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Chapter 106 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 3]
Chapter 108 Neural Billycock [part 1]

Chapter 107 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 4]




The women’s faces flush red the moment I tell them everything about my system.

“That’s so dirty and perverted. S-So licking my pussy can also earn you sex points?” Blair asks with a very red face. It’s as if all her blood has moved to her face.

[What the heck? I thought she was a lewd girl, did she change?]

“Not only that but everything related to sex.” I elaborate.

“I see…” Hayes mutters, while a grin forms on her face when I mention that extreme BDSM will earn me a lot of sex points.


“Euek~! W-What’s it Jake?” Blair’s flinches when she hears me call her.

“You successfully absorbed that ability crystal right? What type of ability did you get?” I ask. Although, I could have used my inspect skill to discern the type of ability she has, I don’t want to use my skill on her.

“Okay, I’ll show you. Although, I’m just getting used to it and figuring out how it works.”

Suddenly, Blair gets up on her feet and closes her eyes, concentrating.

Abruptly, black shadows start dancing around Blair’s body. The more she concentrates, the more the shadows start getting wide and spreading to the ground.


Jill suddenly bellows, thunderously. Sweat can be seen forming on her face, her skin gets paler than usual, and her breathing increases tremendously.

“S-S-Shadow ability!” Hayes also mumbles, fear visible on her face. Since she’s Jill’s friend, she also seems to know about this ability.

Hearing Jill’s thunderous bellow, Blair stops using the shadows and opens her eyes in a flash, wondering what caused Jill to shout.

“What’s the problem?” I ask my mom who is currently wiping the sweat on her face, while Hayes is sighing with relief.

“You…w-where did you get that ability from?” Jill asks Blair and Blair points at me promptly.

Mom gives me a questioning look.


“Dad gave it to me when I was a kid. He told me to use it for myself once I got to the age where my body can withstand crystal absorption. That was the last day I saw him.” I give a reply.

“Ah, that was reckless of Nolan. He gave you such a dangerous thing without my consent.” Mom shakes her head and further slumps Into the soft couch.

“Can someone explain what is going on please?” I ask, looking at Hayes.

“Okay, this is the reason for our reaction. That ability was formerly owned by a demon king!”

“WHAT?!!!” Everyone exclaims in shock.

“I’ve never seen a demon before.” Blair mumbles. Even Myra has a confused look on her face.

I have also never seen a demon before, I have only seen them in video clips and drawings.

[Ah, demons?! Those bastards!! A demon killed my former host because he fucked his wife!]

“You can’t see demons on earth because they were banned from here and from many other planets. Several centuries ago, the demon began something they called the Calavera decree, an order from their king. This decree was to make every race come under their rule.

“They were ready to go to any planet and purge every race that refused to subject themselves to their rule. The demons have many subclasses which are tremendously strong. Their king at that time had this weird shadow ability that could make him do so many things. He could teleport from one planet to another on a whim making escaping easy for him. He could also sink into the ground during a battle and pop out at the back of his assailant, killing the person unawares. A-And one thing he’s known for is farming people’s souls to increase his MC cells. He was meant to use this skill to punish offenders, but the demon king used it to farm the souls of many innocents.

“He was already slowly winning while having many races and planets under his rule. However, the demon king met his doom when he went to dominate his next target which refused to come under his rule, the vampires. He arrived on their planet as intended along with his soldiers and began slaying the vampires, in order to force the vampire king into submitting to him.

“But out of nowhere, a single vampire with a domineering aura showed up and challenged the demon king to a duel. Enraged, the demon king ordered his strongest guards to attack him, but the vampire killed them without moving from his spot.

“Seeing this, the demon king got excited since he’s a battle maniac. Then he attacked that vampire since he could also feel the immense power radiating from the vampire. However, the demon king died pathetically at the hands of that vampire with a single move. T-That vampire is Jake’s father… And it was also rumored that he took the corpse of the demon king and slayed all his soldiers. Afterwards, the demons were banned from many planets, including Earth since demons are a vicious race. This made the demons weaker ever since then.” Hayes explains everything.



Silence ensues as everyone digests the whole story.

“So dad extracted the demon’s king’s ability and gave it to Jake? Jake didn’t even tell me that dad gave him anything!” Misty says with confusion on her face.

“Oh, I thought I told you. Besides, how would I know that it was the fucking demon king’s power? At first, I thought he gave me a candy, but I later found out that day that I couldn’t eat the stuff. So I kept it inside my safe, it was only when I grew up that I realized what he gave me, but I couldn’t absorb it, so I gave it to Blair…” I say, giving Misty a reply.

“It’s okay, guys.” Jill suddenly declares and turns her head towards Blair’s direction. “I know someone that will help you train and master your ability. Don’t try to train on your own again, or else you might end up doing something you’ll regret.” Jill tells Blair.

Next, everyone also starts saying everything about themselves turn by turn. When it gets to Misty’s turn, she tells the others about her double personality and other things about herself. Once she’s done talking, I raise my hand a little, indicating that I have a question.

“Misty, I think you’re still hiding something from everyone. And it wouldn’t be fair for others to say all of their secret while you keep yours, is it?” I ask with a penetrating gaze, glaring at her as if I can see through her soul.


Note: I know that this pacing is super slow. But I promise that there’ll be development in volume 2. This volume is about to end.

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Chapter 106 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 3]
Chapter 108 Neural Billycock [part 1]