I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 110 Wedding Day [part 1]
Chapter 112 Wedding Day [part 3]

Chapter 111 Wedding Day [part 2]



First of all, let’s talk about the permanent women’s list…

Misty’s loyalty rose to 100% again. Now, I think I’m slowly understanding how this loyalty stuff works.

Aurora’s loyalty is 89% because she hasn’t told me about her blood powers yet. Or could it be because she doesn’t know that she has one?

[You are correct. She might not have realized it. People awaken their innate power in different ways. While yours was a painful process, her awakening might be as easy as a walk in the park.]

I don’t believe that is the case, I think she passed it off as a normal blood power.

Then, as for items in the system shop…(skull face)



[I think you need to increase the size of your girth. Remember, you made a deal with the Neko Queen. It would be a big shame to me if you lose to her. You have to make her scream!!!]

So you’re saying that I need to buy the penis girth?

[Well, you only have 18,200 sex points. That’s the only skill you can buy for now, or you could just grab one of your women and fuck her for sex points. But just in case, you’ve got to pin one of the remaining items.]

Okay, purchase penis girth first.

[Ding! Penis girth has been purchased. Total balance: 3,200 sex points.]

Suddenly, a vial containing a red potion appears in my hand.

Damn, which skill should I choose to pin? The Mind reading skill or the Berserker skill?

[I don’t know man, both are good. The Berserker skill could help you when fighting against a formidable enemy or beasts. Normally, a Vampire’s stats doubles when in their berserk form, but the downside to it is that they always lose their sanity in that form. And this skill will allow you to retain your sanity in that form.]

I understand what you are trying to say. However, I’d like to pin the Mind Reading skill to the system.


An item has been pinned to the system interface; “Mind Read”.]

[If I may ask, why did you choose the mind reading skill?]

I chose it over the berserker skill because I have heard that some vampires can retain their sanity even in their berserk form.

I heard that old man Duke can do it, as well as my master. Either way, vampires are rarely seen in their berserk form these days. First of all, there’s an almost unlimited supply of blood so we can’t go hungry. Lastly, there’s no ongoing war. Vampires tend to use their berserk form as a last resort to turn the tide in a battle, with only a 10 percent chance of survival.

[That makes absolute sense! This is why you still need your master even though he’s nothing but your grandfather’s puppet. There are many things that you can learn from him.]

You can’t call him a puppet though, because a knight may betray the king. He’s just one loyal vampire.

Next, I grab the vial in my hand and stare at the content inside before opening the cap.


A popping sound erupts as I force open the inflexible cap.

In the blink of an eye, I gulp down the potion.


Unlike the penis length potion and Semen volume potion that I drank a few days back which had a minty taste, this potion has a much fiery taste as if trying to burn my throat.

After drinking the potion, I toss the vial back into my inventory.

Abruptly, I start to feel a weird sensation on my cock, since I’m currently naked under the blanket.

Then, I raise the blanket a little to see the—

Holy fuck!!

I say in bewilderment.

Right now, my cock is bright red and intense heat seems to be radiating from it, like a red hot metal. Even though the heat is intense, it’s not hurting me for some reason.

After a few seconds, the heat stops coming out of my cock, and a thick coarse layer of skin appears on my flaccid cock.

‘What the heck?! Do I have the dick of an old man?’ I say in a panic, as I reach out with my hand to inspect my new cock.

After a few seconds of inspection, I realize that the jagged layer of skin needs to be torn off.

Tearing off the coarse skin, a brand new, flaccid thick cock appears before my eyes.

“Wow~!” I leak out a voice.

“So big~!”

I mutter as I grab my meaty cock~

Suddenly, I begin to stroke it while thinking about banging Misty from behind, and thus my cock begins to grow.

Six inches~

Seven inches~

Eight inches~

Nine inches~

Ten inches~!!


[Penis Length: 10 inches]

[Penis Girth: 5 inches]

[Host has gained a new skill; Cock mastery: Adjust your penis to any desired length or size as long as it doesn’t exceed the real size of the host’s penis.]

[Additional Note: Congratulations on getting the perfect penis that can make a dragon roar in bed and make a goddess cry.]

“Holy shit!”

I mutter as I look at my massive dong…

Phew~! I was afraid earlier that I could injure people with this size of penis. But now that I can adjust my penis to any desirable size, I’m going to be unstoppable!!! Hehehe…

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

“Open the damn door, Jake!! How could you still be sleeping like this on your wedding day?”

“Hahaha, I wish I was a vampire, I’d also marry my sister…hehehe.”

I suddenly hear someone banging on the door, as well as the voices of familiar people talking outside.

What the actual fuck?! What is Berg doing here?! And also, the first voice is Tony’s Voice!!


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1000- 5 extra chapters

200 golden tickets- 1 extra chapter

500 golden tickets – 5 extra chapters

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Chapter 110 Wedding Day [part 1]
Chapter 112 Wedding Day [part 3]