” I say, looking at my mom for her reaction.

She clenches her fists and bites her lips till they bleed.

“If his reasons don’t justify his actions, then you can finish him off in his weak state, in the few days of him just waking up from his slumber. I’ll surely support you, after all, not only did he play with my son’s life, but he also toyed with my grandchild’s too(Zella’s pregnancy).” Mom mumbles, disappointment eminent on her face.

“S-So what about that child?” Blair suddenly speaks up for the first time since the meeting began, clearly worried about Zella.

“Zella and her child will be okay. Her grandmother is also the current leader of the witches. So, I think she and her child will be okay for now, at least before Jake gets her back. The witches probably hid her from the vampires for now, because that child will be a new subclass that no one knows what his/her capabilities will be. Will he/she be a friend or an enemy to the vampires, who knows? After the case of the dhampirs, the vampires started killing any subclass that might be a threat to them. So if the witches let the vampires know about the existence of a new subclass, it might endanger both Zella and her child’s life. I can’t judge them for their actions, I would have also done the same if I were in their shoes, even though the vampire king knew about it. I won’t take any risks.” Mom explains…

[Wow, this makes sense. I guess the witch clan is not to be blamed. So, they are even trying to hide the subclass from the vampire king despite their collaboration? Mmm, smart move.]

“Okay, I will proceed to talk about the other things… I also want to tell you all how my power works for those of you that don’t know yet. I have something called a system….”

I start to explain everything about my system without missing a single detail as well.


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Chapter 105 Permanent Women's Meeting [part2]
Chapter 107 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 4]