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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 113 Wedding Day [part 4]
Chapter 115 Nine Stepsblood sisters

Chapter 114 Taming A Vampire

“Kneel!” I say, and my eyes begin to glow crimson.


Just like a robot, the woman falls to the ground on her knees and begins to cough out black blood.

“W-Who are you?”

The woman struggles to talk, barely able to raise her head to look at me.

I don’t give a reply…

After tormenting her for a few minutes, I retract my aura and stop forcing her to kneel. She raises her head and looks at me with a terrified expression. The fear on her face is unparalleled.

“Do you know who I am now?” I ask in a calm, yet arrogant voice. My young master mode has kicked in, this type of person needs to learn some common sense.

“Y-You are a vampire lord?” She asks in a shaky voice.

“That doesn’t matter. But I am the grandson of the current vampire king, and also the next in line.” I tell her arrogantly, as I walk towards her and use my foot to raise her head up a little so that I can have a perfect view of her face.

She seems to be the same age as my mom or slightly older due to the aura she’s emitting. She has a very beautiful face with night-black hair which she tied into two large buns. Her red plump lips are shaped into a pouting expression, giving her a more unique and attractive look. Furthermore, her massive tits and G-cup are nerve-wrecking as they can arouse the hidden desire of men. The closer I get, the better I can see her Amazonian figure sitting well on her wafer-thin body.

“What’s your name?” I ask, my demeanor brimming with nobility.

“M-My name is Elza.” The beautiful vampire says with a stutter.

[Hehehe, I like this side of you!]

“Elza huh? That sounds like the name of a demon.” I say with a brow raised.

“T-That’s because my mom got raped by a demon and conceived me.” Elza answers with fear.

That explains it all…she’s a subclass.

“Elza, from now onward, you’ll be my servant and my cum dumpster.” I say, as I place my right hand on her head and begin to force my aura into her body with the help of my charm, enabling me to enslave her since she’s a regular vampire.

Once done, I remove my hand from her head and wait for something to happen since her head is currently lowered.

Suddenly, Elza raises her head and looks at me with a different expression and determination etched on her face.

“Elza greets master. Elza’s pussy will be only her master’s cum dumpster. Master can use Elza’s body to do anything he wishes.” Ezla says in a low voice with tears streaming down her beautiful face. Her whole life belongs to me now just because of a single mistake she made; Underestimation!

“You’re going to be a good girl, Elza. Master is going to take care of your pussy.” I say, sticking my index and middle finger into her mouth.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

My phone suddenly starts vibrating vigorously inside my pocket causing my body to jerk a little.


Clicking my tongue a little, I dip my hand into my pocket and bring out my phone before picking up the call.

[Where are you, Jake? The ceremony is about to begin. The witches are here already!] Aurora anxiously tells me over the phone.

“Ara~Ara, seems like the bride can’t wait to get down with her husband.” I say teasingly, trying to make Aurora flustered.

She turns silent for a few seconds before eventually speaking up in a cute voice.

[You meanie~! Must you always say perverted things? Just come already, I am missing you.] Aurora replies and instantly hangs up.

“Elza, we’re going to get down to business anytime I need you. Here’s my number,” I tell her as I dip my hand into my pocket and give her a small piece of paper with my number written on it. Well, y’all must be wondering why I have a paper with my number written on it right? I always have four to five of these papers with me every day because they always come in handy during many types of situations.

“I-I’ll text you, master.” Elza says in a low voice as I also gesture for her to stand up.

“Ahem, Elza, I’m the groom of the wedding ceremony that is to be hosted in section xxxxx.” I tell Elza, finally back to my gentleman’s demeanor.

“Oh.” her lips curl into an O-shape before she finally closes it.

“Here’s the pass, master. Although you don’t really need it since you ar–”

“I’ll take it.” I say, snatching the wooden pass from her hand.

‘Sigh, I used my two hands to dig my own grave. Who would have known that he’s a royal vampire? Aargh! I should have known from his dressing, but he was just too polite at first to be a royal vampire. No wonder the guards didn’t come to my aid despite the security camera in this place. Now, I’ll spend the rest of my life as his sex toy.’ Elza thinks inwardly and bites her lips in regret and shame.

I turn around and look at my three friends who are currently stupefied and shocked at what I just did.

“J-Jake, I’m proud of you. Y-You just performed a feat that I will never be able to perform even in 10 years time. Y-you are t-the real definition of a young master.” Berg says emotionally, his eyes staring intensely at me as if he struck

a gold mine.

“Okay guys, let’s get going.” I say, tapping Zach and Barry who are still shocked.


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Chapter 113 Wedding Day [part 4]
Chapter 115 Nine Stepsblood sisters