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Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 114 Taming A Vampire
Chapter 116 Ritual

Chapter 115 Nine Stepsblood sisters

“Jake, please tell me that you were bluffing at the time~!” Tony says in amusement, clearly unable to digest everything that I said earlier.

“Do I look like I was bluffing? Every word I said there was nothing but the truth. I have nothing to gain from lying.” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

Right now, we are walking on a very narrow path that is illuminated by many tiny LED lights, and with me in the lead.

“Damn, you’re going to be the next vampire king?!” Berg asks in exhilaration.

“Yeah, you might be dead before I even become king, since a human’s life span is very short.” I suddenly drop a bomb.

“W-What?! Isn’t the current vampire king an old man?” They ask in unison.

Seeing their confusion, I decide to explain everything to them.

“Yes, the current king is an old man, but he’s currently in a deep slumber, which is akin to rejuvenating. And when he wakes up he’s not going to look like an old man again, he’s going to have a much younger look compared to before with slightly increased strength. So, it might be impossible for me to become the king if the old man doesn’t willingly leave the throne. However, there’s another option, which is to get the throne by force.” I say with a slight chuckle, while raising my right hand and clenching it mid-air.

“Woah~!” Everyone sucks in a cold breath after hearing my explanation.

“So, that deep slumber always makes any old vampire become younger and stronger.” Zach lets out in a surprised voice.

“This is my theory; the deep slumber simply reverses a vampire’s age to a certain point. It feels like time is only reversed inside the coffin where the vampire was put to sleep without affecting the real world. But I think that it’s only to a certain extent.” Barry says as he explains his theory.

Damn, this dude has such a big brain.

“You are right Barry, deep slumber only works to a certain extent. Most vampires used to go into a deep slumber after getting a severe injury during a battle, or when they were just simply bored of living.” I elaborate.

Suddenly we stop in front of a large door with two bulky vampire men guarding it.

The moment we close the distance between us and appear in front of them, they bow their heads to me respectfully.

“Welcome, Prince Jake… Princess Misty has been waiting for you.” The guards say with respect and immediately open the door.

Sigh, I prefer keeping my identity low-profile. What’s the point of being a young master when my grandfather is one old scumbag that only cares about himself and won’t hesitate to use his children and grandchildren as bargaining chips. He wasn’t even pained by his last born’s death; Uncle Sid, Aurora’s late husband.

The moment the door opens up, a fairly large room that’s painted white appears before our eyes. This room looks like a waiting room of some sort with a single chandelier light hanging from above.

We walk inside and the guards quickly close the door behind us.

The moment we step our feet inside, several vampire women with horns on their heads start appearing and moving towards us, using some sort of ceremonial footwork. They are wearing white gothic gowns with white veils over their faces, leaving only a small space for their eyes. From their scent, I can also tell that they are a vampire subclass.

After dancing for a while using their ceremonial footwork, they stop in front of me and they all bow their heads in sync.

“The nine steps-dancing sisters greet the crown prince.” All the women say in unison without raising their heads up.

Using my eyes to scan them, I realize that they are really nine in number.

‘D-Did that footwork really make them look like there were hundreds of them?’ I think inwardly and swallow a mouthful of saliva. If one were to go against these sisters it would be very deadly. I wonder what their faces look like.

“Raise your heads.” I say, gesturing with my left hand.

“Thank you, crown prince,” They say in a low voice. I can’t see their expressions because of the veils on their faces.

Suddenly, one of the women walk forward. Her demeanor and aura are so sharp that all my instincts are screaming at me that if I were to go against this woman, even with the strongest ability, I would lose my body parts before realizing it.

“Crown prince, please follow me.” The woman says, then she looks at my friends and gives them a spine-chilling glare. “As for you four, please wait here. We’ll take you to the gathering room because the crown prince is going to the ritual room, where he’s going to become one with his wives.” The woman says fluently and without stuttering, as if she has said this line several times.

[Why does she sound a little perverted?]

Turning my head around, I give my friends a meaningful look that they should have fun since we’re going to part here.

In the next moment, seven of the nine steps-blood sisters begin to lead me towards the formerly invisible door that is in a corner of the room, while the other two take my friends to another door.


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Chapter 114 Taming A Vampire
Chapter 116 Ritual