I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 107 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 4]
Chapter 109 Neural Billycock [part 2]

Chapter 108 Neural Billycock [part 1]

“Misty, I think you’re still hiding something from everyone. And it wouldn’t be fair for others to say all of their secret while you keep yours, is it?” I ask with a penetrating gaze, glaring at her as if I can see through her soul.

Her body flinches at my stare like a housewife who is getting scolded by her husband.

“J-Jake what do you mean?” She stutters, looking nervous and uneasy for some reason. At the same time, she keeps glancing at mom from the corner of her eyes as if asking for help.


“Misty, you can’t hide anything from me let alone pretend. I know you better than anyone else. While we were having sex yesterday and this morning, I noticed some strange things about you. Like how you were feigning your moans and making some painful expressions once when we were having sex. Misty, I don’t know what it is, but I promise not to get angry.” I say, looking at her curiously. Without a doubt, I know that I’m extremely in love with Misty, and I can’t stand the idea of her hiding something from me.

I could have confronted her in private, but I guess this is also the best way to get the truth.

“Jake, Misty is—”

“I’ll say it myself, mom!” Misty Interrupts mom, looking at the ground dejectedly, while clenching her fists as well.

“Do you love me, Jake?”

“Of course, I love you Misty.”

“Do you trust me?”


“I…I have an infection…”

“Infection!!” Everyone mutters in confusion.

“B-But… You have a healing ability, this shouldn’t be a big deal for you.” Anne suddenly expresses her confusion, while her fluffy ears keep fluttering in astonishment like she’s looking at a dumb head.

“T…This isn’t any normal infection…” She continues talking, biting her lips while staring at me bitterly.

“J-Jake if you trusted me why did you put a Neural Billycock on me? D-Did you think that I’m seeing another man? A-And now, you want to embarrass me in front of other women.” Misty stutters bitterly, while her eyes start to get teary as she stares at the floor, and is unable to hold back the red blood tears that are about to fall.

“Eh!!” Aurora exclaims in shock, staring at Misty like a traitor.

[What the hell is she talking about? And what the hell is a Neural Billycock?]

The confusion on my face is unprecedented right now as Misty accuses me of putting an infection in her body. Like why the fuck would I do that?! I don’t even know the meaning of Neural Billycock?!

“What are you talking about Misty? I don’t even know what is called a Neural Billycock?!” I say in utter confusion.

Misty starts crying out loud this time around.

“Enough Jake! Why do you want to humiliate me like this? What is the point? Yes, call me a cheater! Call me whatever you want, but I know that I didn’t cheat…I d-don’t how it got triggered…You can even ask Amber.” Misty cries again, her tears dripping onto the floor as it falls from her beautiful face.

[This looks so crazy, now I’m annoyed! How can this girl be so dumb after all your explanation?! Besides, what the hell is Neural Billycock?!]

I’m as confused as you… But I need to remind everyone of a few things. It looks like they didn’t pay much attention while I was explaining.

“Sigh, idiot Misty, why are you this ignorant?” I ask as I get up on my feet and begin to walk towards her. Hearing my words and seeing my next action, Misty stops crying, raises her head, and looks at me, while wondering what I am about to do next.

I stop walking when I am almost in front of her, and turn my body around, at 360 degrees while looking at everyone’s face.

“Weren’t y’all listening when I said that I would die the moment any of my permanent women cheated on me? The moment any one of you cheats, then I’m as good as dead.” I say, shaking my head wearily.

“So now tell me, Misty, if you had cheated would I still be alive?” I ask, staring into her multicolored eyes which are widening with realization.

She opens her mouth to say something, but she stops halfway and puts her palm over her face as if realizing her mistake. Even the other women have guilty expressions on their faces since they didn’t catch on to what I said when I explained the consequences of them cheating on me.

“We’re sorry Jake, we didn’t take note of that part. I guess we still haven’t understood many things about that system of yours even after your explanation… Our minds were only focused on the way you earn sex points.” Mom finally speaks up apologetically.

“S-So what’s this Neural Billycock?” Blair suddenly asks with an innocent face. She’s like the curious cat who doesn’t want to miss out on a single detail amid wild cats. Besides, she still finds it hard to relate with the other women apart from Myra.

“Neural Billycock: Fool’s bane, is an ancient sacred cursed ointment that most married vampire males often used in the past to expose their cheating wives. The men would apply the ointment on their penises before having sex with their wives, thus instilling the substance in their wife’s bodies through sex without their consent. Unbeknownst to the cheating wife, once she has sex with her external lover, the Neural Billycock will be triggered and begin to manifest.

“The cheating wife would first start to gradually experience painful sex during copulation with her husband, therefore giving him some clues that his wife is cheating. Gradually, the Neural Billycock will start messing with the nerves of the cheating wife, letting her experience a series of orgasms and climaxes in public without any sexual stimulation.

“Then after that, strange black spots will begin to appear on the cheater’s face, finally exposing her unfaithfulness to the world. However, this cruel method has long since been banned and is now extinct.” Mom explains. “But what is making me confused right now is that even though Jake instilled it into Misty’s body, it shouldn’t be triggered as long as she didn’t cheat. This just doesn’t make any sense!” Mom says in confusion.


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Chapter 107 Permanent Women's Meeting [part 4]
Chapter 109 Neural Billycock [part 2]