I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 109 Neural Billycock [part 2]
Chapter 111 Wedding Day [part 2]

Chapter 110 Wedding Day [part 1]

District A, upper class.

Date: Sun/10/ 5020

Location planet: Earth (Mana spawn 9)


Chirp~ Chirp~ Chirp~

The sound of mutated birds slowly float into my ears. Hearing a scuffling sound, I open my eyes in a flash, and the figure of Misty appears next to me under the comfy bed sheet. I look to my right side but it’s vacant. Aurora is not here.

“Awww~!” I let out a loud yawn, causing Misty to blink her eyes a few times before finally opening them.

“Morning, honey~!” She says, flashing a wide brilliant smile at me.

Damn, why is she so cute.

“Good morning, sweetheart~!” I also tell her while moving my hand forward, before grabbing and pulling her closer so I can plant a kiss on her red plump lips.

Misty also responds by getting up a little, swinging her left thigh across my body and then places her ass on my crotch. She then places her hands on my chest while her pussy presses against my shaft.

“Misty, that was a dangerous move there, what if I decide to fuck you now?”

“I didn’t intend on doing that, I just find it annoying that we can’t mate.” Misty replies with an intense pout.

“Well, today’s our wedding so we can mate later on. And it’s not as if you would even enjoy the sex if I fuck you now, so what’s the point?”

Misty doesn’t say anything and simply leans her face forward, planting a long deep kiss on my face.

After our kiss, she gets up and wears her Nightgown, before leaving the room to meet Aurora, so they can finalize the arrangements for our wedding.

“Sigh~!” I let out a sigh while gazing at the ceiling. These past few days feel like a joke to me. After acquiring the system, my life changed drastically. Nowadays I spend most of my time having sex here and there. And now that I have graduated from high school, I can become a frivolous skirt chaser.

Just who the heck should I cuck now? I want to cuck people openly like fucking their wives in front of them. Maybe that man who ass—

[Yo! Talking about me buddy?!]

Bright letters flash before of my eyes, blinding me for a few seconds.

Hey, can you stop making the interface so bright?!

[Tch~ Tch~ whatcha pussy~]

Hehe, a pussy calling another person a pussy.


I would even like to know the reason why you chose to be a girl. I mean, as a sentient system you probably have no gender, so why did you choose to be a female?

[Mmm, that is a good question, but I’ll tell you about it someday when the right time comes.]


I guess being a female is not so bad though…

[Here’s the thing, in the mind of every straight girl or woman, there’s always this wish to appear as a female and not as a male in their next life. The same goes for the males too. So it’s vice-versa. While most men think that being a girl sucks, women also think that being a man can be a hassle, and actually sucks.]

Yeah, that’s true. That’s what every straight man would think. I can’t imagine that a man who has fucked numerous pussies would wish to become a girl in his next life. But all these notions are useless since people won’t even have their memories again after death. Unless, one of course reincarnates…

‘What would it feel like to be reincarnated? To be given a second chance?’ I say, extending my hand as if reaching out for something in the air.

Reincarnation might sound good, but I don’t want to fail… I want to go into eternal slumber along with my women after reaching the pinnacle of this world.

I shake my head at the thought of failing.

[Okay, enough chit-chat. Let’s check the system stats today. You didn’t even check what the system had in store for you yesterday tch!]




[>>>>USER’S STATS<<<<]

[Name: Jake Mystro]

[Race: Vampire]

[Strength: 10]

[Dexterity: 10]

[Stamina: 10]

[Resistance: 10]

[Perception: 10]

[Free System Stats: 2]

[Sex Points: 18,200]

[Charm: 100 <Unlocked>]

[Celestial Points: 4 <Locked>]

[Ability Bank: 0/1]

[Current Cell: Null]

[Number Of Mana Cells: Null]

[Current Ability: Null]

[Ability Category: Null]


[Jill Mystro | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 97%]

[Misty Mystro | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Zella Fox | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 52%]

[Aurora Grey | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 89%]

[Myra Cougar | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Anne Heath | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Hayes Heath | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 95%]

[Blair Graham | Permanent Woman]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Emma White | Temporary Woman]

[Loyalty: Null]

[Note: Temporary women will be removed from the list after 48 hours. Each sexual interaction with the host will allow them to appear on the list again, till they become a permanent woman or get dumped.]



[Inspect: The host will be able to analyze any item. It can also be used on beasts, humans, and demi-humans.]

[Inventory: Store anything inside the endless space, apart from living things.]

[System Shop: This is a function of the system that has been permanently unlocked. Anything can be found in the system shop, ranging from skills, weapons, items, and consumables.]

[Lust Meter: This skill can be used to measure the arousal state of the opposite gender. It does not work on men.

Level: 1

Usage: Passive

Cooldown: None

Category: Skill]

[Ben Transform: This skill will allow you to change your appearance into the character “Ben”.

Level: Not defined.

Usage: 1 hour before wearing off.

Cooldown: Can only be used once a day. Resets after 24 hours.

Category: Skill.]

[Sex Scent: This skill will enable you to secrete an aphrodisiac substance from your body into the air, and arouse the opposite gender who is within a distance of 3 meters.

Level: 1.

Usage: Use it indoors so that it will be more effective. It might not be effective in an exposed or open environment. It also works faster when there is body contact.

Cooldown: Can only be used once a day. Resets after 24 hours.

Category: Skill.]



[Give a woman cunnilingus: 500 sex points]

[Receive Fellatio from a woman: 500 sex points]

[Grope a woman’s tits(more than 20 seconds): 200 sex points]

[Finger a woman till she cums: 200 sex points]

[Fuck a woman’s pussy: 500 sex points]

[Deflower a woman: 500 sex points]

[Impregnate a woman: 10,000 sex points]

[Make a woman reach an orgasm and cum: 500 sex points]

[Make a woman climax and cum: 1000 sex points]

[Eat a woman’s cum: 100 sex points]

[Fuck a woman’s backdoor (anal): 500 sex points]

[Taking a woman’s first-time anal purity: 1000 sex points]

[Spank a woman’s ass during sex very hard more than 10 times: 500 sex points]

[Take a woman’s first kiss: 500 sex points]

[Kiss a woman: 50 sex points]

[Foot fetishes: 1000 sex points]

[Normal BDSM: 2000 sex points]

[Extreme BDSM: 50,000 sex points]

Note: You can only earn a specified amount of sex points from each woman a day. For instance, making a certain woman cum multiple times a day doesn’t mean that your sex points will be multiplied. Each earning slot is a one-time occurrence.



★Note: That is all that has been generated today. The host can also pin a single item that he likes but is unable to afford. Pinning that item will allow the host to purchase it when he has the required amount of sex points. A pinned item cannot be deleted like other daily generated items.

★Penis Girth (+3): Increase the overall circumference of your penis and make a woman moan loudly just from its sheer thickness.

Price: 15,000 sex points.

Level: Not defined.

Usage: Not defined.

Cooldown: Not defined.

Category: Potion.

★Mind Read: Read someone’s mind for one minute.

Price: 24,500 sex points.

Level: Maxed out.

Usage: Can only be used once a day.

Cooldown: 24 hours.

Category: Skills.

★Berserker Mode: This skill will allow you to have your sanity while in the vampire berserk mode.

Price: 40,000 sex points.

Level: Not defined.

Usage: Can only be used once a month.

Cooldown: One month.

Category: Skills.


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500 power stones- 1 extra chapter

1000- 5 extra chapters

200 golden tickets- 1 extra chapter

500 golden tickets – 5 extra chapters

Chapter 109 Neural Billycock [part 2]
Chapter 111 Wedding Day [part 2]