I Shall Cuck Everyone

Nov. 11, 2022, 4:11 p.m.

Chapter 119 The Hall
121 Chapter 121

Chapter 120 Ritual Completion

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


“Aaaahan~ easy Jake~”

“Aahan~ Yes~ hit it right there~”

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

“Aaahan~ Aaaa~ let’s make babies Jake~”

These are the words that are leaking out of Aurora’s mouth right now as I slam my balls against her pussy continuously. We’re currently in the missionary position with her legs spread wide apart, while I thrust my member in and out of her pussy mercilessly.

I move my face towards her juicy tits which are swaying around with each of my thrusts, then I plant my mouth on one of her nipples and begin to strongly suck on it.

“Aaahan~ darling not the tits~” She moans again while I continue to fuck her pussy.

As for Misty, she is lying down peacefully at the edge of the bed after her long-lasting climaxes. She slept off the moment her quivering came to an end.

After sucking Aurora’s tits and making her cum again, I remove my mouth from her nipple and move it towards her face before planting a deep kiss on her lips.

At the same time, I slowly decrease the speed of my thrusts after she came, because it made her pussy extremely wet and slippery.

The sound of two people kissing passionately reverberates across the room.

“Aaahan~ I love you, Jake.” Aurora mumbles as we separate our lips.

This time around, I slow down my thrusting speed drastically again so that I won’t cum very early. It would really be a shame to cum without making my woman cum about two to three times in a row. Though this is not the same for many other races, it’s a priority for us vampires to completely dominate our women on the bed. The only race that can compete with us in terms of erotic sex are the werewolves!

Although, we and the werewolves are only the best in erotic sex. When it comes to having rough sex and ****, no doubt the award belongs to the demon race. Especially the orcs which are a subclass of the demon race. The dragons and Balors will also be given a pass at having rough sex. Also, other beast kins like the Centaurs like rough sex.

“Aaahan~ Jake, won’t you answer me~?” Aurora’s question brings me back to reality.

“I love you too, Aurora.” I say, slightly increasing my pace.

Aurora only replies with two words…

“Prove it~”

“How do you want me to prove it~?”

“Get me pregnant~”


“Your wish~”

I say and begin to slam my balls against her pussy again.

Hey System, you said I acquired the penis mastery right? It should be able to allow me to impregnate Aurora right?

[No it can’t. It wasn’t stated in the description. However, you can perform this because you were awarded a ghost system skill when you cucked Barry’s father. The skill’s name is pregnancy toggle switch.]

Weird. What is a ghost system skill? Besides, I didn’t know about that skill.

[Tsk. You were notified about the reward. I guess you forgot. A ghost skill is a skill that won’t show among your system skills. It’s like your natural body’s passive skill. Just focus on that pussy man.]


Clapping sounds can be heard as I plow Aurora’s pussy very hard. My figure looks like a blur right now because of how fast I am moving my waist.

Suddenly, the pressure starts building at the base of my cock.


I let out a loud grunt as I strongly grab her tits before giving her one final powerful thrust. At the same time, Aurora’s body begins to spasm below me as she experiences another orgasm, while I spurt my semen directly in her womb, with my cock touching the floor of her cervix.

The grip of her pussy continues to make me cum non-stop till I eventually stop cumming after five minutes.

Removing my cock from her pussy, I notice that it’s still rock-hard even though I just came. This is all thanks to the strongo Dickus potion that I consumed.

With my cock fully lubricated right now, I rub it against her pussy for some more time before slipping it downwards and pressing it against her cute butthole.

“Euek~!” Aurora sucks in a cold breath upon sensing my cock pressing against her backdoor.

“I am going inside~”

I say, and in the next moment, I ram my cock into her butthole in one go.


Aurora lets out painful cries and her body arches as my cock forcefully spreads her butthole, entering in one go.

“Are you alright?” I ask, as I can see her face distorting with pain. Then she simply nods her head in reply.

The way Aurora’s butthole is contracting on my cock right now is so intense, and it is making me feel like I should cum immediately.

“Noo~ at least after a few thrusts.” I grunt and begin to move my waist while Aurora continues to cry out in pain.

Despite all my resistance to not cum quickly, it was all futile. Giving one last thrust, I start to squirt my semen inside her butthole, filling her up.

At the same time, a bright golden light flashes very brightly from the runes, blinding everyone’s eyes for a second.

After the light disappears, the rune is nowhere to be found again. The marriage ritual is now completed.


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1000- 5 extra chapters

200 golden tickets- 1 extra chapter

500 golden tickets – 5 extra chapter

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Chapter 119 The Hall
121 Chapter 121