I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 115 Nine Stepsblood sisters
Chapter 117 Steaming Things Up

Chapter 116 Ritual

When the nine steps-blood sisters and I get to the door, a very bright translucent light flashes from within and envelops us as we enter.

Blinking back the brightness a few times, I look around and notice that I’m in another unfamiliar large bedroom that’s surrounded by glass walls, and I can see everything that’s below us and surrounding us through the glass, but mostly I can see our guests.


I suddenly hear a familiar voice, causing me to tilt my head to the source of the sound.

“A-Aurora~ M-Misty~”

I let out a voice of surprise as I see my beloved wives-to-be sitting down on a very large bed, at the center of the room. By the side of the room, there is also another person who’s wearing a black jumpsuit with a waist-length black wig, coupled with a pointed conical hat, with a large, round rim, on her head. Above her head is also a levitating cat that’s clouded in mist. It is probably her familiar.

However, I can’t see her face right now because her back is turned to me, probably gazing at the guests downstairs.


Another cute voice emerges again, this time from Misty.

I look at her and Aurora on the bed. They are both wearing a long, red, bridal, A-line flare gown with many expensive ornamental stones and designs on them. 70 percent of the gown is made from an expensive satin material, while 30 percent of it is made from lace. Which covers their shoulder to wrist body ratio, and their chest region. On their necks, are many golden pieces of jewelry, coupled with the miniature crowns on their heads.

Seeing them like this, my face flushes red for some reason…

“W-Will you just stand there and stare at us?” Both of them say in unison, while their face turn beet red as if smeared with red paint.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

My heart starts beating fast for some reason with each step I take towards them. Reaching the edge of the bed which has white sheets on, I pull off my shoes and climb onto the bed, then proceed to sit next to my women.

“Y-Your highness w-we’ll take our leave now.” One of the nine steps-blood sisters suddenly speaks up.

“Uwaah! You’re still here?” Misty exclaims in shock while her face gets redder, causing her to put her hands on her face in shame.

Without wasting any second, after hearing the princess cry, the nine steps-blood sisters vanish from the room as if they used some sort of teleportation ability just like when I was brought here.


“I think we should begin the ritual~” The witch suddenly says while slowly turning her body around, and finally showing her face.

Heaven-defying beauty~!



These are the words that can best describe this woman in front of me after seeing her face for the first time. Her face looks flawless as if sculpted by the god of art. Her curvaceous killer figure is perfect and it even looks like she works out every single moment of everyday day as well. (*Cough* those are the words that every pervert would say.)

Although, I can’t fully describe her because of the dress she is wearing and the hat on her head. However, despite all this, she couldn’t hide her curvy hips.

“Ouch~!” I let out a voice in pain as Misty suddenly nudges me in my ribcage.

“Why are you staring at her like that, look at us.” Misty whispers.

“I wasn’t staring~!” I retort as I continue to wince in pain, while trying to endure the pain and keep calm. (Damn, that jab packed some strength).

The witch simply smiles at us.

“My name is Dorathy, the sixth elder of the witch clan. I’ll be the one initiating your marriage ritual today. Actually, I don’t do this type of menial jobs, but what to do, I can’t ignore the marriage of the vampire clan crown prince after being called by his mother, or should I say wife…? Hahaha!!” Dorathy laughs maniacally, while her familiar also growls in mockery.

I take back my words, I dislike this woman now. She looks creepy.

[Me too…]

I can feel Misty angrily clenching her fists, while some sort of power radiates from her. However, the aura suddenly dies down.

“Dorathy, did you come here to make fun of us or help us initiate a marriage ritual?” Aurora asks with a raised brow.

“Oh, sorry, my bad. Then we should get started.” Dorathy says, and in the next moment, a long white chalk appears in her hand.


[Ask her about Zella since she’s a big figure in the witch clan.]

No, I can’t bring that up in front of Misty and Aurora. There should always be a boundary sometimes. Today is their big day, and talking about another woman will only make things complicated. Besides, what makes you think that this creepy woman will tell us anything?


After the chalk appears in Dorathy’s hand, she walks towards us and stops at the edge of the bed, before bending at the waist-level and drawing a circle around us.

That chalk looks weird~



[Name/Item: Array chalk]

[Component: Made from a Hydra bone]

[Level: Not defined….]


After drawing a large circle around us, Dorathy continues to draw some complicated runes inside the circle.


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Chapter 115 Nine Stepsblood sisters
Chapter 117 Steaming Things Up