I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 111 Wedding Day [part 2]
Chapter 113 Wedding Day [part 4]

Chapter 112 Wedding Day [part 3]

What the actual fuck?! What is Berg doing here?! And also, the first voice was Tony’s Voice!!

I exclaim in shock.

I look at my now erect cock which is akin to that of a horse’s dong. Then I think about it shrinking in my mind.

Subsequently, my cock starts shrinking and getting smaller till it eventually becomes flaccid.

Picking up my pace, I hastily wear my pants and sprint towards the door.




A light brown thing suddenly hits me directly on my face and smashes upon impact, smearing a yellowish liquid on my face.

“Pffft Hahahahahaha!!” Many loud voices suddenly erupt into laughter, while the door of the room opens wide, allowing all these people to enter. (I can’t see them all because of this damned thing on my face.)

“Woah~! Your mom’s super-rich.” A voice says in surprise. (Probably Tony’s voice.)

“Tony, I swear I’ll fucking kick your ass. What the hell did you throw on my face?” I ask as I wipe off the sticky substance.

“Hey, calm down buddy. I wasn’t the one who threw an egg at you… It was Barry.” Tony says with a long sigh.

I finally open my eyes.

Right now, three people are standing in front of me. Barry, Berg, and Tony. And to top it all off, they are wearing the same outfits…

“Barry, just why the fuck did you throw that nasty thing at me?” I ask angrily, my eyes glowing red.

“Hey, it’s not nasty! It’s just an egg! Your wives-to-be said I should teach you a lesson.” Barry says in his defense, with slight fear on his face.

“Sigh, just what the heck is an egg?”

“Oh, don’t you eat eggs?” Berg asks with a confused look on his face.

I give him an eerie glare.

“Dumb head, do you even live on this planet? You deserve to live on a beast planet…” Tony says, shaking his head mockingly.

“Actually, we vampires only feed on blood, and human blood is our favorite.” I say, baring my fangs at Berg, but he doesn’t look scared in the slightest.

“By the way, what are you doing here, Berg? I didn’t invite you…” I ask with a raised brow.

“Haha, your mom invited me of course! Or should I call her your wife?!” Berg says with a lewd smirk and grin. Then he continues. “Your mo–ahem I mean your wife actually happens to be a friend of my step-mom. So she invited me yesterday when she learned that I was your friend, and furthermore, I also overheard these guys when they were talking about the clothes they were going to wear, so I also decided to wear the same thing as them while coming today, haha! I’m smart aren’t I?” Berg grins once again, as he finally concludes his explanation.

“Sigh, we were never friends…” I groan under my breath.

“Jake! I promise that I have changed. I’m no longer a bully.” Berg exclaims as he grips one of my shoulders.


“The truth is that I still have some bad behaviors in me, but I can feel myself slowly changing. My body doesn’t want me to go back to my former lifestyle. I want to be a completely different person.” Berg says dejectedly, looking at us pleadingly to give him a chance.

“Okay, fine~! We’ll give you a chance to be our friend. But the day you ever pull a nasty trick on any of us…” I say threateningly, and a red aura bursts out of my body while my hair floats in a wavy manner.

“Okay~Okay, I promise…” Berg says, feeling intimidated.

“By the way Berg, how powerful is your ability?” I ask, turning my back to him as I walk towards the dressing room.

“Sigh, I have green mana blood cells.” Berg replies, sounding sad. I can feel the sadness in his voice, even though I can’t see his face right now.

“It’s alright, man. You don’t need to feel bad, there’s space for growth.” I tell him encouragingly.

“You don’t understand man, everyone changed. My dad, my sister, my stepmom, literally everyone changed towards me after learning about my puny Mc cells.”

“What’s your ability again?” I ask.

“Technomancer… Our family has a deep connection with Edgar Frost because of our ability.” Berg replies. “As the heir of the family, it’s a disappointment to have such a puny amount of MC cells.” He continues.

“What? I thought you had super strength?!” Barry exclaims in shock.

Berg doesn’t give an answer to Barry, It’s as if he’s expecting me to say something.

“I understand how you feel, Berg. You just have to prove yourself to them.”

“P-Prove myself. How?”

“Prove to them that you are a changed person and not a scumbag. Prove to them that there is still a chance for you to grow. You’ve to start with that…” I say, turning around and pointing at his hair.

“M-My Mohawk?!” Berg mutters in horror.

“Sorry man, if you want to be a different person starting from now, then I’ll advise you to shave off that Mohawk,”

*Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!*

Suddenly, my phone starts to ring and vibrate.

Moving towards the side drawer, I grab the phone and pick up the call…

“Hello, Misty~”

[Ahem, Jake, the moment I left the room this morning, I was bombarded left and right with congratulatory greetings from people and I was eventually dragged away. Well, Aurora and I are dressed up in our bridal dresses and we are on our way to where the event will be taking place. Check inside the wardrobe, the clothes we bought for you are inside, and perfectly ironed. Berg is going to drive you and your best friends to the event. And lastly, there were a ton of your friends from high school downstairs before I left and most of them came in their cars. I guess mom had planned this wedding more elaborately than I thought. We are waiting for you. Love you, bye]

Misty rushes all the words without giving me a chance to speak.

“What the heck?! So fast?! And Berg, when the hell did my sister know you?!” I ask, surprised, as I drop the phone on the bed.

“As I said earlier, your mom and sister know me. And the most important thing right now is to get a clean bath.” Berg says with a shrug while gesturing towards the bathroom.

I look around the room and see that Barry and Tony are carefully inspecting some of the gadgets inside this room since it’s pretty alien to them.

‘Mmm, I haven’t seen Zach, he must be downstairs…’ I think to myself as I enter the bathroom.


Note: Don’t forget that this is a slice-of-life novel.

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Chapter 111 Wedding Day [part 2]
Chapter 113 Wedding Day [part 4]