I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 118 Curing Misty
Chapter 120 Ritual Completion

Chapter 119 The Hall

Inside a large hall with several chandeliers, there are about fifty to seventy people who are seated on red padded steel chairs right now. Seventy percent of these people are mostly vampires while the rest are a mix of other races. Although there are many seats inside this hall, only a small number of people are seated on a few of the chairs.

In the front row of these chairs, Jill, Myra, Blair, and two other male vampires are seated here; they are highly important guests. While the others are sitting around the hall according to how they wish since there are tons of chairs around. Everyone inside this hall has one thing in common; Red faces!

“Myra, do you know the reason why Hayes and Anne are not here yet?” Blair asks Myra in a low voice. She’s wearing a blue armless gown with a few stones arranged from the chest to the stomach region. Myra and Jill are also wearing this type of dress.

Myra turns her head and smiles at Blair.

“They are not here because they’re also preparing for their wedding with Jake.”


“Weren’t you listening to the whole conversation yesterday? Silly girl.” Myra says with a smile while slightly pinching Blair’s cheek.

“Stop treating me like a little girl! You’re only seven years older than me!” Blair says with puffed cheeks.

“Fufufu…Seven years is not small Blair. You’re still the baby of the house that we need to babysit…teeheehee.” Jill suddenly speaks up while letting out cute giggles. If Jake sees her like this right now, he’ll be shocked to the core.

(*Aaahan~ Jake~ Too big~! Aaahan~ my womb!*)

Moaning sounds reverberate throughout the whole hall, causing everyone to look up at the dark glassy room which is held up by a single tiny zlatherium pole, while everyone’s face turns red again.

The two adult male vampires sitting beside Jill blush furiously upon hearing the way the brides are moaning.

‘How could…How could such a young vampire be able to make two noble vampires cry like this in bed? Throughout my whole life as a vampire lord, I have never been able to make a woman moan like this. No wonder he’s the next in line. T-This is magnificent! He’s worthy to be the next king, plus he has also awakened a special blood power and has the queen of the dark-elves as his woman. This trip was worth it!’ One of the vampire lords thinks and grins inwardly.

These vampires came all the way from the vampire world upon Jill’s request. They are both province leaders in the vampire world. Furthermore, Jill is also trying to covet these greedy vampires to her side so that the ascension to the throne will be very easy for her son in the future. That’s if there were to be any internal war. She also wanted her sister to be here too, but Zamira is the acting Queen of the vampire world right now, so she’s a very busy person.

“Myra, when are you and Jake going to get married?” Blair suddenly asks again.

“Sigh, you’re always the curious one huh?” Myra replies, rubbing her face.” I plan to get married to Jake immediately after I make a public appearance on the elven planet. That also means that I won’t be able to stay on earth again. I’ll miss you, Blair. I hope you come and see me often, I promise to take care of you.” Myra says while ruffling Blair’s hair.

“I’ll surely visit you constantly, big sister!” Blair pumps her fist in excitement. Even the two vampires beside Jill have somewhat weird expressions on their faces as they learn that Blair is also among Jake’s women. It is very hard to see a vampire date a human, but it also makes sense since Jake and Misty were sent to earth to build a close relationship with the humans; that was the sole purpose of the pact.

“What about you Blair? When are you going to get married?” Myra asks.

Blair’s face turns red in embarrassment upon hearing Myra’s question.

“I…I will have to talk to my parents about that. Besides, I…I can’t bear him a child and e-even if I eventually did, my child will be a dhampir a-and he or she will be killed.” Blair says with a downcast expression.

“Hoho, you don’t have to worry about that young miss. After much research, we vampires have come up with a solution that will help a vampire and human fulfill their dreams without worrying about giving birth to a dhampir or getting the human turned into a vampire.” One of the men beside Jill suddenly speaks up, while stroking his non-existent beard.

“R-Really?!” Blair exclaims while her eyes widen in with joy.


“I…I have a nosebleed…” Tony mutters with a very red face as he hears Misty’s loud moans clearly, and the way Jake is clapping against her ass.

“Damn, vampires are cruel. They are making us listen to this weird thing. Is it to make us have a boner or what?” Berg also speaks up. Though he doesn’t have a red face, he has a nosebleed due to Misty’s otherworldly moans.

“When…just when will I have a girlfriend that I will be able to bang like this?” Barry says with a red face and bleeding nose, while his eyes tear up.

“Y’all are worried about their moans? Aren’t you worried that most of the vampires here have been glancing at us frequently? We are the only humans here and we are just like fresh snacks to them.” Zach mutters in a low voice and gulps very hard as many possibilities flash through his mind. He has never feared vampires the way his friends did, but today, after sitting among a lot of vampires, their red predator eyes sent shivers down his spine.


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Chapter 118 Curing Misty
Chapter 120 Ritual Completion